New Hobbies For Seniors

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Need A New Hobby?

Are you retired with nothing to do? Or just looking for something more fulfilling to do with your free time?

Finding that right hobby for anyone can be such a rewarding and life-enriching experience. This post will be specifically about new hobbies for seniors, as I hope to suggest a fascinating and stimulating hobby for you and it even brings in income.

Regardless of age…hobbies benefit us all. Keeping us sharper, promoting a creative, stimulating side, and just by doing something you love doing. These are so beneficial to our overall health, both mental and physical. Most people benefit some way with a hobby.

Introducing Affiliate Marketing

Yes, affiliate marketing is a great hobby. It works with so many people because of the simple fact you base your website around whatever it is you love to do.

Believe me, there are so many things to learn to do affiliate marketing, it keeps it interesting and challenging, but most of all it is very surprisingly rewarding.


Why is it rewarding?

Because it allows you the freedom to pick what your interest (niche website) and allows you to work on it when you are able to. This is essentially a home business, where you’re the boss. That in itself is rewarding. But also the time you invest, and the results you start seeing is just so damn rewarding. Your building something and results are seen it just amazing.

What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?

You write articles (also called posts, blogs or pages) on your website which you write either a review or just inserting an advertisement within the post that is informational. If a person visits your website and clicks the provided link and buys the product, you make a commission off of that transaction. Depending on the company it can be a flat rate or a percentage of the sale, it varies with each company.

People make a lot of money with affiliate marketing and you could too. Every day the internet is growing, there are more than 3 billion people online, this just keeps getting bigger and bigger every day. All of the potential visitors to your site. This always gets me excited as it not like an actual physical store where you are limited to the number of people that live, or visit that city. Your website could reach the whole online world with just a click away from discovering your site.

Pick Something You Love Doing


We all have something we love doing. Woodworking, playing guitar, crafts, cooking, fixing cars, etc…This is endless.

Like for example maybe you love baking cakes, and you are an expert on it. You have thousands of recipes and helpful hints to baking cakes. Now, imagine creating a website around the topic of baking cakes. This is something you obviously love doing, and now you can share this skill with the rest of the world and most important you get paid for doing it as well.

Cakes are just an example, and you can do anything. That is what is wonderful about affiliate marketing you decide what you love doing then figure out how to make money by designing a website around this idea.

How do you get paid? By learning to implement affiliate marketing into your website. Don’t worry it’s not as hard as it seems and it this is all taught with easy to follow instructions and videos. The training provided here is the best online.

Now Let Me Introduce You To Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is what taught me how to build this website, Yours looking at all the training when you look at my site, and I am extremely proud of the work I do here. So, I know it works and is the reason I proudly promote them. I am very grateful for finding Wealthy Affiliate, and it has changed my life, and I feel it can change yours as well.

They teach everyday people (like you and me) how to make money online, through step-by-step lessons. Just like building a house, it starts with the foundation and builds upwards. Everything is covered in depth and complete. Anyone can learn this too. You just need a computer and a desire to learn.

I have many articles explaining Wealthy Affiliate on my website, just look under the Getting Started Tab at the top of the screen. I also wrote a full in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate found here, Wealthy Affiliate Review.

One of the greatest things is there are so many ways if you’re having a problem with support. You can actually contact the owners, and they will answer you. They are very active on Wealthy Affiliate. There is also the helpful community which to ask for help as well.

Everyone new to Wealthy Affiliate has a ton of questions, this is welcomed and understood. So feel free and don’t be shy about asking anything.

You don’t need a computer wizard either to excel at Wealthy Affiliate, just hard work and time. Yep, it’s doesn’t work overnight. It’s not hard either, but it does require work. As most get rich schemes will promise you instant gratifying results, this is not one of those schemes. Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005. Everyone there will tell you it takes some amount of time to become successful.

But I can tell you during this time as you work, you will have rewarding experiences because you are working and after a while, you will see, little things like more traffic, ranking on the first page of Google, a comment someone left on your site. That is when you realize this is actually working and it is very rewarding, and it will also keep you working more on your site. It is even a better feeling when you make your first sale.wa 1

This is the best way I have found to create a profitable website with affiliate marketing. Believe me, I know, I research it.

Don’t Be Intimidated

Take comfort in that anyone can build and maintain a website. This wasn’t the case 5 to 10 years ago, it was so difficult, trust me I made a website back then and gave up on it because it was too difficult and complex. But with today’s advancements, it is really simple. Creating a website is the easiest part. It’s learning affiliate marketing that people need to be taught how to properly execute that people just don’t know how to do it otherwise. It must be learned.

There are tons of retired people already members of Wealthy Affiliate, building, creating and earning money from their websites. They were just like you looking to find a new hobby or just looking to increase their income. At Wealthy Affiliate, the demographic of people start from teenagers all the way up to retirees and everything in between. The community is there to help you, and motivate you. This is what swung my decision to join Wealthy Affiliate and become a Premium Member.

Know that you’re a human being with years of hard learned experience with valuable knowledge and that is your advantage to creating your business. Your accumulated wisdom should not be taking for granted and could be your advantage taking on this new hobby. Build on your own personal strengths.

In Closing

Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful option for a new hobby for seniors. With the option of picking what avenue you choose for your website to the amount of time, you can devote to this hobby. This hobby will make you money as well, but it doesn’t promise this overnight. Wealthy Affiliate offers two membership option as shown below. I always recommend people join the starter membership and take advantage of using all the site features for your initial seven days.

If you have any questions or comment pertaining to joining Wealthy Affiliate, please do so below. Thanks!


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