How To Become An Influencer at Dealspotr

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How To Join

Do you need a Dealspotr Influencer Access Code? If you are looking how to become an Influencer at Dealspotr, you have come to the right place. I will show you how to become invited regardless if you are a current member or a new member. Becoming an Influencer is a great way to boost your income and save money.

After writing my first post on Dealspotr, called What Is Dealspotr About? If you want a more detail overview of the ins and outs of Dealspotr head over there to read more about it.


Maybe your wondering, “Why multiple posts on the same subject“.


It is awesome! It’s fun and easy to make money and save money here. It adds up faster than most other ways of earning money online. Without the drudgery of doing online surveys.

That is why I love Dealspotr. They also have the foresight to see how important community is for a website. Then to also base their website on having their users experience a top priority. This is the key to success in any field, and Dealspotr gets this right in spades.

What Is Dealspotr?

It is basically the “Wikipedia of deals”. Where numerous avid astute shoppers add, check, and assist, (get this) millions of deals on Dealspotr website. Having up to date current and relevant deals is another top priority.


It is also the world’s most accurate and complete database of deals.

But it doesn’t stop there. Nope. They have a healthy rewards program for members that accurately post deals and generally maintain the current deals found. Posting accurate and up-to-date deals is paramount, so make sure you fill out the information correctly and read up on it before posting. It’s not hard to do, especially after the first one. So, you earn rewards for just posting deals you find.

Members can be rewarded in two ways.

  1. Amazon Gift Cards
  2. PayPal – Need to be a Gold Influencer ( stay tuned, I will tell you how below)

Break Down Of The Three Levels Of Influencer

Each level brings better benefits. I would highly recommend you attain the Gold Status because of the significant benefits.

Would you believe you will make $35.00 just for signing up for Dealspotr and writing a review? I would love a company to pay me $35.00 for writing an honest review of them. I wish companies all paid this amount.

They also will promote your review, getting more eyes on your website and article. Free advertisement. Can’ beat that and it will surely bring more eyeballs to your site.

What to do if you don’t have a blog…Well, you can get two free websites right here. Yep, they are 100% free. Also if you want to learn how to build a website and get that website generating cash properly, I suggest you read my review on Wealthy Affiliate. I am a premium member, and this is how I learned and still learning for that matter, and you can too.

Bronze Statusbronze


Inclusion in the Influencer directory. Great exposure for your website.

$5.00 access code for your readers. If people sign up under you, they get $5.00.

How To Unlock:

Simply just register with Dealspotr and confirm your email.

Silver Status



Verified Influencer badge on your profile

Affiliate upgrade: Earn 20% commission rate +$2.00 up-front

How To Unlock:influencer-200

Complete your new user checklist (it’s the orange box at the top of the screen)

Enter your blog/website URL in your settings.

Place the Dealspotr Button on your homepage.

Once it’s posted, validate your site.

Gold Statusgold


Double (2x) lifetime points multiplier

The ability to redeem your points for cash via PayPal. Just enter your PayPal email in your settings

Be featured on Dealspotr’s homepage.

How To Unlock:

Post your first five deals on Dealspotr.

Write a post/article on Dealspotr detailing information about them.

Submit your article for review.

Now On To: How To Join As A Influencer

To join as a Dealspotr Influencer, you are going to need an access code. This code will give you an automatic upgrade to the Verified Influencer status.

Click this link

Enter Influencer Code = oXZjm7Su

If above code doesn’t’ work, simply email me at with the subject as Dealspotr Access code and I will email you with the access code. Or you can simply comment below asking for a code.

The reason for having to dish out access codes like this is due to people taking unfair advantage of the Dealspotr system. This helps severely cut down on that.

After you get the code from me, you can go here if you have not registered with Dealspotr.

If you are an existing Dealspotr member, click this link after I give you an access code.

If you just want to join Dealspotr and not join as an Influencer, you can do so here

Join Dealspotr or just enter the code Sabusan

A Couple Of Suggestions

The first thing to do before writing a blog on Dealspotr is getting to know how the site works. Become familiar with it, by perusing the site, spotting deals, adding a couple of deals, finish setting up your personal info. You will more efficiently write about it if you have the general idea of how Dealspotr works.

