What Is Dealspotr About?

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Dealspotr Review

Name: Dealspotr
Website: https://dealspotr.com/
Price: Free to join.
Owners: ZipfWorks
Overall Rank: 8.2 out of 10

Dealspotr – Product Overview

I have just recently found out about Dealspotr, and after doing some research, I realized this is an excellent site in which to save money with as well as MAKE MONEY with Dealspotr. So I wish to share this on my website in the hopes of others find this just as agreeable as I do.

You’re probably wondering what is Dealspotr about? I hope to help explain this great site that provides nothing but positive benefits for visitors and Influencers.

Since learning about Dealspotr, I also have another post on becoming an Influencer (This pays better and a great opportunity), you can read it here, How To Become An Influencer At Dealspotr.

This Blows Away Survey Sites & PTC Sites

At first, I didn’t know what Dealspotr was, I thought it was a survey site or something.

I was so glad, it wasn’t another survey site…If you had the misfortune of spending hours filling out surveys for a few cents, know what I mean.

Not only is Dealspotr not a survey site, but get this, it’s a lot easier to earn money than most soul stealing survey taking sites. So if you like survey sites, you’ll love Dealspotr because you’ll earn gift cards a lot faster at the same time as saving money.

Sign Up For A Free Dealspotr Account Here & Earn $5.00.


Dealspotr is a social couponing site.

Wait… What? Yeah! It’s a thing, Social Couponing!

At least that’s the best way I can describe it. Or as Dealspotr calls themselves the “Wikipedia of deals” Hoo-ah!

Why not? Sure beats cutting coupons from the newspaper on the weekends. Plus they reward you for sharing deals which you find and post to Dealspotr’s website, for all to see and save money.

Finally, a place for “couponers” to feel safe with their own social community. All kidding aside, the beauty of Dealspotr is more eyes and ears in which to find deals, this is the power of a large sharing community. As it is super easy to find sales and promo codes in which to save money.

Share. Save. Earn

Don’t hoard them deals people. Share em!

We all know that feeling when you’re just entered in your credit card number, and you see an empty Enter Promo Code box, and you go quickly scurry the internet searching Google for “Company’s Name Promo Code” Then when you find a promo code sometimes the code works, and sometimes it’s outdated. That won’t happen here at Dealspotr. All codes and sales are often updated. That is what Dealspotr provides, use relevant information pertaining to deals. Often deals are validated by other users, thus making very likely the deals, sales, and promo codes work.

Dealspotr seems like a game changer, finding great deals online while also helping other people find great deals too.  You’re also being rewarded too, for sharing and posting ways to save money.

Great Idea! Right? Any website that has an active and helpful community is doing something very right! You’ll find websites that have a great community do a heck of a lot better than sites with no community. Communities provide shortcuts, explanations, helpfulness, and practicalities and shouldn’t be overlooked as a real asset.

What Can You Find At Dealspotr?dealspotr-logo-3

  • Coupons
  • Sales
  • Deals
  • Discounts
  • Promo codes
  • other friendly helpful people willing to share information about saving money.
The Feed

The beautiful thing about Dealspotr is you have your own personal Feed, which you set up with brands and deals that you like or that you are interested in. It’s a good idea to add the stores that you most frequent and patronizes. They have 11 different interests themes in which you can add to your feed. After you select the Interest, the site asks you to choose specific brands/stores that you love based on those categories.influencer-200

  1. Electronics & Tech
  2. Fashion
  3. Restaurants & Eating Out
  4. Fitness & Sports
  5. Home
  6. Grocery & Drugstore
  7. Gifts & Gift Ideas
  8. Beauty & Wellness
  9. Travel
  10. Babies & Kids
  11. Services
Screenshot of Dealspotr Interest Page

Like for me for an example, I love Onnit supplements and equipment, so I signed up for them and my wife just loves Kohl’s, so I added Kohl’s to my Feed also.

You can also always search for specific deals by just typing them into the search bar.


Making Money With The Art Of Couponing

Not only do you save a ton money using Dealspotr but you can also make money here. Yeppers!


Simple. You can earn Dealspotr points and rewards for sharing and editing deals. By earning points, those points then can be redeemed for gift cards. Amazon Gift cards.

