What Is The Neobux About?

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Neobux Review

Name: Neobux
Website: www.neobux.com
Price: Free to join
Owners: Fernando?
Overall Rank: 6.4 out of 10

Neobux Overview

What is the Neobux about? Well, my fellow earth inhabitants searching for ways to make money online, Neobux is another PTC site. If you don’t know what PTC stands for, it stands for Paid To Click. This is where you get paid, just for clicking on some type of advertisement. It’s really simple, and in general, the pay reflects that. Yep, these types of sites are not true wealth builders but extra income generators.

It is an interesting concept of paying you just for clicking on websites. We all probably spend countless hours surfing the internet for free. Why not get paid for it? Right?

They claim that they are the only Paid To Click service you’ll ever need. Well…we’ll find out about that. Neobux is essentially the middleman, between the Advertisers and people looking to make money online from the comfort of their own home.  Advertisers want clicks to their sites or people to view their ads, they, in turn, pay Neobux for traffic or views. Neobux then pays their members for complete a number of tasks. They determine how much to pay by determining the amount of time and other various reasons. The other reasons will be explained below here.

This review will help give you an idea if Neobux is suited to you or not.

First Things First

You’ll need to Sign Up for Neobux before we get explaining everything. Then confirm your account by clicking an email link to start earning money. A side note here anyone can sign up to start earning money here, most times companies limit what countries who can sign up and start making money with them. Not the case here.

Methods Of Payment

There is four method of payment available here. If you don’t have one of these you should sign up for at least one of them, so you can receive payment for your work.

  1. PayPal
  2. Skrill
  3. Neteller
  4. Payza
Earning Explained

The amount of money on can earn at Neobux varies depending on a lot of different factors. The obvious choice here is to maximize your earning with the least bit of time and work if you are committed to using Neobux. Right?

Membership Options

To start things off, there are five different types of membership here. Caution should be shown on joining the paid membership as if you are not familiar or don’t intend to be on the site constantly you might end up paying more in fees than bringing in through referrals.

  1. Standard – Free.
  2. Golden – Must pay for membership. $90.00 per year. Have up to 2000 referrals.
  3. Emerald – Must pay for membership. $90.00 per year. Have up to 2000 referrals.
  4. Diamond – Must pay for membership. $490 per year. Have up to 3000 referrals.
  5. Ultimate – Must pay for membership. $890.00 per year. Have up to 4000 referrals.
Ways To Make Money

Clicking Ads

Clicking Ads is the main money generator here.Ads that you click on varying in what they are worth. Typically ads are worth a WHOPPING, hold on to your socks, ready for it..$0.001 but can range higher as well. They pay you in cash here.

Offers & Mini Jobs

Offers are not paid in cash, they are paid in Points and Coins. I really hate the different method of payment, it just adds to the confusion and is a real turn off to me, as I want simplicity. Well, Mini Jobs are paid in cash.


Referrals are anyone that has signed up under you through a specific link with your unique identifying address. There are two types of referrals here.

  1. Direct – People that have directly sign up under your username. This can be accomplished by using a banner on your website, social media platform or through email. To find your referral link head on over to your account and click the banner. There you will see banner link information along with the specific link address.
  2. Rented – A service you pay for 30 days to have people work for you. This is an interesting concept, as this is the first time I have heard or ran into this feature. You are renting referrals that signed up with no referrer. The great thing about this is that they must meet a minimum requirement of activity in order to be rented. The prices to rent referrals seems pretty cheap. A deeper discount can be incurred if you set up for AutoPay, with a higher saving the longer you set up a mouthy rental program.
The prices shown are for each referral per month.
Receive a more significant discount by committing to a longer rental period.
The amount of referrals you are able to rent is dependent on your type of membership.

You also have the option of recycling your rented referral. By recycling, I mean to get rid of them for a fee of $0.07 if they are not performing up to your standards.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  • International available to anyone around the world that is looking to make extra spending money. Anyone can join!!! I love when a company is not just limited to North America but available to any nation around the world.
  • This company has been around awhile (8 years), this establishes trust and dependability. Well established in this field, which is great for advertisers as well as earners.
  • Low minimum payout. Just $2.00 for the first cashout. This increases by $1.00 for each cashout till you reach a set minimum of $10.00. There is some site that requires you to reach $35.00 before you can cash out. Also, keep in mind a fee might be deducted from your cashout depending on what service you elect to have your money withdrawn to.
  • Instant money transferred. No waiting days for your money to be deposited.
  • Has a referral program, which can greatly affect your earnings and should be utilized.
  • They have a nice earning calculator that can project your earnings with different adjustable settings. It can be found here, under How Much I Can Earn?
  • The ability to rent referrals. Whether or not this will pay for itself is totally dependent on the referrals you randomly receive and cannot be determined if profits will results.
  • Whoever wrote the Help sections for this site has a good sense of humor. This is appreciated and worth the read for a chuckle. Maybe you have read their help page and wished I would write like that…well, so do I.
  • They have a forum in which to discuss topics that will benefit you.

