Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018, Legit Money Maker?

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Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10
Price: $0.00 Free Membership/ $19.00 First Month Premium Membership after/$47.00
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Website: www.WeathlyAffiliate.com

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 

This is a review of Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018, Legit Money Maker? I am so excited to convey in this review the honest opportunity that is available for anybody with the desire to work and build a successful business with Wealthy Affiliate.

Hey…Have You Met Wealthy Affiliate Yet? If you haven’t met Wealthy Affiliate yet, let me introduce you to it.

Wealthy Affiliate is like having a great personal mentor that will teach you how to build a business online that earns and makes you money. Like that rich Uncle, you never had that would guide you to wealth.

You’re probably googling Wealthy Affiliate because you’re wondering if it works or is it a scam and looking for reviews about them. Or were pointed here by me specifically, at least that is how most people find this page. I was there myself just over a little more than a year ago.

Life’s Turning Points

Turning point moments in life happen rarely, you know those moments when you meet your soulmate or greatest friend or land that job from being in the right place at the right time.

I equate this moment for you, as one of those moments in life. Pretty forward of me, right? Kind of I guess, as I am just speaking from my own experience when I first met Wealthy Affiliate through a video on YouTube.

I still remember my moment; I still remember the exact video, I still remember the person who got me started. I still remember the excitement, the fear, and eagerness of wanting to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate. Something inside me told me to jump on this, that quiet voice that speaks very softly. You learn to listen to this voice.

I’ve been burnt before, but still, this didn’t stop me from looking for ways to build my own business and make money by working for myself.

I know from personal experience because I use it every day to help me grow my business. It is what taught me and continues to teach me to build multiple websites online and earn money from those same websites.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise you the moon, like the rampant scams out there on the internet; it promises to teach you how to build your own space on the internet, in which to draw a potential income.

You’re looking at what I have learned at Wealthy Affiliate, right now! This very page and website. This is one of many websites I own and operate, all thanks to the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you want to own your own website and start generating income?

It’s easier than you think.

Go ahead and review my entire site. Everything on here, from content ideas, layout, and strategies, are all from WA. I’m still adding stuff and refining my site constantly.

A look inside WA.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and has over 500,000 current members. This is an online community that teaches you how to start building a profitable business online. The great thing about that is you choose what you want to build a website around. Something you love doing. This is called a niche. You build a website around a niche that you have an interest in.

So, whatever you love doing, you will be sharing and building a website around that. That’s the beauty of it. It’s not something you can’t stand doing, its something you love doing.

It teaches you step by step techniques to help you get your website making money. There are two main courses to choose from Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp. The Certification is about picking a niche you love, and the Bootcamp is for if you’re not sure what you want to build a website around. Don’t worry, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate understand this and have created a course for you too.


The sheer volume of educational material is staggering, with lots of videos, lesson and of course, the very helpful community forums. There are so many wonderful, helpful people to lend a hand. The amount of material here could consume years of implementing it. There’s that much. I’m not kidding. Weekly video class are done every Friday; these are really helpful.

This Is How Simple It Is!

To quickly summarize how Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to make money in just four steps.

  1. Choose An Interest – This is so important going forward. You choose whatever you are interested in. We all have hobbies or interests that we follow or do in our spare time. This is what you will be designing your website around. How cool is that? It can almost be anything.
  2. Build a Website – Amazingly, under 30 seconds you can have your websites up and running. Watch it here for yourself, Website in Under 30 seconds. This is one of the owners; you’ll get a good idea by watching this. Its simple too, but if something does go wrong the support is quick to fix any problems.
  3. Get Rankings & Visitors – Super important for without rankings and visitors to your site no money can be generated. You will get ranked on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, the major search engines. They lay out how this is done, systematically and correctly. No cheap shortcuts.
  4. Earn Revenue –  You will be making money by selling stuff people want. Not by directly selling but by writing about it on your website and having visitors read your post and if they buy you make a commission. This is called affiliate marketing and is a great way to earn money, especially over direct selling.
Already Have A Great Idea Or Interest? Let’s Building That Business Now!