  • Posting deals.
  • Validating deals.
  • Spotting deals.
  • Finish your daily checklist.
  • Refer new members.
How Points Work At Dealspotramazon-gift-card

10,000 points = $10.00

How To Get Started At Dealspotr

To get started simply click here to Join Dealspotr. Or use the promo code SABUSAN.

You’ll be taken here. Did I mention, you will also receive 5,000 points just for signing up? That’s a free $5.00 bill, just for signing up. Then you can earn additional points by completing the daily checklist. That changes daily and helps you get involved and earning them points.

dealspotr-screenshot22You can cash out at 10,000 points for $10.00 in Amazon Gift cards. But you don’t necessarily have to cash out when you reach 10,000 points, you can just keep building to a higher payout. For example, your next available payouts would be 20,000, 30,000, 40,000 and keep going. You might have to wait for 1 to 3 days for your points to be reviewed for your card to be emailed to you. Kinda long wait for a gift card.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  • Completely free to join.
  • Rewards you for sharing deals and coupons that you find. Gift Cards Baby!
  • $5.00 sign up bonus, you can sign up for Dealspotr here.
  • A great way to save time and frustration. A centralized, updated platform to find the current deal for specific brands.
  • Powerful, large, helpful community which blood-hounds the internet for deals. Try 30,000 strong membership.
  • Easy to network within Dealspotr.
  • Unique in that you don’t have to purchase products to earn rewards, you simply share promo codes, deals, or refer people. Your getting paid for information.
  • Helping your fellow compulsive shoppers find better deals.
  • You can customize your feed. To allow only the deals and companies you want to be alerted to with current up-to-date discounts. Thereby saving you time not having to sift through information that you have zero interests in. Like for example a cheese nut log discount, when you are lactose intolerant.
  • I am sure people will significantly benefit from using this site. Saving money is always popular.
  • The best way I know of for searching for deals.
  • Deals are checked and edited by members, keeping old or not working codes off of the site.
  • Thorough reference checks on posting deals.
  • Ability to earn additional through karma points by spotting a “hot” deal or having and building a good reputation.
  • They have a very interesting Influencer membership for people that own blogs. You can read my post on How To Become A Influencer At Dealspotr for more information.If you own a blog Email me at dan@highlandermoney.com for more details with Dealspotr in the title, and I will get you invited with a special access code. Do this before joining. It’s a good thing like double lifetime points and an enhanced referral benefits. They pay you $35.00 for writing a post about them too.

The Bad:

  • Would prefer to see more options concerning payment besides gift cards for the standard user. They do have Paypal payment options for Influencers though so if you want to be invited to the Influencer contact me through dan@highlandermoney.com. I will get you set up.
  • Not a household name, but should be.
  • Gift cards take anywhere from 1 to 3 days to be sent to you via email. This could be instant, instead of waiting.
  • Just an Amazon gift card, I love Amazon gift cards but maybe other people want more options than Amazon.
  • Lengthy procedure for posting deals, taking screenshots, finding a higher price where it is sold on Amazon or Google. Takes about 5 minutes.
  • An email is sent to your inbox whenever someone spots your deal. I must find a way to turn this feature off.
  • Dealspotr doesn’t have great support. Only an address is provided and a Message us on Facebook link. Pretty poor if you have problems.
  • Buggy platform. Tried for three days just to complete a daily task. I had to just update my bio and picture. Which I did btw, but it wouldn’t recognize it until three days later. Also, buggy when entering in Post A Deal, it will tell me I forgot to enter in something when I didn’t. I just kept retrying, and eventually, it worked. Maybe some kind of throttling they do here or just perhaps bad programming.

DealSpotr Tips

If you find a good deal online, by all means, go share it at Dealspotr and earn some points.

Turn off being notified by Dealspotr, every time someone spots your deal. Email overload. This can be done in the Edit Settings under the Notifications tab. Be sure to remember to save once you have altered the notification.

