How to Rearrange Pins on Pinterest

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Quick and Easy Tip

Today, I want to share with you a quick and easy Pinterest tip. How to rearrange pins on Pinterest. This is a great way to make sure your content gets seen by as many eyes as possible. If it’s way down at the bottom, who’s going to see it there? So, let’s get those important pins to the top.pinterest logo

Sharing Is Great!

We all have found so many interesting and cool ideas on Pinterest, but it’s more than that. You have the ability to share with the whole world your creations. By making multiple boards and adding pins to these boards. Be it crafts, web pages, ideas, videos, projects, recipes, blog post and much more.Pinterest400x400

Pin Placement

If you’re like most people, you want control over the layout of your pins within your boards. The pins you most want to be seen by more people, you want at the top. Without having visitors to scroll down to the bottom to see them. You want them strategically placed! Either to make it more aesthetically pleasing or more able to easily promote. Especially if you want to promote something seasonal, but it’s at the bottom of your board. You would want to move that item to the top.

You would think you could drag your pin within your board and put it where you want it. That would be the easiest way, right? But Pinterest hasn’t yet designed this into their site, YET…

If you try dragging and dropping a pin within your board, to the top it asks you to “Pick a board,” then if you choose the same board you are in, it just makes a copy your first pin. So now you have two copies of the same pin. Then when you click on the new arranged pin it goes back to your original pin, so you have to click more times to get to the pinned website. That won’t work for me!

If you are confused about Boards and Pins, I have circled in red below in the pictures to help highlight pins and boards. You can always tell buy what that area says, if it says, “Add a Pin”you’re in your Pins, if it says, “Create a board” you are within your boards. Simple.

Example of Pins
Example of Pin Area – Add a Pin is circled in red

Board Placement

***Key Point*** You can move your boards around by dragging and dropping, wherever you want. But you can’t move your pins around by this method of dragging and dropping.

I don’t understand why Pinterest can’t let us move pins this way, also.

pinterest boards1
Example of a Board – Create a board is circled in red

Take Control Back of Your Pins

So I am going to show you how to rearrange pins on Pinterest and take back control of the placement of your pins.

Once you are on whatever board you want to rearrange, Click the Move Pins button (Circled in red below)  located in the upper right-hand side of the screen.

pinterest move pin button
Example of Move Pins Button

Once you click the Move Pins button, every pin in your specific board will now have a greyed out checkmark box in the upper right side of each pin. Next, you can select one or as many pins as you want by checking this box. I chose just one, (1)the one circled in red. Then you click The move button (labeled 2 and circled).

circled pin to move21
Example of a Checked pin to be moved

After that is done, a new box will pop up and ask you to “Pick a new board for this Pin.” You can either choose the same board you are at or a different one from the pull-down menu. I choose the same board. Then click the move button.

Pick a new board

Now you will see the pin is moved to the top left in the first position. This will hopefully help keep your most important information easy to see and read.

Final example1
Final Example of moved Pin

Bonus Tip

You can also change the cover of any board (The bigger red circle) by selecting the Edit button(smaller red circle). The cover is the larger picture beneath the Board’s name. Then click the Change button.Then flip through the images within that board to pick the right Cover. That’s it.


Edit your board 1

I hope this helps you on how to rearrange Pins on Pinterest. If you want you can also follow me, and I will follow you back, on Pinterest.

My page is


If you have any other tricks or tips for Pinterest, I would love to hear them.



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35 Comments on “How to Rearrange Pins on Pinterest

    • Hey Jane, thanks for letting me know, Pinterest has changed a few things but you can still move pins. Click to go inside whatever board you want to rearrange. Then above the title you will see gray colored icons. Pencil, four arrows, and three dots, click the four arrows. There you can pick pins to move or copy. I will update the page soon to remove the confusion.

      • Hi Dan,

        I’ve got the same problem here with moving pins. I can see the four arrows button but it only seems to let you move a pin to another board, rather than within a board. Am I missing something? I’d really appreciate your help please as I need to organise some pins within boards for a Client urgently. Thanks in anticipation.

        • Hey Lynlea, Yeah just move it to the same board that it is in, it will allow you too. You can move a pin to the same board in which it resides and also to other boards if you wish, if you accidentally put it in the wrong board. This will bring it to the front of board (or top) of the board. This is the only way I know of to rearrange the boards. I hope this is clear. Let me know if you get it or need more help.

          • Thanks Dan for the clarification. Pity though it means you have to copy/delete every pin in exactly the right order to re-arrange correctly. Such a polava when you have over 60 pins on a board!

            Appreciate your assistance though

          • No problem Lynlea. I still have to update the page when I find the time. It should be a lot easier to manage your boards than what is currently in order at Pinterest. Pinterest is still a pretty amazing site though, maybe in the future it will be improved upon.

  1. Hi Dan,

    Thanks so much for the tip, but I’m doing exactly as you say, and after I select the pin and hit the “move” button, the “Pick a new board for this Pin” box doesn’t show up-nothing happens. What browser are you working in when you are able to do this? Or do you have any other ideas why it might not be working for me? Thanks so much in advance for your time!