Is Gearbubble A Scam?

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GearBubble Review

Name: GearBubble
Price: Free!
Owners: Donald Wilson
Overall Rank: 5 out of 10

GearBubble – Product Overview

Is GearBubble a scam? What the heck is GearBubble? Continue to read my review of a potential income resource and see if you would like to give it a try.

I like exploring different methods as well as different companies, that could possibly generate money for individuals. Let me tell you there is no shortage of companies and methods. New methods are unveiled every day. That being said, I did a bunch of reviews on multiple companies similar to GearBubble, you can read about them here,

This is an amazingly easy to use crowdfunding platform that allows you to design and sell a plethora of different products. When you launch a campaign, you have a limited campaign length. A maximum of 7 days. If you need the campaign to be longer, you can turn on the auto-relaunch in your advanced settings.

gearbubble how it works 1

GearBubble is a site where you can design many different products and then sell the products with zero up-front cost. Once the product sells, GearBubble will deliver it, and you keep the profits. Yeah!

Check out the list of available products below.

  • Coffee Mugs
  • Shirts
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Phone Cases
  • Hats
  • Hoodies
  • Beanies
  • Pillow Cases? okay…
  • Posters
gearbubble products to select
Screenshot of Products that are available at GearBubble.

While you are picking and creating your campaigns, like different colors sizes, and such, it shows the Base Cost along with how much in profit from the sale right next to it. Easy to understand. You can upload your own design, it needs to be a PNG file, btw. Also another helpful hint on your graphics files the background should be transparent.

The image you use can be scaled up or down to fit the size of what you want and/or rotate with Gearbubble to your liking.

Setting The Price

You have the power to determine the amount of money that the item sells for by adjusting the Base Cost and then, in turn, also determining your profit per sale. Which is shown just to the right of the Base Cost box.

Where To Advertise

Probably the best place to advertise is Facebook. You can set up your own product page or fan page, separate from your normal profile. Then using the Facebook ad manager or Facebook Boost to create an ad for your new campaign.

gearbubble icon

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  • GearBubble has an affiliate program that pays a percentage of every sale if you want to promote their site. Although they don’t publicize this fact as they are still working on all the metrics and such.
  • Ships internationally.
  • Have over 10 videos that help you start to get going using GearBubble. I like to learn from video and is a nice feature.
  • The only money you stand to lose is in advertising your campaign. So advertising and marketing are uber important.
  • Analytics to track and monitor the activity of your product.
  • GearBubble has many products to design for, compared to the other competition.
  • An easy way for beginners to get up and running.
  • The option to build your own store. This is free a gives you the ease of having an online site to sell merchandise.
  • Good quality of products available.
  • Some items ship in 1-2 days! Fast shipping!!!
  • No print minimum. After 1 product sells you get paid, unlike other platforms.
  • Customer service is handled by Gear Bubble Current problems with email support!!! Chat Is Working.
  • Good margins.
  • Short Campaigns.
  • Dropshipping.
  • Decent upsells.
  • Some sellers already sold hundreds of thousands in merchandise.
  • Great looking and useful Store Fronts.

The Bad:

  • 12/17/2016 Due to multiple comments about the lack of support, I tried to contact GearBubble as well, and I also receive ZERO SUPPORT! This is very troublesome because when I first reviewed them, their support was working fine. I would stay away until support is back up and available again as if you encounter a problem, there is no method to resolve the issue. Chat is currently responding to questions! No support through email! A telephone number is spotty with support.
  • Not a lot of options to choose from what manufacturer of T-shirts. But the t-shirt quality is decent.
  • Doesn’t allow you the option of using different brands of T-shirts.
  • Even with the easy setup and options, creating the first campaign can be a very daunting and uneasy feeling of committing to.

GearBubble Tips

Read my post, Tips On Designing T-Shirts And Selling Them Online for tips and other useful information.

Creative Market has cheap fonts, textures, brushes and more, which usually comes bundled for extremely cheap prices. If I need something, this is my first stop.

Definitely a must. Take a look.

Mugs get done faster than any other product due to sublimation printing. Way faster than t-shirts.

Come up with three ideas with 3 campaigns. Otherwise, you won’t be able to have your own store.

Mugs you can use an unlimited number of colors as well as Mobile Covers.

You can only upload PNG files.

If your campaign hasn’t sold anything in a couple of days, go back and work on another design.

All of your graphics files should have a transparent background.

Don’t get greedy adjusting your Base Cost. Go to a well know place that sells the items that you plan on selling and compare prices. Amazon is a good place to check.