*No longer available* A easy way to possibly earn points at Dealspotr is by doing the Spot Deals Now, where they give you 5 deals a day in which to spot. If the deal you spot become Hot, which means more people also think this deal is going to be useful to a lot of people and also spot the deal, you can earn +25 points. If your spotting good deals you earn even more daily spots too. So do this daily to help your point total. Be mindful you can lose spots as well, down to zero. I think after 30 days you get 5 of them back. 

Take advantage of Dealspotr personal Feed, by adding brands you buy, store you frequently shop at. This is a great way to be alerted to stuff you actually buy and will probably save good money. I add the products I use and love, then buy when discounted. In turn, it saves me money. Yeah!

Don’t be afraid to post deals, and the first one is always the hardest. You will quickly become good at it.

Complete your daily checklist to help rack up points. This also helps builds your specific presence on Dealspotr and get you earning points.

Refer Friends or family to join Dealspotr. This is a great way to earn points, as you can make commissions off of each person you referred.

If you shop online and receive emails from a store in which you bought from, review the emails as many of them post promo codes or sales in which you can share on Dealspotr.

Social Media is one of the best places to find codes and discounts. Join the companies you like and watch for deals. Twitter is probably the most used to find deals. So follow your favorite stores to more easily find deals and promo codes.

Dealspotr Alternatives

Who is Dealspotr for?

Frugal people would absolutely love Dealspotr, but not excluding anybody else either. Anybody that likes saving money or shopping online. Not only that but also by helping out the community by finding and posting deals yourself and possibly earning gift cards by just sharing your knowledge.

Dealspotr Tools & Training

They have a Help and FAQ page which covers the basics of using Dealspotr found at the bottom of any page. Along with that is a Blog section with many great ideas, tips and information.

Dealspotr Support

They don’t have a very good support as only a physical address and a Message us on Facebook. Some people don’t have Facebook.

1601 Cloverfield Blvd
Suite 1050N
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Dealspotr Price

Good, Golly Miss Molly, it’s free!

My Final Opinion of Dealspotr

What is Dealspotr about? Well, it’s about saving money. If you need a deal, this is the place to come for the most reliable deals anywhere. It’s community-based, where people are posting ways to save money. The big bonus is being rewarded with points by just posting deals you found. Not a hard thing by no means. With only minor negatives about this company, I highly recommend Dealspotr. It is a better way to find deals and coupons.

Sign Up For A Free Dealspotr Account Here.


Dealspotr at a Glance…

Name: Dealspotr

Website: https://dealspotr.com/
Owners: ZipfWorks
Price: Free to join.
Overall Scam Rank: 8.2 out of 10


Hold On, Wait A Minute, Before You Go…

If you are looking for a 100% legit way to make money, by owning your own online business. It provides the best training online along with the most helpful and friendly community online, with all the support to get you building your online business. I recommend you read my #1 Recommended Program and sign up to get started today.


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to write below. I will do my best to answer your questions. Thanks!







































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30 Comments on “What Is Dealspotr About?

  1. Hi Dan. Interesting review here, at first I thought it was one of those survey sites. Glad to see that it’s not. Virtual coupons is a great idea, cutting them from the paper is so 80’s. I would have to agree with you about the payment options, it would be nice to have PayPal.Hopefully they can add that in the future. Best wishes to you.

    • Hey Scott,

      We agree on cutting coupons, I feel its archaic and I really enjoy the ease of virtual coupons. I have learned Dealspotr has PayPal as an option, but you must be an Gold Influencer. They have three levels of Influencer, bronze, silver, and gold. If anybody is interested in becoming an influencer for Dealspotr please contact me and I will send you an special invite.

    • If you reach gold status you can use paypal to take off your money. Look:
      Gold Status
      Double (2x) lifetime points multiplier on Dealspotr
      Redeem your points for cash via PayPal (enter your PayPal email in your settings)
      To unlock:
      Complete your profile by posting your first 5 deals on Dealspotr
      Introduce Dealspotr to your readers through an informative article (detailed instructions)
      Submit your article for review

      • Hey David,
        Yes, apparently I missed that but thanks for pointing that out to us. I will amend that above in the post, because that is a really good point and shouldn’t be overlooked. Thanks again.

