Is TeeChip A Scam?

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TeeChip Review

Name: TeeChip
Price: Free
Owners: unknown
Overall Rank: 6 out of 10

TeeChip Overview

What is TeeChip? Can you make money selling t-shirts? Is Teechip a scam? In this article about Teechip I will highlight the positives and negatives while giving you a general overview of Teechip.

This is my fourth review of t-shirt companies that you can make money from by designing t-shirts and selling them online. I will list them here:


First off, TeeChip is a screen printing company that allows more flexibility in all aspects of the t-shirt industry.


By giving the power to design, market, sell and let’s not forget about making a profit, this empowers everyday people not just businesses or groups of people. If you have good ideas and good designs you can make money selling t-shirts and TeeChip is one way to help entrepreneurs achieve income. To make some bank for yourself, in other words.

TeeChip generally simplified is, Upload a design, you select products & pricing, promote your campaign, receive the profits, Teechip ships item to the buyer.

Did I mention it’s completely free to start selling? Yep, no upfront investment.

The service is usually called “print-on-demand“. Where TeeChip only prints the products when the item is actually sold. So, they don’t have to hold a lot of inventory of printed products.

So, if your thinking of doing this it allows more time for designing products and also marketing your products, instead of worrying about shipping details. At TeeChip, no minimum order threshold to meet your campaign goal, if you sell just 1 item, that items get printed and delivered. This is most unusual for this type of business, like most places, you must meet a minimum order.

Your selling custom merchandise with NO upfront cost. Keep in mind to reach enough people you are going to need some kind of marketing plan, and this is not free. Most marketing is done on social media, for example, Facebook, Pinterest or whatever.

What Kind Of Merchandise Do They Sell?

  • Shirts – 13 different shirts available
  • Phone Cases – Cases for iPhone and Samsung phones.
  • Mugs – 1 kind of mug, 110z.
  • Posters – 3 different size of posters: 11×17, 16×24, 24×36
Examples of available products

Join TeeChip Now

Why TeeChip?

Well, for starters, try larger profit margins, like 30% to 50% more than other t-shirt companies. They claim they have the largest profit margins on any e-commerce platform.

How do they manage this? From TeeChip’s operational efficiency, and from their vertical integration, and their belief in cheaper prices means better and more business. They also own their own production facilities, which allows them to control costs.

Shipping prices seem pretty cheap good as well. $3.99 for US addresses and $5.99 for international addresses + $1.99 per additional item for both addresses.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  • No need to stock inventory. TeeChip handles this.
  • The TeeChip Mastermind is a wonderful guide to help new and veteran designers generating profits. This is a well put together a comprehensive guide. Take advantage of this!!!!
  • Absolutely no money to start selling at TeeChip, it’s 100% free.
  • Payment is sent via three ways, PayPal, Payoneer, and bank wire transfers. I love options when it comes to the methods of getting paid.
  • No need to ship items. Teechip also handles this, allowing more time for other things like designing and marketing.
  • Provides a website in which to sell your products that you designed.
  • Not a crowdfunding website, where you need to sell a minimum number of items. Sell just one and they print and ship. This is different than other t-shirt companies out there.
  • TeeChip ships anywhere in the world, for a pretty good price, just $5.99 plus 1.99 per additional item internationally. International people welcomed.
  • More than one brand to choose from. example Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, and American Apparel.
  • Why TeeChip? They claim to leave more meat on the bone. Earn 30% to 50% more than other competition does. A serious look at TeeChip is in order if you are looking into this type of business.
  • TeeChip has a production status page, which shows three features of production. Server Uptime, Garments, and Mugs & Cases. Which shows various trailing day averages to see how long it takes for production to finish orders.
  • They have a blog. Which is always a good way to receive additional information about the company and to get ideas. They also have posted in multiple foreign languages.
  • No minimums to sell. A great and unique feature, as most companies have minimums in order to print a run of product.
  • The ability to make your campaign private.
  • Auto-restart campaign option for once your campaign has ended.
  • The ability to offer coupons for your products.
  • TeeChip has an active referral program. Where you can make money referring people to sell products. If you find my page useful, I would greatly appreciate you signing up under me here, TeeChip referral.
  • Gives you a storefront in which to sell.
  • TeeChip has A VIP program for active sellers.