The Bad:

  • Lack of Videos to watch. Clicked on watch a video banner and taken to a Sorry page, stating they were out of videos for my region. Try again later. Okay…
  • The site seems simple enough on the surface but I was felt feeling confused, and nothing was explained. Maybe they should post a video describing how Neobux works and give a walk-through.
  • Low pay if you’re a standard user. As a standard user will typically make only $0.17 per day.
  • A high rate of recycling your rental referral. $0.07
  • To get the most referrals, you must sign up for a costly Ultimate Membership which cost $890.00 per year, just to get the maximum direct referrals. OH MY GAWD BECKY…yeah you read that right almost $900 for the Ultimate membership. Wow!
  • Unbelievable wait time when converting coins into cash, try 60 freaking days. Wow, just wow.
  • A Nazi-like control on the forums, be careful what you say on the forum as you might be banned.
  • You can earn cash, points or coin. My god, just go to one system and stick to it. Why have all the confusion with three different methods of payments?
  • Little work offered at the time of writing this in Mini Jobs and the ones there were in a foreign language.
  • Restrictions on having referrals. Like, you can only have referrals after 15 days of being a user and at least 100 clicks being credited.

Neobux Tips

The #1 best way to make money from Neobux is to have people sign up under you they use their site. This is called a referral, whatever money they make you make a percentage of that money. So, in essence, they kind of work for you.

If you plan on renting referrals, you should take advantage of the discount with the longer renting day rates of AutoPay. You can save 30% just by renting for 240 days. As this might save you more money while increasing your earnings as well.

To better increase your earning potential another method is to increase your membership status.

If you’re looking to increase traffic to your website, this might be an option to advertise with them. As their rates seem decent.

Stay active as they prune accounts that haven’t signed in after 30 days. No warning either.

Neobux Alternatives

I will suggest some alternatives in the PTC market as well as a few other sites that I enjoy, most notably is Dealspotr, which I highly recommend for making spending cash but for real wealth building I suggest you take a look at my #1 recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Who is Neobux for?

People to make extra money. Don’t be fooled this will not replace an income by having a job unless you are extremely lucky and willing to shell out $890.00 for the Ultimate membership and then pay for rented referrals as well.

Neobux Tools & Training

For me personally, I feel a real lack of training is missing here. They should have some videos or other methods of explaining how their site works.

As far as tools go they do have a couple of calculators that will help determine potentially earnings by entering certain variables.

Neobux Support

Has a decent FAQ page along with a very funny Help page and also a Support page where you can submit a ticket.

Neobux Price

Has 5 membership options. See above.

My Final Opinion of Neobux

What is the Neobux about? It’s about to me not making a lot of money. Sorry, but that’s my honest opinion. The pay is low but it is not a scam and they will pay you for your work or referral. I really enjoy the concept of renting referrals as it seems a decent way to earn more money, but you may be surprised about the amount of idler that don’t earn for themselves.

Kind of a crap shoot on what kind of referral you will be given when you pay for it. It’s too bad too that a standard member is limited on the number of direct referrals he is allowed. As you would think Neobux would be happy with more people joining and reward this. I think this is counterproductive in the long run for standard users and a upgrade might be in order.

The whole PTC market one is hard pressed to make any real money. What would be more beneficial would be to create your own business online. You can read more about this below.

Neobux at a Glance…

Join Neobux

Name: Neobux

Website: www.neobux.com
Owners: Fernando? Umm that’s all I could find out.
Price: Free to join
Overall Scam Rank: 6.4 out of 10


Hold On, Before You Go…

If you are looking for a 100% legit way to make money, real money, by owning your own online business. It provides the best training online along with the most helpful and friendly community online, with all the support to get you building your online business. I recommend you read my #1 Recommended Program and sign up to get started today.

Do you have any experience with Neobux?, I would love to hear any questions or comment below. Thanks.












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  1. Thanks for sharing good article about neobux. Recently I withdraw $3 from this site. They pay me instantly.

    • It’s really good to hear feedback like what you posted, as getting paid is always an important question new users ask. Thanks for sharing Kari!

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