Big List Of Online Jobs

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Big Bad List Of Online Jobs

I wanted to make a page with all my reviews on it divided into subcategories so people can have a different view and possibly make it easier for them to find a specific way to earn easier. This will be a list of all reviewed or ways I plan on reviewing in the future.

Options are great! As the expression goes, variety is the spice of life, and I hope to share multiple ways of making bank from your home. I would also suggest you head over to my Find Great Jobs Online for a listing of forum-based online website list, that post numerous jobs daily.

Keep in mind some of these are totally legit ways of making money while others are less profitable and further information needs to be researched as to how effective they are at doing this.

Building A Website (By Far The Best Money Making Opportunity)

  1. Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate Review 2016, Legit Money Maker? This is my #1 suggestion for making money online. PERIOD! Why because this is the method I use and continue to use, as it has taught me everything I know. You will be working for yourself and not somebody else, we have all heard that is the best way of making money. It’s by no means fast and does not work overnight, but for owning and generating money, this is a must. Don’t let that it doesn’t work overnight scare you, and it is worth it! This is the marathon path to creating money online. If you are serious about making money online, this is all you need, and it is why it is at the top of the list.
  2. My Business VentureIs My Business Venture A Scam? This is another great system for someone who is looking to start their own business. This is my second highest ranked way to make money online. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can rest assured that this is not a scam. With lots of quality support, they will get your business up in the shortest possible time. Feel confident about joining MBV.
  3. JaaxyWhat Is Jaaxy About? This is not about building a website, but it’s paramount to maintain and getting traffic to your site. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that helps find the best low competition keywords, which will drive traffic to your website and therefore making your website profitable. It’s a must-have.
  4. Blog NinjaIs Blog Ninja A Scam? This is a free website that teaches you affiliate marketing. Formerly known as ShoeMoney, this system is designed by Jeremy Schoemaker. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for here, but it will teach you the basics.
  5. ShoeMoney – Does ShoeMoney Work?  Since my review they have changed the name to Blog Ninja, see above for more information.
  6. Simple Sites Big ProfitsWhat Is Simple Sites Big Profits? This company barely makes the list, so basically, you design simple websites 1 to 5 pages and make money from affiliate marketing doing this.

Job Bank

  1. HomeJobStopIs HomeJobStop A Scam? – Review For just a measly $18.00 for a lifetime membership, you can search their daily updated and screened list of online jobs. I love how simple this site is, as you won’t see any ads, just JOBS!!! I highly recommend joining if you are looking to work from home.


  1. OneSpaceOneSpace Review OneSpace is a crowdsourcing company that pays people to do tasks online. The jobs can be pretty simple to more complex depending on your type of qualified workers. Most often you must pass a test in order to qualify. I find the work here more pleasurable than most other crowdsourcing companies.

Social Media

  1. MagicLinksMagicLinks Review If you want to monetize any Social Media platform, MagicLinks is the one-stop-shop just for this. Whether it’s your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter MagicLinks can get you affiliate links to promote millions of different products. Did I mention it was also FREE! It’s easy as well…check it out.
  2. Make Videos – Read my article on How To Make Money Online Without A Website.

Paid To Click (PTC) or Survey Sites

  1. DealspotrWhat Is Dealspotr About? I love recommending this site as it is such an easy way to earn money while helping people save money as well. You get paid for posting sales, promo codes, or deals to their website. A great site!! Did I mention…no surveys!!!
  2. PrizeRebelPrizeRebel Review What Is Detailed Breakdown. Great PTC site, one of the best and a must-see.
  3. SuperPay.MeIs Superpay Me A Scam? This is generally a PTC site but also could be called a survey site as well. Multiple ways to earn money on this site but the layout needs upgrading. A pretty decent site with an awesome referral program.
  4. Survey Junkie – Is Survey Junkie Legit Or A Scam? A popular survey site.
  5. InboxDollarsAn InboxDollars Review A decent company that pays for performing a variety of online tasks as well as completing surveys. InboxDollars has been around a while, and so it is pretty trustworthy. As with any PTC sites, the pay is not the greatest, but you can make extra spending money. Just for signing up, they give you $5.00.
  6. SwagbucksIs Swagbucks Legit? Another PTC site that you make money by doing various activities. This is one of the big boys in the PTC world and has been around since 2008.
  7. instaGCIs instaGC A Scam? Another possible site to make money from by completing a task or answering surveys online from the comfort of your own home. Well established company.
  8. Offers2CashOffers2Cash Review This is another relatively new GPT site to the scene.
  9. GetPaidToWhat Is GetPaidTo? Get paid to…complete tasks like the other sites listed above to make money.
  10. ClixsenseWhat Is Clixsense? Review! Another PTC site that has been around forever. Read to see if it right for you.
  11. NeobuxWhat Is Neobux About? Get paid for merely clicking advertisements.
  12. WondoughWhat Is Wondough? A Complete Honest Review. This is another Survey/GPT site.
  13. THWGlobalIs THWGlobal A Scam? While this company is not yet verified legit as it is still developing and building and has yet to pay, I added it because you might be potentially able to earn by just watching videos and referring people to their platform. Company Went out of business!!!