Fill in the Description, actively catering to your buyer. Enter some sale slogan, for example, get this amazing coffee mug to show the person you love just how much you do love them.

If you are not a good graphic artist but have a killer idea, you can go over to Fiverr and for around $5.00 to $10.00, you can have someone design want you to want to be done graphically.

GearBubble Alternatives

There are quite a few similar companies to GearBubble.

Who is GearBubble for?

Anyone can come up with an excellent idea for a t-shirt or coffee mug or whatever. That is the great thing about GearBubble. You don’t have to be a graphic artist either, and you can pay a small amount to have someone create that for you, as long as you have an idea.

GearBubble Tools & Training

To get started it is highly recommended to begin watching their training videos. They have 10 that covers most of what you need to know in order to begin designing and selling products.

GearBubble Support

Due to recent complaints and my own inquiries, the support at Gearbubble seems severely broke. As I have gotten no response. Please be aware of this!!!! GearBubble has multiple ways of support, probably the easiest is the Live Chat. Very helpful and the Fastest way of getting help is for sure Live Chat.

GearBubble Price

GearBubble is free to sell from but…advertising and marketing are not, this is something separate.

My Final Opinion of GearBubble

Is GearBubble a scam? In my review of Gearbubble, I have found no signs that Gear Bubble is a scam. They are a great way to make money for creative people. Also being a graphic artist would greatly help in the design process, but just as important is coming up with something, either creatively or catchy. The site is free to run campaigns, but the advertising is not. But you can run a Facebook ad for as low as $5.00 a day. It is well worth signing up and I encourage you to start selling products.


GearBubble at a Glance…

Name: GearBubble

Owners: Donald Wilson
Price: Free
Overall Scam Rank: 5 out of 10

VERDICT: LEGIT SCAM due to the overwhelming complaints on support and problems with orders I have changed my rating to Scam for the time being. If Gearbubble gets its stuff together, this could go back to legit.

Hold On, Before You Go…

Look, I know you’re looking to make money online. Why not try building a business around what you love doing? This is a 100% legit way to make money, by owning your own online business. It provides the best training online along with the most helpful and friendly community online, with all the support to get you building your online business. I recommend you read my #1 Recommended Program and sign up to get started today.




























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148 Comments on “Is Gearbubble A Scam?

  1. Not looking to invest. Ordered mugs after the election. Price quoted was $24,90. They charged my bank account $24.90 and another $37.85. I requested a refund and explanation and got nothing. On Facebook another person said the same thing and only go a “submit all info to” Looks like a scam to me…..

    • Sorry to hear about the overcharge. Has this issue been settled yet. Sounds like a glitch to me. Let me know if you ever get your refund back.

      • I ordered a White Inauguration MUG and they sent me some plain BLACK mug. I then was able to chat with a JJ on-line and was told I would be sent the white mug that I ordered. NOW I can’t get anyone to respond to my messages nor have I received my replacement — LOOKS LIKE A TYPICAL SCAM TO ME!! TERRIBLE THING TO DO ESPECIALLY At THIS CHRISTMAS time of the year!!

      • I ordered a mug December 5th all to receive nothing no email reply and nothing in the mail and if my account is overcharged …your company will be sued!!

        • Sorry to hear of your experience, as I am hearing a lot, and I mean a lot of complaints concerning Gearbubble as of late. I would try the chat feature on their site as I personally got a hold of someone last week. Thanks for sharing your experience, even though it is a negative one.

          • I ordered a necklace on December 3 for Christmas and never came can’t get anyone to answer my calls or emails now it seems like my Christmas is going to be messed up I can’t believe how bad this company is is there anything you can do for me

          • Sorry to hear it. I have tried contacting Gearbubble myself in the past, I will try again on your behalf. Lets see if I can get ahold of them…I’ll provide them with your email you provided, if you used a different one let me know.

          • I contacted Gearbubble through their chat session, and I was immediately help. Here is the information supplied.
   – they are currently in transit
   — order summary page
            please be advised all our items are made to order and laser engraved turn around is 12 to 15 business days.
            I would suggest you contact them through the chat session and see if they can help you more.

          • I have a charge on my bank account for $35.98 from gearbubble they don’t show me listed with their company or as a purchaser or anything and they’re not refunding my money I’m going to see if my I can handle it. I usually look up companies too I’m not familiar with this one.

          • That’s always a good idea, to look up a company before purchasing something from them, to give you a general idea of what you are getting into.
            Hopefully, this issue was resolved.

        • I ordered one on Nov. 30th. Same lack of response. Took my money, though. Reporting them as a scam on Facebook and going through Paypal to get my money back!