          • Hey Simon, I will send you an email to the email you provide. There are many benefits to becoming a Influencer and it is really worth becoming a influencer. They have three levels of influencer: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with each level more benefits incur. It a pretty decent affiliate program.

  2. WOW! Dealspotr sounds pretty awesome!! i have definitely fallen prey to contemplating taking those stupid surveys, but now i will definitely be checking this out!! Thanks for the info! Im in the Health and Fitness industry so knowing that i can get great deals on the equipment, clothing, gear and everything that i need at a discount or even buy 1 get 1 is AWESOME!!

    • Hey Jayme, Glad you could find some deals for your business. Why not, right? I’ve been big on saving money anyway I can as of late, and this site helps with that.

      I know I have found deals already on items I have been waiting to buy. This centralizes finding deals & coupons online, making it easier.

  3. Dealspotr sounds amazing right now. I’ve found myself in situations searching for coupons all over the net to save on electronics. These are usually high-end expensive electronics so 10 percent runs into the 100’s. Probably something I need to add to my money saving tool belt.. Thanks for this nice article on ways for us peoples to save a few bucks here and there.

    • Jerry, It is a pretty good website for saving and for making a little cash by just sharing promo codes and sales. Glad you find it useful. As saving a percentage on higher price items does really start to add up. Happy you enjoyed it.

  4. Wow, this sounds like a great opportunity for someone like me. I enjoy the different categories offered, however, the Technology section sounds most interesting for sure!

    Tell me good sir, how often do amazon coupons become available, and secondly is there any Gaming coupons or deals at all ?

    Thanks for this info!

    • Hey Patrick, Amazon sales and promo codes are posted almost everyday are far as coupons for Amazon I don’t know, but Amazon deals are always posted here, it is probably the one with the most deals pertaining to them.

      Also a nice feature is to subscribe to any brand or store and even interests (like technology) and then you are alerted to any new or existing deals. Easy to stay on top of it.

      Yes, plenty of gaming coupons available from all the major companies at Dealspotr. All of which can save you a lot of money.

      Remember to sign up and save. Thanks for the great questions!

  5. Hi Dan,

    I have never heard of dealspotr before but this review pretty much sums it all up. Quite an interesting concept to create a platform for sharing deals. The idea of being able to share deals and earn points as you go really makes it all the more intriguing I will try this out for sure and see what it has to offer.

    Well done and thanks for sharing

    • old comment but don’t bother. It is a bunch of inbalanced back-stabbing, jeaously competitive children with absolutely no supervision. It is completely possible to do your best post great deals alls o that every morning your score goes down even though no rules were broken. And they let anyone edit your deals. Change the title, details, etc. They are allowed to edit it until it is no longer even true, and then the next morning you wake up to find you have been penalized for some idiot editing your deal. You can have no failure rate and yet for no reason, completely valid deals get marked “somewhat likely to work or not likely to work”. Don’t waste your time with these freaks. There are certain people who have enough rank to just destroy you when you first start. And before you know it your accuracy rate will go low enough that they will not allow you to participate anymore. Even though you have save people hundreds of dollars in a couple weeks by posting deals at websites you love.

      • A lot has changed over at Dealspotr since I last wrote about their company and I wouldn’t say it is for the better. Thanks for sharing your negative experience, as this will help others decide.

  6. Really enjoyed this review. I’ve been a memeber of Swagbucks as a way of earning extra cash/rewards and find it really frustrating as you keep getting kicked out of surveys and don’t always see your rewards.

    I’ve just started using dealspotr and quite enjoy the functionality although haven’t properly got to grips with it. This review has helped out laods, thanks!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Mike! It does seem to take a bit of time (not much though) to come to grips with how it works and how to properly upload deals at Dealspotr. I have also experienced getting kicked out of surveys when you have invested 5 to 10 minutes already. Very, very frustrating. Thankfully none of that nonsense here. A great way to save money and help other people save money while making a little cash too. Thanks for the comment.

  7. This is an interesting website. I never heard of Dealspotr before, but I guess you learn something new every day! This seems to replace the old-fashioned method of cutting coupons from the newspaper. I’m glad it’s not one of those survey sites. I was with Swagbucks but it was more aggravation than what it was worth. I’m the type who loves to save money and I used to clip coupons, but I am getting into the digital age! Your site is something worth looking into.