Smartphone Apps

  1. Receipt HogIs Receipt Hog A Scam? You can make extra money just by uploading your receipts. If you are a coupon-er already or an extreme couponer, you need this app. As it pays cash or gift card and is simple to do. It’s an extra way to save money on your grocery bills.
  2. ReceiptPalReceiptPal Review Yes, another receipt app. You should really be using both these apps in conjunction to save the most money possible. This is also easy just snapping pictures of your receipt then uploading them to ReceiptPal. Easy!!
  3. LetgoLetgo App Reviews This simple to use apps lets you sell your stuff easily. A great way to find money that is just lying around your house.
  4. Checkout 51What Is Checkout 51 About? This is another way to reduce your cost of buying food at stores.  Just check out their offers for the week, buy the products from that list that you want, upload your receipt, then earn cash for doing all of this. This adds up quickly.
  5. QriketWhat Is Qriket? Legit? Get paid for picking the correct color on the wheel. Yep, it’s that simple. Watch ads to earn more spins. To join enter 1D66BA for 25 FREE SPINS.


  1. ArbonneIs Arbonne A Scam? Arbonne is an MLM company that sells health care, make-up, nutrition, and aromatherapy products. This is a commission-based program and requires you to be a salesperson in order to thrive and progress.
  2. IsagenixIs Isagenix A Scam? Here is another MLM company that also sells dietary supplements along with personal care products. Most MLM companies are better suited to salespeople with sales experience.


  1. ContentGatherContentGather Review This site pays you for writing content for websites. Such as blogs, press releases, articles, and reviews of products. This site used to be known as Postloop, but after the name change and redirection of its business away from writing forum post.
  2. iWriterWhat Is iWriter? A pretty good company that you can write for and also buy content from.
  3. BlogMuttIs BlogMutt A Scam? This is a blog writing and content writing service that pays you to write specific content. A real stand up company, that is dedicated to its writers as well as customers.
  4. PostloopIs Postloop A Scam? This is no longer a company it has switched over to ContentGather (see above). It used to pay for posting to forums.
  5. Forum CoinIs Forum Coin Legit? Get paid for writing to forums, which pays in various methods. So, if you love expressing your unique perspective, this might be just for you.
  6. The Forum WheelIs The Forum Wheel A Scam? Another company that pays you to write on forums. Check it out to see if you want to participate in this.


  1. CastingWordsIs CastingWords A Scam? Are you an accurate and fast typist with a good ear? Why not make money by transcribing audio to text. Read more, and see if this is the right move for you.

Designing T-Shirts

  1. RedbubbleWhat Is Redbubble? Can You Make Money With Redbubble? This is the highest I have ranked a T-shirt site for making money. With tons of products to design and put your artwork on.
  2. MoteefeMoteefe Review – Make Money Designing & Selling T-Shirts  Second highest ranked!!! Great growing company with the ability to sell in the US and the EU.
  3. ViralstyleIs Viral Style A Scam? Make money by designing and selling T-shirts online. If you are artistic with good creative ideas this might be the place for you to make some money.
  4. Society6What Is Society6? Can You Make Money With Society6? Another Print On Demand website, decent and well respected.
  5. SunFrog –  What Is SunFrog? This is an excellent company with fantastic support and training and one of the highest average profit margin there is.
  6. TeezilyWhat Is Teezily? Want to market your designs to Europe? You can sell and market to Europe and the U.S. They have tools and a University in which to learn the business.
  7. GearbubbleIs Gearbubble A Scam? Yet another company that allows you to sell and design T-shirts for profit. Read more inside.
  8. TeespringWhat Is Teespring About? This might be the opportunity you are looking for. Especially if you are an artist.
  9. TeeChipIs TeeChip A Scam? Read to see if this is right up your alley for selling t-shirts.
  10. Tips On Designing T-Shirts And Selling Them Online – Tips and ideas for taking your t-shirt skills to the next level.

Auction Sites

  1. DealDashIs DealDash A Scam? Penny auction sites are not as easy as one would believe they would be, there is a learning curve. I try and help with this in this review as great deals can be had but also you can lose money as well.
  2. QuiBidsIs QuiBids A Scam? A more questionable company of the penny auction sites. Deals are to be had, but more caution needs to be employed.


  1. IndiegogoIs Indiegogo A Scam? Do you have a great idea and you need money for that great idea to take off? Maybe Indiegogo is the platform you need in order to get the needed money to build your business. Read my review to see if it is right for you.

Other Methods

  1. TuroIs Turo Legit? Make extra money by renting your car to strangers. Do you have a car that is just sitting there? Why not make money from it. Read more to find out if this is a suitable option for you.
  2. RoadieWhat Is The Roadie App? Get paid to deliver packages on your trip. This interesting concept. It’s ride-sharing for packages. So look into this for your next road trip as it might save you money.
  3. LyftIs Lyft A Scam? Much the same as Uber, where you get paid for driving people around in your car. Lots of tips and information.

**Bonus Saving Money**

  1. EbatesA Ebates Review Ebates is an easy system to save money when shopping online. The money seems to add up pretty quickly if you habitually shop online as most stores are compatible with Ebates.
  2. DealspotrWhat Is Dealspotr About? The most up-to-date site with sales and promo codes. A great way to save money.
  3. BeFrugalIs A Scam? Another free site to save money by using coupons, sales, deals, codes, and cashback.

If you have any suggestion on any other money-making methods, I would love to hear them. Also if you have any questions would love the opportunity to answer them. Thanks!

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