There are literally tens of thousands of interests; you could start with to build a business. It’s not that hard. Wealthy Affiliate basically holds your hand and walks you step-by-step right through. If you have any questions, there are multiple avenues of help just waiting there to be used.


I am still currently learning and using what I have been taught every day. It just doesn’t stop and that a good thing, a really good thing. If it stops growing and adapting to the ever-changing web, it would quickly become obsolete.

I understand if you still have concerns or fears of joining Wealthy Affiliate check out my page which addresses these common concerns, Concerns and Fears of Joining Wealthy Affiliate. I was there myself on the fence about whether or not this is real or a hoax. I did my research and joined the free membership at WA and continue to research and before seven days were up, I joined Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

Why Is Wealthy Affiliate My Number #1 Way To Make Money Online?

Why is that?

Before we get deep into it the many features of Wealthy Affiliate, read a general overview of why I recommend it and more importantly why I am an active paying member.

#1 – Best Supportive Community Online

You’re not going to be by yourself struggling, locked in indecision. This community is a rare thing on the internet. Experienced, diversified, helpful, friendly, positive, honest, real, goal-oriented, like-minded people and very active. Just try to find better community online, you won’t, period.

#2 – It Freaking Works!!

You will make money if you follow the courses and training. It doesn’t promise FAST EASY MONEY, but it does work. Scams promise the world, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise you anything but the best training on how to make money online. The training works!

#3 – It’s 100% FREE to Join

No credit card information to enter, or payment of any type to join the FREE membership. Just your Name, email. Simple. ***FAILURE TO DO THIS WILL IMPACT YOUR EXPERIENCE!!! An important note once you join, you should add an avatar or picture of yourself and a write a short profile description of yourself. This helps people know that you are actively there, people are more likely to say hello and network with you. So many people just join and don’t do this, and they never engage anyone, thus never experiencing the full experience.***

Plus you’ll have Premium Membership for your first seven days after joining the Free Membership; this is there for you to see everything that there is to offer at Wealthy Affiliate. To make an educated decision about joining. Not to hide anything from you. So, when you join, explore. Get on the chat platform and ask questions. Some of the most often questions by new people are, can I make money, how fast does this work, how many hours a day must I work, how much money can I make.  You will get answers. Honest answers, from real people. Try it and see.

#4 – Everything You Need To Succeed 

It’s all under one roof here. It has the web hosting, the domain registration, the support (community, owners, website), the training,

#5 – Owners

When you have owners that care and invest in growing and building while making sure to give their members the best possible chance of flourishing, you have found something worth joining. Btw, there are two owners, Kyle and Carson. They are active and yes, you can ask them questions, and they do answer you back. Every year they look for ways to improve Wealthy Affiliate. I will be highlighting these below so keep reading and trust me; the updates are pretty freaking good.

Other Things To Consider

Simply, because you’re working for yourself. You’re the boss, owner, and contributor. When you work for yourself you don’t make someone else rich; you make yourself rich. You’re more motivated to what you need to do to make money. Might I add, just because something seems basic but it can be a very powerful too.

IT REALLY WORKS! It does, you can make it work if you just give it a try and see for yourself and sign up for a free membership.

Look, if it doesn’t work come back here and post below in the comment section, It didn’t work. I bet you won’t though. I’m not asking to trust me because you can find out for yourself by joining and seeing for yourself, with ZERO risks because all you have to do is sign up with a name, email address and a picture of yourself or whatever you want.

Then go explore…ask questions…take a look at the courses…look at the video lessons…look at it all because within joining the first seven days you have premium membership privileges and can see everything, all access. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.



