10 Ways To Improve Your Google Rank

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Improving Rank In Google

10 ways to improve your Google rank. Why does anyone give a crap about ranking? Money! That’s it, money. Just about everyone with a website is looking to increase their Google rank, by bringing home more of the bacon. Any time there is money to be had there is also a highly competitive field to compete in. So we try and find ways to rank higher within Google.

What do I mean by Google rank? Google rank simply means, when someone searches with Google search engine with a specific word or phrase, it’s at what page and position your content shows up on. Page 1, Position 1, is the best spot and best rank you can get. Anywhere on Page 1 is a really good thing. The rewards are increased traffic and possible bringing money in through affiliate links or advertising. Most people do not continue looking past page 3 for their search results. So it is optimal to get within the first three pages.

10 Steps To Increase Google Rankingssteps

A quick look at what will be covered.

  1. Use Google+
  2. Post your page on Social Media
  3. Use of Keywords
  4. Quality Content
  5. Consistent Content – Add Quality Content Regularly
  6. Submit Sitemap
  7. Internally Linking Your Pages
  8. Proofreading
  9. Images
  10. Let Search Engines Know Who You Are

Google+ Is Your Brah, Broheim, Brother, Broski, Bro!!!hug

Google’s social media can be expressed in many distinct written forms such as Google+, Google Plus or even G+.¬† Google+ is a unique social media that I think at first you don’t realize how important and beneficial it is. It takes a while of using it, implementing it to you to fully enjoy its attributes. It makes complete sense that Google would look favorably on sharing content through their social media platform Google Plus. This has been pointed at from many different sources, and I can attest to this also. Of course, they would promote their own social media platform through this method, all though I don’t think it is very well known.

So, if your not a sign up for G+, I highly recommend you sign up for an account today. Once you’re signed up, you should be sharing via Google Plus your pages and post from the past and future from now on. Google will appreciate this and give favorable rankings to your site or page. Terrific, right?

You should try and get family, friends, and associates to follow you and for you to follow them. You can follow me at https://plus.google.com/u/0/110485304775006504212, and I will follow you back.

Share With Other Social Media Platforms

The Google loves when your social network and are active on these social platforms. Posting your website, your pages and interacting with your followers. This is also important because of it’s a legitimate form of back-linking, another important SEO requirement to ranking well. It’s also valuable to have social media buttons on your pages that allow visitors to easily share your content to their social media. Google loves loves loves loves sharing of content. So make it easy, put some freaking social media buttons up on your website. The key point, don’t hoard, share!

  1. YouTube
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Facebook
  5. Pinterest
  6. And others…

Key “Freaking” Wordswords

Probably the second most important factor in herding internet users towards your site. Keywords. You need specific targeted keywords within your content to rank well. This isn’t the old days of the internet where you stuffed keywords like meat into sausage casings. That would hurt the ole’ website rankings. Nowadays, we sparingly use the keywords placed strategically in our post. It’s a good thing too, for readers and website owners.

So when do you use it, you ask? Well, I use it in the page title and then again within the first paragraph. Then in the final paragraph. A total of three times. I love easy.

Also if you need a good keyword finder head on over to my post on What is Jaaxy about? And also read my post on the Alphabet Soup technique.

Content Is Henry The VIII of Englanddownload

This is the “meat” in the burrito for your website. Content is the main substance. The content can make or break you, by making you I mean the ability to get lots of traffic by having an interesting subject that keeps people interested.

THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF YOUR SITE IS CONTENT. The facts of a webmaster life, learn it, know it, live it. To do this you have to put your readers first and cater to what you believe is going to help them the most. All the while keeping the content interesting and pertinent. This is a very difficult task, to comprehend and implement. I mean so many people have a hard time just writing and conveying their thoughts. It’s a true skilled honed by many years of actually doing it, writing.

An important thought to keep in the back of your head while writing is realizing your writing for people, not Google or other search engines. Living breathing humanoids.

BE Yourself. Add your unique perspective. Your flavor. Your Spin. Try not to write like a robot, try to write like your talking to a close friend. But when your done writing feel free to dance like a robot, all you want.

Constant, Regular, Uniform, Steady, and Predictable 

Adding consistent quality content regularly. So along with great content, we must add consistent pages or posts to be RECOGNIZED, by the search engine gods. How often is at least one post per week to the more generally accepted amount of twice per week? This takes dedication because you going to have to do this for a least six months to a year. To get the credibility from the engines of search. Discipline is needed, and some GNR patience is required.

So, set time aside within the week to accomplish this and stick to it. It will pay off down the road.


To help the search engines find all of posts and pages on your site efficiently, you must submit a sitemap to the major search engines.

Internal Links

Another important way to rank is by placing internal links with your page or post. What is an internal link? It is a link to a former page or post within your website. It’s saying, go to this page as well. Google looks highly on you sharing past content; it says your valuing what you wrote before enough to share it again. Preferably older content. Might I also suggest you do a least one internal link per post. I might. A note here too, make sure there is some relativism to the current page. If you don’t have a relative post, don’t worry you don’t need to this every time. You might in the future write a post relating to it, and then you can post an internal link to that. You should try, to the best of your abilities and make a practice of doing this.


I am guilty of this as any other suggestion here. I want to post as fast as possible for some reason. But restraint needs to be shown here. People don’t enjoy reading misspelled words or sentence that just drop off. It doesn’t look professional and is hard to read. It kinda goes back to the quality of content but I think it needs to stand on its own here. Ease of reading will help people stay around and check out your site.

I know we’re all not English professors, but do your best for proper punctuation and spelling and trying to have cohesiveness sentences. Do your best. Reread, reread, reread.


If you only have text within your page, let’s face it, it’s going to be boring!! We as humans are visual by nature. It helps to captivate and hold peoples attention when you have eye-catching pictures. Google also give favor to sites with images.¬† A well-placed photo really does add something to a page.

A slight suggestion to placing images on your page would be to put the image on the right of the screen, to help keep reading easier and consistent.

Who The Bleep Are You?

Google loves to know who is the owner of a website. They hate anonymity and give you a higher ranking just for knowing who is contributing to a site.

How do you tell Google who you are? That’s a very good question, and I’m glad you asked. First, you should have a Google+ account. Then head over to Google Webmaster Tools. Then add your site to the ADD A SITE button. Then verify your site using various methods.

In my post about 10 Ways to Improve Your Google Rank, I hope you have learned something to take with you and increase the amount of traffic to your site. Just be patient and thorough.


If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them. Thanks!

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