How To Get Started On Affiliate Marketing

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Welcome & Congratulations!

This is your first step on starting your own online business.

How to get started on affiliate marketing. First, you wouldn’t build a house without the knowledge of how to correctly build a house? Would you? I mean you could try to, but it wouldn’t be right, things would be out of square, building codes requirements not met and probably foundation problems. We need the knowledge and correct techniques to build a solid house.

This is the same for building a business; you need the right knowledge and proven strategies to have a successful business. You could try and wing it, but it wouldn’t be anywhere as good if someone with proven know-how showed you the ropes. Mentor-ship is priceless. You can get started online in only a couple of minutes.

There is a saying, “No lessons are free.” Meaning people usually learn the hard way, either losing money, time, relationships, or whatever it is. But with a mentor-ship as the one provided with this program, I believe you can bypass most of the learning the hard way and straight to success.

Wealthy Affiliate

So, this is where this program shines. What program? The Wealthy Affiliate program. It walks you thru creating your own business, step by step. No guess work here! You are not left in the dark to try and figure this out on your own. Believe me, there is tons to learn, it just doesn’t end with the learning. Also, there are lessons to follow that are laid out in sequence to get you earning money and driving traffic to your website. Details that could easily be missed if not for detailed instructions provide at Wealthy Affiliate.

You’re In The Right Place If You Want to Build A Successful Business

Whatever your reason for wanting to start an online business be assured you are in the right place to start. There should be no reason to sugar coat this, it will take time and effort, but it will pay off for you. You just have to do the work. You should be very wary of promises of fast money with little effort. It’s a myth. Be comforted by the number of active members at Wealthy Affiliate, over 400,000 members have signed up. This community rocks. The nicest and most helpful community I have ever been a part of online.


I think the majority of people, take the internet for granted and don’t realize the actual potential of the internet. Heck, I probably do too. There are over 3 Billion people online now, and that number just steadily grows every minute.(3,000,000,000) Check out the numbers here; they are just mind-blowing. That’s almost half of the people in the WORLD. That’s all within a few keystrokes or clicks of finding your business on the internet. Or even to get a percentage of 3 billion, think about it.

The limitless potential for opportunities should have you pretty excited. The ubiquitous presence of the internet is a necessity in today’s modern life, whether doing online banking, online research, purchasing gifts or buying airline tickets. The internet is so crucial to business nowadays for its powerful marketing and communication tool. Business owners are spending increasingly more and more money on marketing every year. This is where growth lies, and you can be part of it.

The rise of social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube, on the internet, has also become a new tool for businesses to use and this is sure to steadily increase. Businesses, big and small are strategic marketing and advertising on these social media platforms to increase sales. While doing this, they are implementing new tactics and inventing ways to remain on the forefront. What is driving most of this is consumers. Everybody knows you must have a product to sell to customers.

You Need This 5 Things To Have A Successful Online Business

Building an online business requires these critical components.
1. Customers
2. Product
3. Website(s)
4. Training
5. Continuing Support

Each one of these five components are essential in making your business a success. I am sure you have a lot of question, like what product, website installation, etc. These questions and many more are covered and addressed in the classroom training, boot-camp training and also in the video lessons at Wealthy Affiliate. The training is complete and straightforward, which will get your progressing along quite nicely. Believe me, if you got a question and you ask it someone will answer it. The community at WA is amazing.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community site about starting and growing an online business.  This company has been around since 2005. This community has a large membership that is extremely friendly and helpful. There are a ton of videos, classroom lessons, Bootcamp, and no shortage of helpful people.

Wealthy Affiliate is an instructive platform that provides you with two types of memberships:
A. Free Membership,
B. Premium Membership (when you join you get seven days free Premium Membership to test drive).

When buying a house, it is essential that you inspect everything in the house to ensure that it meets your needs and everything is in working order. So, by all means, enjoy and explore the Premium Membership while you are enjoying the seven day grace period. You will be under no obligation to buy anything. Just try it for free and see the set up for yourself and experience the amazing community that exists at there. There is a good reason why there are over 300,000 members strong.

Get Started for Free         images


No Credit Card! No Paypal! No Money! FREE!!!!

Let me repeat No Credit Card needed to get started.

So what are the benefits of the Free Membership?

By joining now, you won’t need a credit card, and there are no obligations.

7 Day trial period of the Premium membership. Be sure to kick the tires and try everything out during this limited time. Check out as much as you can, and evaluate the content. I know if you do this you’re going to join the Premium membership.
Create 2 FREE websites
Website Hosting
Immediate access to over 500 training modules
Earn affiliate commission while you learn.
10 Lesson Course focused primarily on choosing a niche and creating a website
Incredible training from videos, tutorials, courses, and classrooms


Well, let me tell you why, you should think about the Premium membership within the first seven days, an upgrade to the Premium membership will cost you the bargain sum of $19. One of the main reasons I joined Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is because of the community. The people are so nice and helpful. Positive energy is felt thought out the site. If you have any questions just ask and someone will answer you. You would be hard-pressed to find another community like this online. The system is also designed to get you networking easily within the site.

Greater affiliate commissions (double that of free membership)
Create unlimited websites with ultramodern hosting
Live video tutorial
Unlimited keyword searches
Use 500 training modules
Member discussions
Your personal blog
Continuous support from other members as well as the owners

How to get started on affiliate marketing. I would highly recommend that you start today and have a website up within minutes of joining! Wealthy Affiliate is not going to get you rich overnight. Sorry, in the real world it works that way. You are going have to spend time and effort, but this WILL pay off for you. You just have to stay motivated and plug away at it.

I would love to answer any of your questions, so feel free to ask below.









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