  • The site is Designed to Network Easily. You will easily find helpful people.
  • Classrooms, Bootcamp, and Video Lessons. Are all easy to follow.
  • 2 Free Websites.
  • Have up to  50 Websites.
  • Live Training Sessions (usually Friday night)
  • Affiliate Program
  • A Great Community!!! (This is what sold me on it! As it proved to me it wasn’t a scam.)
  • The Ability to Contact Owners if you need help. (Won’t leave you hanging if you get stuck)
  • Multiple ways of getting support, owners, community, lesson, and search.
  • Free Membership & also a Premium Membership
  • Live Chat – to converse with other fellow affiliate marketers and learn and share information. A very important feature.
  • Well Thought Out Site, Designed to Keep You Progressing and Achieving Your Goals
  • New content being added all the time via Owners or Community.
  • Every year WA improves itself, whether it’s in look or training or options. The main thing is it just keeps improving, year after year.
  • Free keyword tool when you join as a Premium member.


  • It Takes Work and Time (but hey, all true success does!) I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What Is New At Wealthy Affiliate 2018?

  • New Training Interface
  • Free SSL With All Websites (https: the green lock) This is amazing!
  • SiteProtect With All Websites
  • Over 52 New Live Classes added each year.

New Training Interface

This streamlines the look and feels of progress through the training. You are better able to access where you are and what is ahead in future training.

I really love the new look, and it definitely helps you to punch right through the training and progressing.

Site SSL (https:)

This is an option new this year. It the green padlock, or the https you see on SSL sites. SSL means Secured Socket Layer.

This is a great feature and will drastically help with traffic and trust when setting up your website you just have to click on or off button to turn it on.

Some Of The Benefits Of Having SSL Certificate.

  • Easy to turn On or Off. Super easy to install.
  • Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) tend to rank websites that have SSL than websites that don’t
  • With 256-bit encryption, your site will hack proof.
  • Visitors are reassured that their information is safe.
  • Can implement and accept payments online via your website.
Screenshot of SitePlus+ & SSL


I believe everyone looking to earn money from home or start a business would benefit from joining Wealthy Affiliate. Advanced business owners to the novice just starting out would profit from becoming a member. People looking to do the WORK and to invest their time to owning a successful business that generates an income stream.

I would also like to point out for optimal success I suggest you also read my review on Jaaxy, What Is Jaaxy About? By using Wealthy Affiliate together with Jaaxy keyword tool, you will have the most amazing duo to get you earning money online. I also need to point out that if you join the Premium membership, it has a free keyword tool that is very powerful. I personally just like using Jaaxy better for my taste as it has more options.

The marvelous thing about this is it can be done by just about anyone. No fancy education or degree is needed to excel in affiliate marketing. All that is needed is determination, patience, hard work and time. With these five things, success is sure to come.


This is also where Wealthy Affiliate shines with all the training and tools available there. The training is pretty comprehensive and up to date with current website creations and strategies for earning income. Try finding a more thorough platform on which to thrive.

Step by step based courses that will get you flying through the program and have your site up and making money in time.

Another great thing about the training is if your knowledgeable on a subject you can create your own training video or lesson to share with the community.

Which is in accordance with the universal Law of Compensation– “The Universal Law is the Law of Cause and effect applied to blessings and abundance that are provided for us. The visible effects of our deeds are given to us in gifts, money, inheritances, friendships, and blessings.” Sharing your knowledge is greatly appreciated and welcomed. Paying it forward.

There is so much information on varying topics to be learned here. From my own personal experience of having made a website in the past and then abandoning it, after all the time and work I put into it, this is so much easier than doing this on your own. You’ll have the lessons and community steering you past obstacles and save you countless hours.


There might be a time when your stuck and don’t know how or where to continue. This is where you reach out and either ask in chat, search the site or ask other members. You will not bewa4 disappointed with the support at WA. I don’t think it gets any better than this. Honest.

First, you have one of the best communities online, willing and able to help with any questions. Don’t believe me join the free Starter membership with nothing to invest, no credit card, nothing. Then take a look around and see. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Secondly, you have access to ask the two owners questions. Where else would you have these options? I have personally asked questions to Kyle and have received answers that helped me.