When writing your review be honest, highlight good and bad things you find.

In Closing


Dealspotr is set up to reward active contributors generously, it is not difficult to add value as a member, and I feel anyone can do it. As an Influencer, you are actively helping Dealspotr grow its community and help people save money. Two very positive endeavors.

So contact me and get started Share, Save, Earn at to request an access code or just comment below with an active email account.

 Also, if at any time you need help, please feel to contact me within Dealspotr or here.

If you want an access code or questions or comments, please do so below. Thanks!













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28 Comments on “How To Become An Influencer at Dealspotr

  1. Sounds like an interesting choice for bloggers who already have a relevant website. Is there a threshold before you can cash out using Paypal or getting an Amazon voucher?

    • The cashout needs to in increments of 10, like 20.00, 30.00 or 40.00 and so on. Yeah, I really find it easy to earn even though I am not doing it all that much. You also need to be a Gold Influencer to recieve PayPal payments.

  2. Interesting. I’ve never heard of dealspotr before, but it does look like it could be potentially useful. Can they help me bring in a full-time livable income or would you say that this is more for a side income to bring in a little extra money on the side?

    Of is it more a method that will lead into a way to make money eventually?

    • This is more of side income, both saving you money and earning money. It could potentially be a full time income if you got enough influencers under you and they all posted a lot of deals. I see this as more of a way to bring in extra spending money.

  3. This sounds like something interesting indeed. I am currently working on my own website on dog training (affiliate marketing) but I am not making any money for the moment, so some extra cash would be great.
    Do you have any particular advice when starting out?
    Thank you for a great post

    • It’s a great site to save money and also earn money, as it is so simple to do.

      If your not making any money on your site, the key is to focus on working on your site and building it and improving it and not to focus on the money aspect. If you are truly passionate about your website, it will be successful. Just don’t stop working on it no matter the results. Results will come in time. It can be very discouraging in the beginning, but just keep pushing through this.

  4. Looks nice. How long have you used Dealspotr yourself? I might join after I get my website slightly better rankings. Is the payout really worth it? I’ve tried things like Swagbucks in the past and earning money through it was a pain. I hope Dealspotr makes earning money a little faster and more fun.

    • I’ve been with Dealspotr a little over 2 months and I have made $70.00 in my free time. I don’t spend that much time with it, but it pays decent. It’s easy and painless, in my opinion. I find the payout easier and totally worth it than survey sites (Swagbucks, etc). Plus you find good deals and also help other people find great deals. It is less like work and I really recommend it, . If you want an invite, leave me another comment or email me at

  5. Hi! Do you know what happens when you become Gold influencer? I’m an Influencer at Dealspotr, seems like you’ve been there for a quite time so I just wanted to ask. Do you know is there any other level after Gold, let’s say it that way? I know all of the details about the additional points and everything but I can’t reach them at the customer support to ask.

    • Hi Ana, I actually only been a member for a couple of months, but it took me less than a month to become an Gold Influencer at Dealspotr. I often wondered this question as well, maybe for the really active and dedicated (for the top 1% perhaps), maybe they have a level they don’t advertise about, but I would guess few would talk about it or promote it. So, I do not know of any level beyond Gold.
      Have you tried talking to anybody on their Facebook page?

  6. That’s what I thought. Yes, but I didn’t get an answer. I’ll just go with it and then we’ll see what’s going to happen. Thanks anyway 🙂 btw, great post.

    • Thanks. Sorry, I don’t have the answer. Hope to see you around here and at Dealspotr too, also I noticed you have a website. If you ever need help with it any aspect of it, I would suggest you checkout Wealthy Affiliate, my review of Wealthy Affiliate here. The best training online, I am a current premium member and I am very happy with what it teaches me. Just thought I would share maybe it would be helpful to you.

  7. Hi Dan. I must say your article was highly informative – I have never heard of Dealspotr before now. Right off the bat, I see this as more useful than survey sites like Swagbucks and Inboxdollars because Dealspotr gives you some benefits other than a useless survey.

    I am interested in joining – can you send me an access code? I can shoot you an email as well.

