How To Start An Online Business Even If You’re Poor

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This post will address the problem of how to start an online business even if you’re poor. I will help you to hurdle this problem and get you to start building your online presence, as quickly as possible and..hopefully, get you making money.

Sometimes making money or stepping out of the social class that is labeled poor, is hard to do, as there are many obstacles, some self-imposed as well as structured in society. But these all must be traversed, and they most certainly can be. What I find so joyful is the mental transformation or the shift in thought process to being just a worker to being an owner.

The responsibility and creative energies associated with that are keys to moving forward and attaining a better life. Where you are the captain of your ship, steering the direction of your business life.

Let’s Deal With The Poor Aspect

Now, this problem is close to my heart as I grew up poor. Growing up poor sucks. Everyone knows your poor by your clothes, to the house you live in growing up. Especially the shoes you wear, determine your social status was growing up as a kid. I grew up with five brothers in one room that was a trailer home. I know poor. Lived it, breathed it, criticised for it, and finally moved past it. You can too, that is the beautiful aspect of the universe, the ability to create what you want. No matter your starting point. The universe is limitless, remember that.

Doors are gateways to another environment. Are you willing to walk through it?

Simply put, if you’re poor, you need to get a job. I don’t mean to seem callous, but this applies to anyone poor. A job at all, a better job, a second job, or maybe even a third job.

Yes, get a freaking job!!! 

If you already have a job and still don’t have enough money, get a second job. This will be strict to help support your online business getting started. You might have to do things you don’t want to do, but the end goal is to attain enough money for your online business. This will lead to financial freedom down the road. This will also impede the amount of time you have for working on your business as well but is the key to going forward.

But also…it will supply you with the necessary income to get you started and up and going with your business. Then thus attaining the time to work on it when you have enough funds to build a business. This will supply a means to an end.

My personal experience, I worked two jobs for over a year, while building two websites. In between working my jobs, every spare moment I had, I invested my time into growing my business. So, it can be done. I was getting up at 3:30 am after getting home from my full-time job at 11:00 pm. Not much sleep, plus it sucked being tired all the time, but I did it. And you can too.

Oh, and by the way, there is no instant success with creating a business and making money. It will take some time. How much time? This varies with each person and situation.

Money Needed?

How much money will I need?

This depends on the arena you want to embark on. The method I want to show you at it’s cheapest will cost you $359.00 a year. This might seem like a lot of money, but you will reap so much from just one year at Wealthy Affiliate. They will teach you how to build a successful online business from the ground up. The correct way!


Wealthy Affiliate, I let the method I want you to use, slip out. I will get into what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you later.

This breaks down to just $29.92 a month. Working only 3 hours at a second job a month at $10.00 an hour could potentially pay for your membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and get premium access for 7 days to check it out.

You can join the Free Starter Membership here. Check it out and see for yourself.

You can also join the Premium Membership here if you just want to jump right into it.

This post is about money, so I am going to show you how to get the most savings at Wealthy Affiliate.

Join the starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate; this is free. You have seven days to determine if you want to upgrade to premium at substantial savings for the first month. The first month will only cost you only $19.00 if you upgrade in the first seven days. Not a bad price for a full month of membership. As the regular monthly payment is $47.00 a month.

Then when you have the full measure of the worth of content and learning platform provided by Wealthy Affiliate at the end of that month, you commit to joining the yearly plan.  This after your first month you pay the year of $359.00 for a full year. Trust me this is so much cheaper than paying the $47.00 a month. Do the math yourself, if you want. You will save a whopping $205.00 in savings, paying the yearly all at once payment. This is how I pay, yearly in one full payment to save money, why not, right?

Paying yearly is a must! You might have to work a couple of months to save enough for it if you don’t have enough money, that is fine…but save your money for the yearly payment.

What To Do Simplified:

  • Mentally and fully commit to starting a business. Be willing to do whatever it takes to become wealthy or no longer poor.
  • Get a job.
  • Get a second job if you already have a job and are still poor.
  • Save for the yearly membership at Wealthy Affiliate. ($359.00)
  • Use the newly acquired money to build your business.
  • Follow the Green Course labeled Certification located at the top left-hand side of the screen. There are two courses in which to embark upon; I personally think the Certification Course is the way to go for new people, this after gaining knowledge from doing both courses. (This is what I recommended for new people)
  • Work, Work, and Work building and creating your business regardless of results, positive or negative.


I don’t like surprising people, and I hope this paragraph leaves you with little understanding of what is expected out of you to become successful. I also find honesty works better than misleading people.

First and foremost, building a business takes time. Accept this and fully understand it, because you are not going to become rich overnight. To create an online business we must lay the foundation, over time and consistently. This will build credibility with the search engines algorithm and slowly build on your website being an authority on the subject (niche) you picked. With this credibility, the search engines will rank your site higher in the rankings of search results, equaling more traffic and in essence more money in your pocket. Great right? This is our primary goal.

WORK. If work scares you, your success will be severely hampered by this. As you must transform your way of thinking and realize that you are the sole creator and builder and if you don’t do the work, nothing will grow. There is a responsibility to this, as well as discipline. Don’t let these stop you, try to embrace this and realize there is a success on the other side if you are willing to transverse these obstacles. I promise you, do the work to the best of your ability, you will succeed.

Writing. You will be writing a lot. That is creating content for your online business. This is majority part of the work I stated above.

The hardest part is working at this and seeing little to no results in the beginning. It might take as little as six months up to 2 years to see results. But results will happen. I saw results in 6 months. It is hard working and seeing nothing. No comments left on your site, no traffic, most important no money. But trust me if you follow the course, it will work in time. I wanted to quit myself, due to lack of results. But I didn’t, and now I am so glad I didn’t quit and you will too.

What Wealthy Affiliate Will Teach You

Now to explain what you’ll learn and what you will be doing once you join.


Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build an online business by using affiliate marketing. It breaks down teaching you how to do this correctly. There is a lot of money to be made in affiliate marketing, with over 3 billion people online, there is no shortage of people online, and btw that number just keeps growing every day. You will be able to pick the name of the website and have the hosting all at Wealthy Affiliate. Everything you need is included and offered at Wealthy Affiliate. It really makes it simple to have it all in one spot.

There are two main courses to choose from, as well as thousands of other training available made by community members to owners.  For the Certification course, which I recommend, you will be picking a particular niche area in which to build a website around. This is something you already enjoy doing or want to do, that is one of the reasons I recommend the Certification. This will also help keep you interested in writing and sharing information about the niche you selected.

They will provide you with all the necessary tools and support to help you flourish. From the owners to the amazingly helpful community are all there to help you succeed. The community at Wealthy Affiliate is a rare thing; you will be hard-pressed to find a better community online. The people are fantastic and oh so helpful.

You can read a more in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate here, Wealthy Affiliate 2017, Legit Money Maker? 

Join Me At Wealthy Affiliate

So, please join me at Wealthy Affiliate and I will help you grow your business as well as help you succeed to become financially more stable. I know WA works, you just have to spend the time and do the work. But what lies on the other side is freedom and growth, both personally and financially.

Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions or comments about Wealthy Affiliate, please feel free to post them below, I will answer them as quick as I can. Thanks!

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