Ways To Make Money In Venezuela

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More Specifically Making Money Online…

Today I want to share with the people of Venezuela of ways to make money in Venezuela. This is the main subject of my website to help people find and prosper online and to explore and learn for myself as well.

I recently noticed while following people on a website I use to make money that numerous people country of origin was from Venezuela. This made me think that people in Venezuela are also looking for online work and a light bulb went off in my head. What that idea was, was to write an article on ways in which people from Venezuela can earn money online. So let’s get into it.

3 Ways To Make Money Online

I choose 3 ways to make money online to highlight here due to everybody has different commitment levels. I have noticed this on my website, from questions and sign-ups. Everybody is in different boats, so to say. So to simplify this and address this I just will highlight three ways in which I leave it up to the reader to decide their own level of commitment. I will start with the highest level of dedication and descend into fewer commitment ways to make money online.

Please do not be afraid of the high commitment suggestions as anyone can do it, I worked when starting out two jobs and still managed to work on my business. It can be done and is worth it. It all depends on you, in the end, be honest with yourself. I will lay out reliable and proven methods, but it’s up to you to make the final decision.

High Commitment – Medium Commitment – Low Commitment

Highest Level Of Commitment But Greatest Opportunity For Wealth

Let’s start with the real serious one, where you will be working for yourself. This is the high commitment one, where it is the most rewarding both financial and the most work and time to invest. Don’t be scared, this is serious and not a get rich quick scheme. Because this takes work and time to build a business.

What business?

Building and creating a website in which to use affiliate marketing. This is a highly effective way to make money and also to work for yourself. Working for yourself and not someone else is essential to making money because you’re not earning profits for someone else but earning profits for yourself.

Okay, now your probably thinking all kinds of questions right now. The critical thing to remember is anybody can do this, as long as you are dedicated.

All the training is covered entirely and not only that but it this system has a fantastic community, people from all over the world. They are so helpful and friendly. A side note here this is why I originally signed up with this company because of its community. It established that this WAS NOT a scam because you can join as a free member and chat and converse with premium members and explore all they have to offer for 7 days. BTW this is what I did, and it was for my betterment in so many ways.

Wealthy Affiliate is the company I am referring to. It is a well-established company where the owners are just a click away for help. They have been around since 2008. Something else you should know is they care…they want you to succeed. Lots of thought went and goes into the layout and courses to teach you affiliate marketing. This is my highest rated site to earn money online because it WORKS! Make no mistake about it, it really works.

I will suggest you read my full in detail review of Wealthy Affiliate here. Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016, Legit Money Maker? If you have any more questions which you might have, you could also take a look under the tab above Getting Started. This deals with concerns and questions pertaining to WA.

Here you will learn effective and proven ways to generate traffic to your site, how to monetize your site and proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Everything is covered, and EVERYBODY can do it.

So I highly suggest you at least sign up for the free account and take a peek around and explore. You will see a lot. I also recommend you fill in a little description of yourself and a picture because people will interact with you more if they see you are a real human. A sad little truth here is lots of people sign up but skip this step and don’t get the interaction of the friendly community. Believe me, the community is where it is at, motivation, help, and mentorship too.

Click Here To Sign Up For The Free Membership

Or If you know you want total immersion

Click Here To Sign Up For The Premium Membership

Medium Commitment

This method is similar to the above method but is less intense. But it still requires work and might be a good precursor to see if you want to go all into the above method of creating and building a website.

This medium method is simply put, is creating videos, either reviewing a product or promoting a product then supplying an affiliate link below in the description. Since YouTube is the giant in the video platform, we will be using it. This will be just a general information on this method of creating money, and more information can be found here, How To Make Money Online Without A Website.

This requires little investment to get started, maybe a webcam or screen capture program to get started making videos. By using YouTube, you essentially bypass owning a website and reap the benefits of YouTube popularity, as YouTube will be your website, so to speak.

So if you don’t have a YouTube account, you need to sign up for one. Then I also want you to sign up with MagicLinks, they are a site that has affiliate programs for millions of products in which you could potentially earn money from. They have just about anything you can think of to promote.

  1. Decide on a general niche or theme. Focus and a specific area. Say like first-person shooter games or golf clubs.
  2. So you find the product you want to promote on MagicLinks.
  3. Make a video talking about, reviewing, highlighting why you like it or don’t.
  4. Upload video to YouTube. Fill out description and post affiliate link at the very top and bottom of description. Then add relevant tags too.
  5. Build your channel out by making more videos. Rinse and repeat.

Low Commitment

Now, this method is easy, and you work when you want however long you wish. This is not a survey site or a Paid To Click (PTC) site, I have explored and worked on these kinds of sites. What I purpose is a less tedious method and all the while helping other people out. When I was talking about before that I see a lot of people from Venezuela. This is the site. Many people from Venezuela use this site and you can too.

Enter Dealspotr

Dealspotr is a site that focuses on having the most up-to-date working sales, deals, and promo codes online. To do this, they pay people from all over the world to find and post any deals, sales or promo codes to business. The pay is much better than survey sites, and you don’t feel like your wasting your life doing it either.

It more rewarding both monetarily and personally, as you are helping other people save money that shop online. The more you contribute and post accurate deals, the higher your accuracy score goes up too. This means you make more for each deal you post.

Click Here To Join Dealspotr Now!

It’s not complicated either, after posting 5 or so deals you will become quite proficient at it. I will post a video I created to walk you through posting a deal here.

I wrote two articles on Dealspotr if you want a more detail approach. My articles are What Is Dealspotr About? And How To Become An Influencer at Dealspotr.


I hope this helps you find a suitable way for you to earn money online. With each level of commitment, there are different levels of income to achieve. The more the commitment, the more future earning potential, the less commitment, the less future earning potential. The decision is yours.

Now go earn!

If you have any questions about these methods or comments please leave them below. Thanks.




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