          • Nola, You might have better luck with going through PayPal, I’ve had good success in the past with them. Hope it turns out for you and thanks for letting other people about your bad experience.

    • yes its scam. if u complain in face book they bloke you no one can see. I also ordered a mug charged me $43 and never received it and no reply to my emails. how can we stop this website. plz Helotes.

      • Fariba, Thanks for sharing your experience. You just made a step to help stop the kind of service Gearbubble gives people, by communicating about it online. I know lots of people have found out about Gearbubble lack of service from this webpage alone. If they don’t deliver as a business, it should be public knowledge. People will go elsewhere eventually.

    • This is a scam. They charged me $297 and now I cannot find anywhere on how to cancel this like they said. I cannot log in to the gearbubble pro to cancel like they said. I can’t find login anywhere.
      They also do not give refunds. I never got mine back.

    • Hey Chris, Confirm email is usually asked for after signing up for any website, they send you a email (that you provided when signing up). They send you an email because they want to make sure and verify that you want to receive information from them and that you are an actual human. So, check whatever email you gave them to find the specific email Gearbublle sent you. Then within that email they provide a link where you need to click or copy and paste that link in a web browser to confirm your membership. It’s rather simple, but tedious, YES!! Hope this helps you, if not let me know I’ll try to help out.

  2. I am very disillusioned with Gearbubble, as I have been emailing them for support for the last several days on four different occasions and I have not received an answer. Their customer service sucks, so how can I trust him with my customers? I Will probably have to go with another print on demand company, even after I did all the work of setting all my product up with them. So I am sorry they do not have my vote so far. How can you even stay in business without telephone customer support?

    • Hey Andrea, I can understand your frustration with all the work you put in and to not be answered by now is pretty ridiculous.
      On their contact page I see they recommend their FAQ page, then email them and lastly to visit their support desk to open a ticket with them. Have you tried opening a ticket with them. You can see it here On this page they even say email is the best way to contact them. Then they don’t respond this is unacceptable. I would open a ticket and see if that works. If this continues to happen I will post in my article about the poor lack of communication and support.
      I have other articles on other print on demand business.
      Teechip – Is Teechip A Scam? They have a actual telephone number.
      ViralStyle – Is Viral Style A Scam? Lots of forms of support but also lots of complaints read comment to see them.
      Teespring – What Is Teespring About? Quick response with chat!

      Hope this helps.

  3. Dan your full of shit this company is nothing but a ripoff they have no live chat I email them 3 damn times and still can’t get them to message me back I also call the them and nothing so don’t tell me they are great

    • Hey Jim, When I wrote this review of Gearbubble, I tested their support and they got back to me fast and chat worked at the time. Now, if in the meantime the level of support has gone down, it doesn’t mean I am full of shit. Things change over time, this is beyond my control, as I only wrote what I knew, I cannot foreseeing the future.
      I have sent a support ticket and a email, if I do not receive response I will downgrade my rating and also note that in Negatives section along with adding to the support section.
      Please keep in mind that various reasons could be happening at GearBubble for this lack of support and refrain from insulting my integrity.
      Thanks for alerting me of this problem, I also got another complaint yesterday for the same reason.
      Take care.

  4. I am also having a problem getting a response. My fault but I accidendtly had the wrong shipping address. I have called and left messages, I have emailed, I got a response that didn’t even seem to relate to what I was talking about. After a day of waiting, I sent another email and told thier their customer service sucked. I Will never use them again, and would higher recommend to everyone to stay away from them. A simple email back or phone call from them doesn’t seem to much to ask. Oh and I have searched and searched. The “live chat” is either bullshit or very well hidden.

    • It sounds like you got a response from an autoresponder, that’s more than I get when I try to contact them. I am unable to find live chat as well, even thought I wrote it. I have contacted them over a week ago and receive no support. I am going to be changing my review of the company. Thanks for letting me know of your problems, as I have been receiving multiple complaints about Gearbubble.

      • There phone number is 888-552-5753. Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm PST. I asked within chat and the lady just gave me the number, hope this helps. Thanks for pointing out where chat is located as it is not the easiest thing to find.

  5. I opened an account about two and a half weeks ago… After 3 days they suspended my account and have not will not return my emails or respond in any way. Today 12-19-16 I was finally able to get thru to the Live chat. But she said there was nothing she could do about it, would not respond to any questions and when I asked for a supervisor or a phone number to call she just ended the chat. My items are still selling and they owe me over $500 at this point but I cannot access my account. I don’t even know why they suspended my account. Although they did close 1 of my campaigns over content. But that’s 1 of over 40 I have going. I would advise anyone looking into them to stay away.

