Is A Scam?

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BeFrugal Review

Name: BeFrugal
Price: Membership is free.
Owners: Jon Lal, founder.
Overall Rank: 7.9 out of 10

BeFrugal Overview

This article is going to be about BeFrugal and is is a scam? Is it worth your time? If you’re looking for a way to save money and be frugal by shopping online, this might be worth your read.

To Start off with BeFrugal is a free coupon, deals, sales, and cashback website. Shoppers can shop through BeFrugal online to find coupons, promo codes, product deals and even print grocery coupons. They boast more than 5,000 stores in which to incur cash back savings. They promise to have the best selection of working coupons, also the best cash back rates and service.

BeFrugal started operating in 2009 by first just offering online coupons. Over the years they have expanded their business to include many features and just keep enriching their customers experience through saving money or just making it more accessible. BeFrugal has a timeline page on their website, and this shows me they care and want to improve above all else.

They have over 50,000 stores which they have coupons and deals for. Along with 500 of the most prominent online stores too.

How To Use BeFrugal

First, you must log in to BeFrugal. If you don’t have an account, it is easy to sign up BeFrugal Sign-Up. Scroll through the available offers to see if anything catches your eyes, then click the reddish button (Get Coupon, Shop Now buttons). Purchase with a store that offers cash back through BeFrugal. Everything should be clearly stated to how much the deal is worth. Then go to Request Payment under My Account to request payment.

  1. Sign-up at BeFrugal
  2. Type into the Search stores, coupons, & deals the name of what you’re looking for.
  3. You can click the Shop Now Button for the advertised % Cash Back or scroll through the online coupons.
  4. Purchase as you normally would.

There is a minimum amount you need to have in your account before you can request payment. That amount is $25.00, and it can take up to 10 business days to receive payment. There are three different ways to receive your money, and they are check, PayPal, or Gift Card. These methods can be chosen at your My Settings page under your BeFrugal account.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  • Click Activity is a super useful feature of this site, it tracks what store, what time, the date, and gives you a click number in order to keep track of your clicks.
  • The offer live chat for support, a nice feature as you can get pretty much an instant answer to questions and they are friendly.
  • Check, PayPal, or Gift Card!!! You have options for receiving payment, and I enjoy seeing multiple ways because everybody is different in the way they want cash.
  • Refer-a-friend program seems generous with a $15.00 for you and $10.00 for your friend for every friend you refer to BeFrugal.
  • Relatively a short turn around on getting credited your cash back from stores. Typically, takes 24 to 48 hours, although some stores might take up to 7 days. All depends on the store.
  • Best Cash Back Rate Guarantee, a nice feature, as they will match it 125% from anywhere else.
  • International users can use the site, probably not the printable coupons though.
  • A nice centralized place for searching for grocery coupons is the Grocery Coupon page. It scours the Internets multiple coupon websites for current offers. Thereby saving you time and making damn convenient.
  • $5.00 credit to you if an online coupon from BeFrugal doesn’t work. Must contact them within 24 hours.
  • All of the well-known stores and restaurants can be found here.
  • Payments are always on time.
  • A healthy collection of printable grocery coupons can be found here.
  • If you are a re-seller, it would be a great way to buy at a lower price.
  • Friendly live chat people. Fast, quick answers too.
  • Sitejabber has an 82% approval rating for BF.

The Bad:

  • Kind of a long wait for payment when requested from them, up to 10 business days.
  • Lots of complaints on 63 at the time of writing this compared to 14 positive reviews. Granted more people will report a problem, than post a positive review.
  • ***Possible***A pretty invasive and controlling BeFrugal Toolbar as reported by Malwarebytes in 2015. They labeled this a browser hijacker. I can’t stand malicious software that changes things without permission. I contacted live chat to ask them they about this they stated that the toolbar has never been a hijacking software and they don’t receive a lot of complaints about it. I don’t know what to believe, but I think I will stay away from downloading and installing it. I have had too many problems in the past and would rather avoid the headache of finding out. The good thing is you don’t have to download it to use the site.
  • High payout limit amount of $25.00.
  • Inactivity fees if your account is dormant for 365 days, they will then charge you $2.00 per month until the balance reaches zero.

BeFrugal Tips

  • If there is a store you love shopping from by all means type it in at the top and then scroll down to Never Miss a deal. Then click the blue Sign Up button, you will be notified whenever any kind of deal is available for that particular store.
  • If you have the Ebates button on Ignore it, especially if you are getting a better deal from BeFrugal. It’s an easy way to quickly compare the percentage savings. If you don’t have the Ebates button, you can read my review here, A Ebates Review or just click here to join Ebates.
  • You can even find weekly ad circular for your local grocery store under Weekly Ads page.
  • If you are going to spend money online you might as well save money where you can, what are you waiting for…Sign up at BeFrugal.
  • To make sure you qualify for all cash back from coupon codes only use the codes you find here and not some other site. As they will be unable to guarantee you the cashback amount
  • BeFrugal Best Cash Back Rate Guarantee – If you can find a better deal anywhere else, they will match it 125%. But you must contact them within a 24 hour period.
  • You can stack your savings, and you can do this by combining the best coupons with the highest Cash Back rates at BeFrugal.
  • Be sure to check out the Deals page many good deals to be had.
Example of signing up for never miss a deal.

BeFrugal Alternatives

Ebates – Is very similar to BeFrugal by saving you money by shopping online. Ebates also has a downloadable toolbar program to make saving while buying online. To read more head on over to my review, A Ebates Review.

Dealspotr – Dealspotr, is just a great website too because you can save money, like BeFrugal, but you can also make money by posting deals, sales, promo codes or just validating those deals too. I highly recommend them. You can make money a lot faster than any survey site. Check out my articles, What Is Dealspotr About? & How To Become An Influencer At Dealspotr.


Mr. Rebates

Who is BeFrugal for?

Excellent question right, well BF is for anyone that shops online and looking to save a little money while doing this. Saving money is easy here, and not much work is required to get those savings, maybe just a few extra clicks. Would be great for that serious online shopper or someone who regularly buys stuff monthly.

BeFrugal Tools & Training

They have one video describing in some of the details about themselves. Along with that, they have pretty substantial FAQ questions and answers, which should answer many a problem.

BeFrugal Support

BeFrugal has two lines of support, email support and live chat, which I might add are all sourced from the good ole USA. I also found a telephone number for BeFrugal (617) 350-7000.

Chat is maned M-F 8:30 – 4:30 ET.

BeFrugal Price

It’s like the air we breathe…free. Enjoy.

My Final Opinion of BeFrugal

For the record, I really like BeFrugal and the services they supply. Which is providing a one-stop place to help you save money while shopping online. They have numerous things going for them and give you options for receiving payment. They as a company seem like they care, from providing the best deals down to minor things, like having native speaking English people on support.

I can’t recommend the BeFrugal toolbar as I don’t know who to believe and I don’t want to go through the headache to find out. But, thankfully you don’t need to install the add-on. BF said it wasn’t a hijacker, but I side on the caution side.

Give it a try, especially if you’re a frequent shopper, you just might be glad you did.

Join BeFrugal Now

BeFrugal at a Glance…

Name: BeFrugal

Owners: Founder is Jon Lal.
Price: Membership is free at BeFrugal, I would hope so with a name with frugal in it.
Overall Scam Rank: 7.9 out of 10


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    • Yes, you can cash out your savings when you reach the predetermined cash out amount, which I think is $10.00. I don’t believe they have games, at least I’ve never seen it. Let me know if I am wrong.

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