    • Hey Karin, Glad I could introduce you to Dealspotr, it is really worth checking out. Easy to do and not a lot of time investment, plus they pay you decent. I find this soooooo much easier than any survey site(Swagbucks, etc). I have done the survey sites and they are tedious. I have personally made $70.00 with little time investment by being a influncer at Dealspotr.

  8. I really like the way you have laid out your site. It’s colorful, easy to read and scroll through. The sections are broken up nicely. And even better you are telling people about a great place they can go to get good deals and help themselves make money by helping others get good deals. When you post deals you earn point that help you earn Amazon gift cards and who wouldn’t want that? You can get anything on Amazon!

    • Thanks man. I glad you found my page helpful. You can also become an Influencer and get paid through PayPal, by just writing a review about them.

  9. Thank you for highlighting Dealspotr out in your post. I myself am very wary of online money making sites,i was very wary of even joining W A. The concept of looking and recommending deals to other people seems innocent enough but i presume that you would have to do a lot of work to earn any sort of income.I certainly would recommend of not being alerted by email of new deals or your inbox would be overloaded. But as you pointed out that you don’t have to buy anything will captivate interest.

    • I completely understand your hesitation to join any unknown money making website. One should remain cautious and always stay on guard.

      I have been using Dealspotr on and off for a long time and have nothing bad to really say about them. They have made so many improvements since joining and are always very friendly. They have always been extremely helpful as well. Most importantly they have always paid me fast.

      As stated within my post Dealspotr is easier and faster than survey sites at making money(plus your helping someone save money) they have even newer features which allow you to make even more money when I first wrote this page. Look for another post on Dealspotr explaining this. I enjoy using Dealspotr more than Survey sites and its pay way better.

      Your right, you don’t have to buy anything, just post promo codes or sales to help others. I love this idea.

      Thanks for the comment.

  10. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the great review on Dealspotr. I had previously heard about it from a friend, but when I asked her some questions, she didn’t have answers for me. She knows I’m a big shopper and a coupon queen. Now I’m educated as to what great benefits the site can offer. I am a bargain shopper and if there is a coupon to be found, I’ll find it! It is a great way for me to earn a gift card. More gift cards equals more shopping!


    • Glad you like it! You can also become an influencer at Dealspotr, in which you could earn cash if you are interested and you get paid more and more options for payments. I highly recommend it.

  11. Wow I’d never heard of dealspotr until now. I’m always son the lookout for new ways to save some extra money. I’ve tried multiple coupon websites that you have also listed, but it sounds like this one gives all those other coupon sites a run for their money!

    The reason it sounds intriguing to me is because I’m online a large portion of my regular day anyways, and I spot deals all the time. I’m my eyes looks like FREE MONEY!

    Thanks, great info.

    • Glad to help spread the word about Dealspotr. As they are a truly helpful website for both saving money and earning money. A win-win website. They are also very trustworthy and responsive quickly to questions and concerns. I love recommending Dealspotr! They are constantly improving their site and I look to update the information contained on this page, as they have increased ways in which influencers can earn money. 

  12. Hey Dan thanks for the review of Dealspotr. I never heard of this site before and it seems like it can save people a lot of money! I think anyone would be happy about that. How easy is it to earn points? earning 10,000 points seems like it would take a while.

    • Hey Michael,

      The great thing about Dealspotr is the more you use it (posting deals) the more they reward you for it. This is called your accuracy score. At first your accuracy score starts low, but by posting deals, sales, promo codes, or even validating these sales your accuracy score goes up. The higher your accuracy score the more they pay you for each sale or promo code. There system rewards you for consistent accurate work, thereby incentivising you to work harder and in turn pay you more. 

      It didn’t take me long to earn my first 10,000 points, I wasn’t even trying that hard. As I am an influencer as well at Dealspotr, but I would just post deals when I found them. All the while writing for my websites. Plus its not that hard.It is easier than survey taking and pays better. I am planning on writing another post about Dealspotr on tips to earning. Stay tuned. 

      This company is a legitimate company that wants you to succeed and they pay decent for your work. 

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