    • Hey Larry, I would maybe try again to contact via chat and see if they will address the situation again. Or try the phone number 888-552-5753. I was giving the response that they are really busy with support right now is the reason for the lack or responding back to people.

          • Dan it has been over 6 WEEKS now and still have not heard from anyone at Gearbubble… No reason for suspending my account or anything.. no replies from the 20 emails I have sent them. Will never answer their phone. They keep advertising my campaigns on there own and they keep selling yet I cannot access my account. They have never paid me 1 cent on this account… I figure they owe me over $600 now with a total of 53 sales. I don’t know what else to do??? Every time I talk to them on their Live Chat they say they will flag it and have them respond. But “Legal” never has. My next action will be with the BBB I hope they can help!!! Any advice?

          • I would keep trying, but you might have to weigh the amount of money they owe you, with the time you spend trying to get it back. If it’s worth it to you, by all means don’t give up. Horrible, their lack of response on dealing with you. I wouldn’t give up on the chat since this seems to be the only way to actually talk to someone there. I would ask chat daily or multiple times a day, for help until they do something. Thee BBB is a good start too, whatever happens you should contact them and file a complaint. Let who ever is in chat that you are talking to the BBB and see what happens. Hope this help. Sorry I don’t have more. Let me know how it turns out.

        • Cancelling your account, continuing to sell your items, refusing to pay you as agreed, I’d say file a complaint with the FBI Cyber Crimes Unit.

          Sounds like a case of fraud, theft and embezzlement (It is your design and stuff they keep selling).

      • You cant get through using the phone number. i’m so pissed they took the money out of my account but never received my coffee cup, no one will call me back, it took forever to get an email. people its a SCAM.

  6. Gearbubble said they shipped my order I waited no package came then after waiting another 5 days my oder was delivered but someone took it. I have been trying to get ahold of someone even live chat is a joke. Gearbubbke can kiss my you know what. I’ll make sure they go out of business. I plan on bashing them on Fb. And anywhere else I can…..!!!!

    • I understand your frustration, it seems to be happening a lot lately people taking packages from people front door. I would also try again contacting them in a day, when you have cooled down a little an approach the situation with a calmer head then again try dealing with them, try the telephone number 888-552-5753 and live chat and see if it is better. If not please repost here again and let us know. There support is pretty shotty right now. Hope this helps Jim.

  7. I’m a former seller on gear bubble and he recently removed me from his Facebook group over some complete BS he was butthurt about. I tried honestly selling through his platform for several months and i didnt make a dime. Someone shared a post from my gear bubble facebook page complaining about not receiving items and wrong items and telling everyone not to buy at gear bubble, so when I posted a screenshot asking about how to deal with it in the group, he came back with some BS about how I can’t give out his location (The state of Kansas), to upset customers which was where I legitimately THOUGHT the company is located. I specifically told him that I tell everyone to email gear bubble directly but he saw my comment to that upset customer and because i gave the location of the state he’s in, which again i thought gear bubble was located, he claimed I was tarnishing his brand. Instead of being professional about it, he acted like a dick and removed me. Now I tell everyone to stay away and I have seen another website with numerous complaints. What a joke that business is.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience so other can read it and possibly help them determine if Gearbubble is right for them. I assume your taking about Donald Wilson, I don’t quite understand why he seems so protective of what state he lives in, that’s a bit weird. Did you have any problems contacting support? Or with any problems with orders(wrong items sent or wrong sizes?) Thanks.

      • What I did was try and sell through his platform and although it didn’t do well, I had no ill intentions towards him. He misunderstood me and through his mis-interpretation of my response to a random customer he lost any confidence I had in selling through him and I will never be associated with that brand again. I didn’t order anything as well, but I have read multiple complaints about orders and even bad comments on some posts from a couple different Facebook pages he created. I really don’t understand why people act the way they do especially when they have a brand they’re trying to grow.

        • It does seem rather puzzling why take the trouble to build a business then neglect what makes it a profitable business. But it happens all the time, I guess. Costumer service is a big one and as well as treating people like how you want to be treated. Thanks for sharing your experience Louis.

  8. I ordered a necklace and have not been able to get a response back.. Two e-mails today no response. I am thinking like many here, scam. Just a new way to rip people off.

    • I have had bad luck of contacting Gearbubble through email as of late, I would try their phone number or live chat. Their phone number is 888-552-5753. Hope this helps John. Let us know if the problem gets resolved as well.

      • Hi Dan, I have tried that phone number many times but it just says they are experiencing a backlog and just hangs up on you.. Did you ever try the number? And did you get to talk to a person?