Starter Membership is: Free

Enjoy 7 Days of Premium Membership when you join and take the system out for a drive. No entering Credit Card information! Just the basics. That’s it.

With the Free membership, you will also receive two free websites to start with.

Skeptical? Try the free membership! Nothing to lose, NO CREDIT CARD information to put in. Just your name and email. Then test drive it for seven days.

Premium Membership is: $19.00 After the first month $47.00

After reviewing the Starter Membership for seven days, if you decided to go premium, you will truly unlock the whole system and have access to the entire package. Totally worth it! This will, in turn, grant you success, removing stones from your pathway. No restrictions!

Another benefit is access to the network with successful people. People that have worked and made money with the system you can follow them in WA or communicate via chat or private messaging. This is so powerful, finding mentors will change things for you.  And also Unlimited free websites.


Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018, Legit Money Maker? Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is 100% LEGIT.. You will learn. You will grow. You will make money.  This is by far and large the best affiliate package going, one of the highest affiliate percentage payouts you’ll find out there. You can’t find anything better out there.

You will succeed following the steps designed and laid out for you on Wealthy Affiliate. There is nothing holding you back from enjoying a better life if you choose to join.

Check out these Real Reviews: Read Reviews

After you read about ten of these reviews, tell me you’re not excited, because let me tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is for real. You work hard; you will eventually earn. That is how affiliate marketing works. No shortcuts, just steady working to improve your website.


How To Claim Your Bonus…

Join now with your FREE Starter Account. When you join the Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter account, WA is going to give you a special bonus if you become a PREMIUM member in the first seven days, What that special gift is the first month is at a 59% discount for the first month. Just for signing up for a premium membership. This is a great savings! I will also personally welcome you, and you can ask me for help anytime you want. If I don’t know the answers, I will get you answers to your questions.

So, if you are ready to start your way to earning a full-time income online, then, by all means, sign up for the Free Starter or Premium account today!


Would love to hear any questions or comments, please do so below. Thanks, Dan.






















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26 Comments on “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018, Legit Money Maker?

  1. I like this article!
    I’m searching a while now for something like this and I think as I read this, I’ve found it!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Dan, yes i agree also, this community is fantastic, iam very pleased to be here, and i recommend anyone who even have had a small thought about starting with marketing, jump in, there is nothing to loose, you will only gain from it. WA gives you the best tools and the best training 🙂

  3. Hey Roy, thanks for your support and adding some creditably about how great the community is, and also with your helpful words and knowledge. My life is enriched by joining WA. I learn, I grow, I meet great people. That is why I openly support WA because I believe other people will benefit from using it as well.

  4. A legit and completely honest review! everything in this review is spot on! I love WA and the community. It is worth every penny and I have learned more in the 2 weeks I have been apart of it than I do in an entire semester of business school. Thanks for the review!

    • It is truly a great place to learn affiliate marketing, probably the best place, as you know. Even better than school. Thank you for the compliment, I haven’t regretted going premium once since joining Wealthy Affiliate some eight months ago. I have only one complaint, I wish I learned faster and had more time to learn. Thanks, Zach!

  5. Great review.

    I have been hearing about Wealthy affiliate for a while but wasn’t really sure what it was.

    Now I know exactly what it is. Great detailed review.

    You’re talking about the 2 free websites that you get. I have a few questions about them.

    Is the platform using wordpress or something else?

    Can you keep your 2 free websites for as long as you want?


    • Glad To help Marcus. It’s the best way to learn affiliate marketing online and start generating income. You won’t find a better way to learn than Wealthy Affiliate.

      Yes, you get 2 free webstites and they are both using WordPress. You sound like you are familiar with WordPress and it’s ease of use. It just so simple to get a website up and running with WordPress.

      You can keep those 2 free website for as long as you want. How great is that. Thanks for the great question.

  6. Hi Dan

    I’m happy to have visited your website today and I actually liked your site.

    Well, the reasons are because your site has captivated my attention to actually read what the green image was about. It has some important information in it and to attract user like me to want to read more. Moreover, you have provided useful links and appropriate images to allow users to conceptualize the meaning.