    • Thanks Alex! Glad I could introduce you to a wonderful way to save money as well as make money. It pays more and it is easier by far than survey sites.

      Yeah, send me an email at and I will send you a code.

  8. Hey Dan,
    Dealspotr looks like a different way to earn money from the sides, pretty cool! I have a blog and I would love to give it a try and get some side income.

    It looks like the deals are all in USD though, are there country restrictions that can or cannot join? Would be a deal sealer if I can promote wordlwide.

    • Hey Riaz,

      It’s not bad for making extra money, especially if you have a blog. As far as I know I don’t think they have country restriction, as I see plenty of people from other countries on the site. Let me know I’ll send you a code to become an Influencer.


  9. Sounds like an interesting addition to the stable, Dan. I will certainly have a look at this arrangement more closely. Anyway, a good thorough review. Keep up the good work and best of luck to you with this. I will follow your progress. Just a quick question: Can this be worthwhile anywhere in the world?

    • It is easy to use and I just love using them. I believe anyone from around the world can use Dealspotr. As I see many people from different countries within the site. Let me know If you want to be an influnecer.

  10. Thank you for introducing me to Dealspotr. I have never heard of this website, and I am excited to check it out. It is tough making money online, knowing who and what to trust. Your article gave me confidence in Dealspotr and definitely influenced me to dig deeper. Thank you for the insider information.

    • Glad to help, as it is a decent way to make extra money online. Let me know if you need any help using Dealspotr as I will be more than happy to help you.

  11. Hey Dan

    Sounds quite interesting just not very sure I got everything correct. What kind of deals can be found on Dealspotr? Have I understood correctly that any deal in any niche? Or are there some limitations? And if I am in affiliate marketing – can I then post there my affiliate links with deals from programs I promote? Or have I got this wrong?

    • Deals, sales, promo codes, products deals, online sales, in-store, free shipping, freebies, BOGO (Buy One Get One Free). Sure any deal if it is a sale or discount from a store online or in store. You cannot post affiliate links at Dealspotr, I mean you can but you risk them being pulled or being warned and kicked out of Dealspotr. I would refrain from doing that as they have people that monitor and report such behavior.

  12. This is great! I have not heard of dealspotr before. This is a platform where I can earn some money from it.
    I have created an account under your name. I will be trying it out and see how it works. What is your opinion? Is it easy to earn money from it?


    • Hey Kevin, I love Dealspotr and yes it’s easier than survey site or PTC sites. The hardest deal to spot is the first one but after that it’s easy. Sometimes when I don’t have anything to do I just post deals that are sent to me through email and I’ve made a decent amount with hardly doing much. The more deals you post the more you make per post. Dealspotr has opportunities happening all the time, both to help Influencers and Dealspotr for active members.

      Let me know if you need any help.

  13. I see alot of comments saying that they have never heard of Dealspotr before. And I have to say, I agree!

    How was such a good website like that hidden for so long?
    A database for deals online? Perfect for an Amazon junky like myself.

    Thanks alot for this article. I think I’ll be joining in the near future, might even write an article on Dealspotr myself!

    • Hey Garth, I feel the same way you do, as I never heard about it either. They also have a lot of amazon deals and promo codes posted there, guaranteed to save you some money. I really enjoy it and I think others would likewise.

  14. Good review. Thanks for taking the time to do these most of my hours I always spent online but still nothing because of scams. I have a question. I do not have a blog but I can review it on Facebook and steemit, is it possible?

    • Hey Olawale,
      To qualify as an Influencer according to Dealspotr you must own and operate a website and social media channels, that meet their minimum requirement for traffic and engagement. There looking to grow their company and community with influencers that will help achieve this. There are more benefits of being an Influencer, as well worthy of note, that at the time of writing this article have since been expanded and improved. I plan on updating this in the future, but it’s all good. Dealspotr is a real quality site.
      If you need a website and are looking to learn the proper way to build out a website, along with learning affiliate marketing, I HIGHLY recommend you read my post on Wealthy Affiliate here, Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018, Legit Money Maker? It takes time to build authority with the search engines and to get substantial traffic but it is a proven method. It’s great if you want to invest in yourself and a business. This is what I use.
      Thanks for the great question!

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