What IsThe Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners?

What IsThe Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners?
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What Is The Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners?

Finding a good affiliate program to join when you are first starting out in affiliate marketing is how should I say this…very daunting. Most people need products to endorse as they don’t have their own products to sell. This will leave most people at a loss at what to promote.

A quick Google search will leave you with droves of choices to choose from. It can be overwhelming, to say the least.

But let me tell you, finding the best affiliate program for yourself can be a very lucrative way in which to make money online. It can be very difficult, and for this reason, I have put together some of the best affiliate programs for beginners.

But before we head off and I list some of these amazing affiliate programs, I do want to suggest since you are probably a beginner that if you are also starting out and want to streamline learning affiliate marketing that you take a look at the best place to learn affiliate marketing online. This will help you avoid the common missteps and pitfalls that many beginning affiliate marketers make.

Work harder not smarter. This so applies to affiliate marketing, as just a slight readjustment of a placement of a link, for example, could drive numerous traffic where once there was none.

Wealthy Affiliate

Do you want to learn the proper techniques of affiliate marketing? I mean who doesn’t right? By determining the correct methods help elevate a lot of wasted time. By learning the right way you avoid, the mistakes. Mistakes take valuable time to learn from. By avoiding mistakes saves us time. Wealthy Affiliate helps to avoid this.

Many people within Wealthy Affiliate state this when you listen to them or read their posts within the Wealthy Affiliate website. Praising how they wish they had found WA sooner and could have saved them so much time and effort in the long run.

Trying to learn by yourself is so freaking hard, it’s almost impossible. By joining WA, you get mentorship. Don’t scuff at mentorship, and it is an amazing tool to lean on for advice and Wealthy Affiliate you will have Millionaires and industry leaders to lean on and ask for advice. People that know their business. This in the words of Mastercard, “Priceless“.

This is hands down the best place to get affiliate training online. Wealthy Affiliate has been online since 2005, now it is 2017, and with every year Wealthy Affiliate has been in business training people how to make money online, they have been improving, each and every year. Why is that? Simply, because of the owner’s care. I am currently a member and plan to be for years to come, and I can tell you someone cared, because of all the little things that make learning here amazing. The little details that escape people that are just there to make quick money.

Training, training, and the training. You will receive the detailed training which is step-by-step training. Both video and written to get you progressing to building a successful business online.

It affordable as well. As well as not only for beginners but also for seasoned veterans as well. It also offers an affiliate plan which is a great bonus too, as you will learn how to make money from it as well.

I suggest you head over to my review of Wealthy Affiliate and read more about it, Wealthy Affiliate Review, or join there FREE Membership and take a thorough look around and decide for yourself.

Best Affiliate For Beginners

I am going to recommend the most popular ones as well as the biggest of the groups. As to keep it simple and less complicated.

Essential Notes On Affiliate Programs Before You Join

  • Never, Never, Never pay to join an affiliate program.
  • These are all free to join.
  • Simple to get up and running.
  • You choose the products and programs to promote.
  • Get paid on time always. Each affiliate program pays differently.
  • Possibility for recurring commissions.
  • Most have good analytics in which you could alter your campaigns with.


Clickbank this is the most popular as well as one of the biggest. It has also been around for a considerable amount of time. This should be comforting to as they should not be going anywhere in the foreseeable future. Recent changes have improved overall website makeover and cleaned up what products they allow to promote at Clickbank. Used to be less than reputable companies and products but now it is very much improved.

Join ClickBank here, to get started and see if it offers anything that you might promote. Along with this and it has a Clickbank University which is great for beginners as well. With many video training tutorials that will definitely help the newbie. Worth a watch for sure.

High commission rates are to be expected as well as a vast line of products and programs to choose from making it a very welcoming place for beginners.

Amazon Associates

This is also a pretty big titan among the affiliate programs out there. Who hasn’t heard of Amazon? Nobody! Brand recognition, as well as the sheer amount of products available, makes Amazon Associates almost a must. It is also pretty widely used by everyone. Its strength resides in that is a very trustworthy brand, and most people are quite comfortable purchasing merchandise from Amazon.

On a personal note, I really like Amazon Associates Program, I think they just do a lot right. As well as the brand recognition. The amount of product in which to promote and sell is just purely astounding.

The unique aspect of the Amazon Associates Program is that sets it apart from other affiliate programs is that if someone clicks on your link for a particular product but ends up buying a different product instead. You will make a commission on that. So as long as you get them there (Amazon Website) and they buy something, you earn a commission. That is a great feature and is not really the case with other affiliate programs.

If you plan on joining Amazon Associates, I highly recommend using their Amazon Associates SiteStripe add-on to your browser for either getting a link, image, or Test+Image all with your specific affiliate code neatly embedded within the code or link. Makes posting to your site fast and painless.

Examples of the SiteStripe features.

To join is pretty simple but make sure you are not violating the terms of Amazon. You can read about it here, Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement. You also have to make a sale within 90 days to remain on the program. Don’t worry if you don’t make a sale, and you can reapply too.

They don’t boost a large commission either, try 4% to 6% commissions on sales. The tracking cookies expire after just 24 hours as well.

I don’t like that they don’t pay through PayPal as they only pay through a check or Amazon gift card.

CJ (aka Commission Junction)

This is another old stalwart that has established itself and has remained relevant for beginners as well as experts. A good solid line of products and programs with tracking and analytics to boot. It is now called CJ, as it used to be called Commission Junction.

This is a well-respected affiliate network and trusted.  Reporting features are pretty good here as well.

A drawback of CJ is the approval of merchandisers is kind of hard sometimes. Some of the more established ones want high traffic volumes, which is not necessarily what many newcomers have to offer. There are still of advertisers to choose from that are beginner friendly.


This is a very up and coming affiliate program. This is very newbie friendly as well. They also have a vast amount of merchants to choose from that will surely have a match for your website or blog.

All of their tools are easy to find and navigate as well. It is all very intuitive as some others are hard to navigate and hard to understand. ShareASale’s site is simple yet powerful, with information readily attainable within a few clicks and simplified for easy navigation.

I really enjoy all their blog it has many helpful tips as this is in their best interest to help their affiliate out.

No, PayPal payment either, payment is by check or direct deposit. With a minimum of $50.00 to receive payment.


There is no shortage of affiliate programs out there, but you would do well to sign up with the well-established names in the market. Keep in mind to be flexible and not lock yourself into one or two affiliate programs, use them all if that is where your niche lies and if it is in your best interest. The harder part is promoting and selling and building content on your website.

So, remember if you need help with being an affiliate to check out Wealthy Affiliate too. I guarantee you’ll improve implementing the knowledge you gain there.


If you have any questions or suggestions, as always would love to hear them. Thanks.


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