    So overall, I would say you have actually nailed the users’ experience side of effects in relations to usage and navigation.

    Best wishes, Anna

    • Glad you like my site Anna. Thanks for the comment on my picture as well, I am glad you can relate to it. It is always nice to hear positive comments about something you have created, as I spend a lot of time working on my site. See ya around.

  7. I agree that true success does take time. That’s why I really enjoy wealthy affiliate. I like your very thorough review and back you up int his as I am also a member there. Many people get scared of affiliate marketing and think it’s not for them. But if you really thnk about it, it’s just like having a store but online.

    • Thanks for the comments, it does takes time, you must work hard and consistently. No shortcuts. It’s also very rewarding experience, more than you think it would be. It’s always nice to hear from other members at Wealthy Affiliate. So, glad you stopped by.

  8. Hello and thanks for sharing, this is a great review on wealthy affiliate. anyone who is serious about starting and online business can start here, wealthy affiliate has all the training that one needs to get them up and running in no time. It is so amazing how this community is helping to bring change to the lives of many as they turn to online business. I believe that anyone can be a success and long as they put in to practice that which they have learn.

    • Hey Norman, thanks for the comment. You have a lot of wisdom and I know you know what your talking about. WA is so amazing for helping you transform your desires into reality. It works as you say, but it takes time and doing it.

  9. Hi Dan,

    Thank you for taking the time to write up this detail review about Wealthy Affiliate. When I came across this online business I was super skeptical and I keep on searching online to read the reviews on this.

    None of them were able to convince me until I came across yours. Now I can’t wait to begin! I had signed up as a Premium Member and ready to go.

    Cheers mate!


    • Wilson, good to hear you joined WA, it is such an amazing place to take control of your life in so many ways. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the knowledge to go out and earn money on your own terms. I can’t more highly recommend it. Let me know if you need any help.

  10. Hey man, first of all thanks so much for this great, interesting and informative article on wealthy affiliate.
    I joined wealthy affiliate a few months ago and have to say that I really am enjoying the membership.
    I have even earned a few commissions by now which is really nice.

    • Los, thanks for sharing your experience to allow others to see what an amazing opportunity Wealthy Affiliate is. My life has changed so much for the better since I joined. There is no real downside to Wealthy Affiliate, except having to do the work yourself. But I don’t think I would have it any other way. It’s a growing and learning experience that builds business as well as personally. Hope to see you around.

  11. Dan.? your page is up there great review my friend and loyal too. will certainly recommend this site to my friends
    Keep up the good work…

    • Glad you like it Dennis. And yes, please tell your friends. This works. It’s that simple if you do the work. Let me know if you join and I’ll see you on the inside.

  12. Dan
    Thank you for your helpful website
    Question: Is Wealthy Affiliate solely about learning affiliate marketing and/ or can I use it to start an ecommerce business selling products?


    • Hey Doug,
      Sorry it took so long to get back to you been busy. Wealthy Affiliate is more about learning and applying affiliate marketing. While you can start and create a ecommerce website with WA, it currently doesn’t have the training geared towards ecommerce. WA might have training added down the line on ecommerce, I don’t know if and when.
      Someone suggest that shopify has training with a low entry point.
      Hope this helps.

  13. Hey Dan,
    Thanks a lot for a thorough and honest review! I have a couple of questions for you. Does WA offer free shipping for buyers? You mentioned we can have up to 50 websites for premium membership. Is each website meant for selling one item? I heard that other e-commerce website can “hold” up to 15,000 items for sale.
    Best regards,

    • Free shipping for what? I am lost. WA doesn’t ship anything, it’s a site you learn from on a website. They never ship anything. You get an education and networking.
      No, I think you’re confusing a niche website with what you’re describing. As you can sell one specific item or thousands of items. This is totally dependent on the person. You can do whatever you want to on your site that you maintain. You could sell one item or 100,000 items.
      Hope this helps clear it up.

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