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Wealthy Affiliate for India. I got a couple of emails recently about are people able to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate that are from the country of India. To my surprise, I found out some interesting answers to what I thought was a pretty cut and dry questions and answers. I guess I was ignorant, so I thought I would write a short post on the matter addressing the question, to provide information for people looking to join from India and also from anywhere around the world.

Also, I forgot to mention, if you are unfamiliar with Wealthy Affiliate, I suggest you check out my full in-depth review, Wealthy Affiliate Review.

My initial thought was, of course, you can join Wealthy Affiliate, no matter what country you are from, but this was shockingly wrong.

Let’s Try To Clear Things Up Here

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First and Foremost, Wealthy Affiliate is international. There is currently members from every country in the world at Wealthy Affiliate. Truly, making Wealthy Affiliate a global community.

Now, in order to clear things up, we need to know about the membership program at Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has two membership available in order to join.

  1. Free Membership Account – absolutely free to join, limited training available but it’s enough to get you going. If you are not from a banned country, you get the $19.00 off the first month if you sign up with a free member within the first seven days of joining under me. A great savings and a discount for getting your feet wet.
  2. Premium Membership Account – to get access to all the available best training found on the internet, dealing with affiliate marketing, you must pay a monthly fee of $47.00. If you want to get a cheaper plan head over to my page on Concerns & Fears of Joining Wealthy Affiliate. As I break down the cheapest way of getting Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

Now that we know about the membership options at Wealthy Affiliate we can clear things up. Two really import details about joining Wealthy Affiliate.

  • If your from India or for that matter, any country in the world, (except Nigeria) you can join the Premium Membership.
  • If you’re from India or any banned country, you can’t join the Free Membership account.

There are numerous members at Wealthy Affiliate that are premium members that are from India. If you are from a banned country, this is the only legit way of joining Wealthy Affiliate, is to join the Premium membership. There are no restrictions for the paid version(premium) of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the free version of Wealthy Affiliate that is restricted to certain countries. (update: Nigeria is now banned from joining Premium membership as well as the free membership)

So, you will not be able to join Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership if you are from India, but you can join the Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Only the paid version at Wealthy Affiliate, which is the better version anyways, if you ask me.


What Countries Are Banned From Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Currently, there are a total of seven countries that can’t join the Free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. India
  2. Nigeria (update, people from Nigeria are unable to join Premium account as well as the Free membership)
  3. Philippines
  4. Pakistan
  5. Vietnam
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Egypt

Reason Why Certain Countries Cannot Join The Free Membership At Wealthy Affiliatehacking

You might be asking yourself why are these certain countries banned from joining a free membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Well, it’s because of a lot of hacking and cheating from members of those banned countries. High fraud rates, high spamming rates, and unfair gaming of the Wealthy Affiliate system. So, in order to protect their system, they opted to ban the most prolific countries cheating. Can’t really blame them as they are trying to protect what they have built and maintain an honest system.

So if you’re serious about joining for the sole intended purpose of creating a website and business and not gaming a system, you can do so by joining the Premium account available at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’re trying to pay for a premium account and your country (other than Nigeria) is not listed, try to select an adjoining country, your neighbor country and try to sign up that way.

What Types of Payment Will Wealthy Affiliate Accept For Joining Premium?

If you are interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate and wondering, “what form of payment they take?”, as this can be confusing because some countries don’t allow certain types of payments.(like PayPal)

Wealthy Affiliate accepts PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Support My Language?

The amazing thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it supports 100% of any languages in the world. The only problem, however, being, that you will need to understand English to fully understand the training offered as well as connect with people and requesting help. If you are able to understand the English language, then you could learn the training and then apply it and use your native language to create a website, entirely in your native language.

What Do You Need To Join Successfully Join Wealthy Affiliate

Ideally, you would need a laptop or PC for optimally work on your website(s).  You might be able to use some type of Ipad or equivalent, but it with typically be a lot slower due to the lack of a keyboard. But it is not impossible. Also what is needed is a broadband connection to get going.

Well Your Set On Learning Affiliate Marketing And You’re From A Banned Country, Now What?

If your set on learning affiliate marketing and want to join a system that teaches you affiliate marketing and you can’t join due to your country being banned by Wealthy Affiliate, I have a couple of recommendations for you.

Chris Farrell program – This is a good program, second to Wealthy Affiliate of course and a good alternative to Wealthy Affiliate.

Blog Ninja program  – They pay you $1.00, just to join and teach the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. A lesser program but will get you going. You can also read my full reviews here, Is Blog Ninja A Scam? and Does ShoeMoney Work?.


Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic learning and support site and is unmatched in affiliate marketing learning, so I highly recommend you join the premium if you are on the banned country list. You will not be disappointed. Be prepared to work and see your results. I hope this page has helped clear things up for you.


If you have any question or comments, I would love to hear them. Thanks!









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29 Comments on “Wealthy Affiliate For India

  1. Hello , Myself RAJIV ROY from India. I am 60+ of age trying to earn as an Affiliate Marketer from Internet. As India is not allowed to JOIN FREE with WA want to to Premium directly. Please clarify whether I should pay $49 or I am allowed to pay$19 for FIRST MONTH then $49 there after ? Waiting your quick reply mail. Regards.


      • You do get a pretty substantial savings when you pay for the year instead of paying monthly. I pay yearly as this is obviously cheaper than monthly. It is really worth it. You will be making your own money and not for someone else. It is also very rewarding.

  2. Your first month is $19.00, after that it is $49.00 a month. The first month is cheaper. Normally, when you join the free account, you have 7 days to join as a premium member at the discounted price of $19.00. If you want even a cheaper deal, Wealthy Affiliate has a special black Friday sale right now, if you can afford it, for $299.00. It is a substantial savings over the year, it breaks down to $24.92 a month, I highly recommend paying the yearly membership over the month to month. There is 2 days left on the sale.
    I guess people from banned countries do not get the first month at $19.00.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to learn affiliate marketing, I love using it and learning. If you have any more questions please feel free to email or ask here in the comments.
    Sign up for the Premium Membership here.
    The special Black Friday Sale is here.

  3. Hello Dan..!!

    Hope u r doing great.!!

    $3000 in a year is what I earn through my job here in India. But A JOB IS A JOB….. COMMANDED BY OTHERS… R88888888…

    I have seen all the reviews of your blog… NOT MUCH.. ONLY A FEW OF THEM… But coming to the traffic pointofview.. The number of people visiting your site are very verly less… So, Ho w come u r not able to get the traffic..????

    See I am not familiar about this internet thing.. but have lill confusion on that…. Lets make it simple.. I visited your page today n commented.. numbers like that are few….????? Hope u got what I am talking about..

    Now, the main poin.. Honestly writing…. I have been already robbed by some internet thugs in the past… So, I always fear of losing my hard earned money too.. So I am all confused weather the business you are talking about is genuine… or sorry to write.. but.. will u also dissapear like others did.?????

    Its not a big amount to invest but somehow it will effect our monthly fix expenses budget and salary.. PIN TO PIN…..

    I also know the fact that there is no free business in this world.. to gain some u need to give some.. I am a whole POSITIVE GUY… want to just click start.. but on the r8 track this time.. plzzz do guide.

    So, Please do share how can I move ahead.


    Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Raghuveer,
      Hello and welcome. Why do you think I get no traffic? Are you basing this on fact or are you just making this up. I know what I get for traffic through Google Webmaster tools and it is not (very very less). Especially if your not familiar with this “internet thing” why would you comment on my traffic? Just to be clear, I do get traffic, is it enough> it is never enough and this is what drives me.
      Besides all you passive implying negative comments, you are commenting on my traffic and the lack of comments on the one page in which you posted? Let’s keep in mind, you found my page and also just asked a question on that very page.
      I think you should refrain from trying to be difficult and just ask your questions. Your questions are not very clear and definitely have a negative tone to them. I think you are just trying to be cautious.
      Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2008, it is here to stay. I wish you could join the free account to see for yourself but being your country India has a lot of people trying to cheat the system at Wealthy Affiliate they had to ban the country from joining the free membership. I also had the same fears you did but I did my research and a year and two months later, I am still a member and still proudly support Wealthy Affiliate for a way to make money. There are people from all over the world that are members of Wealthy Affiliate,including India, that make money using this system too. Do your research, then decide.
      Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise you the moon or instant success. It takes time and work. This is another reason you know it is completely legitimate. Scam promise instant success and lots of money.
      There is no way to confirm when or at what stage you will make money. To many factors to determine this. Most people start seeing something come in after 6 months to a year or even longer. Keep in mind your building a business from the ground up. It takes time and a lot of work. It cost money too, but the training is top notch.
      In order for you to move ahead I would suggest you do your research, other websites, video reviews of Wealthy Affiliate. Formulate an understanding of the system. Then form an opinion on the subject. If you want to join come back here and click one of the links on my page to join, if you don’t want to join, then just don’t join.
      I hope this helps, if not reply back and I will do my best to help you.

    • Hey Rahul, Yes you can join Wealthy Affiliate. You can join the premium membership found here.
      You can’t join the free membership due to your country is banned from joining the free membership. Any more questions I would be more than glad to help you. Let me know.