The Bad:

  • Lots of negative reviews online. Wrong item sent poor quality printing, long delivery times. This needs to be considered before joining and selling.
  • As with all companies like this, there are always people using artwork that is not their own and trying to profit off of other people’s work. Even though the company tries to curtail this. This is a massive problem in this field.
  • Only offer a replacement if materially flawed.
  • Highly competitive field. Must be able to turn on a dime and go a different direction.
  • Have a winning design, expect to be copied.
  • Not as many options as some of its competitors. No hats, beanies, different size coffee mugs.
  • Lacks live chat to answer questions fast and efficiently.

TeeChip Tips

A must! To really get started designing t-shirts head on over to Creative Market for cheap graphics that will take your designing to the next level. Not only for cheap graphics and fonts but also you can glean a lot of ideas from examples.

Take a look.

Read my post on Tips for Designing T-Shirts And Selling Them Online for great tips.

If you see your artwork being used on TeeChip’s Website, by all means, contact them and let them know as soon as possible. TeeChip says they will expeditiously remove the infringing content and possibly terminate accounts of repeat infringers.

When you join TeeChip, they send you a welcome email. On there is a link to Teechip Mastermind. This is so helpful, it is a guide to help you get started selling at TeeChip. This is packed full of useful material and should be a mandatory read.

TeeChip prefers vector files to any other kind of file types, but they also accept JPG, PNG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSD, AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, TIF.

They also have a file limit size of 5 MB, with a minimum image resolution of 300×300.

Subscribe to TeeChip’s blog and read it. Get to know the ins and outs of the business. This will help you succeed.

Join TeeChip’s Facebook Group. Discuss and learn tips from other users.

TeeChip Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Teechip below is a few I have reviewed.

Who is TeeChip for?

If you are looking to create and design products and market them effectively, you will do quite well at TeeChip. This kind of business is highly competitive, and the ability to switch directions and strategies is paramount. But people do make money doing this, and the great thing is you can start out small and scale up once you are more familiar with all the little details. You don’t have to be talented in the graphic arts either, as you can pay people (Fiverr) around $5 to $20 bucks to design your idea.

You just bring your desire and marketing skills to the battleground of commerce and hopefully make some money.

TeeChip Tools & Training

TeeChip has your back on this, through their TeeChip Mastermind. It is stocked full of all the information you will need to get you selling products. It’s like a classroom for learning the business. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Find Your Niche – niche ideas, ideas to designs, diving into your niche, identifying your audience.
  • Design Tips – IP guidelines, design 101, hiring a designer.
  • Advertising – Scaling up, social media, email marketing, etc.
  • Advanced – Covers marketing tools, analytic tools, management tools, etc.
  • Success Stories – Everyone needs a little motivation, and this is the spot at TeeChip.

TeeChip Supportteechip-logo

TeeChip has a couple of ways of contacting them.

TeeChip Price

Completely 100% Free

My Final Opinion of TeeChip

Is TeeChip a scam? I don’t think TeeChip is a scam. They have no signs of not paying sellers for products sold, they do have multiple complaints about their products online though. They need to focus more on order fulfillment, and quality of product to ease future customers concern as a quick search on Google will pull up many examples of complaints.

Generally, anyone can design t-shirts, as long as you have a good idea. As you can easily pay someone online via Fiverr to design something for you. With some of the best profit margins offered, you will be hard-pressed to find better. This thereby increases your chances for success.

Bring your creative juices and your competitive nature and earn some money.

Join TeeChip Today!

TeeChip at a Glance…


Name: TeeChip

Owners: unknown
Price: PRICE
Overall Scam Rank: 6 out of 10


Hold On, Before You Go…

If you are looking for a 100% legit way to make money, by owning your own online business. It provides the best training online along with the most helpful and friendly community online, with all the support to get you building your online business. I recommend you read my #1 Recommended Program and sign up to get started today.

If you have any questions or comment pertaining to TeeChip, I would love to hear them. Thanks!






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56 Comments on “Is TeeChip A Scam?

  1. TeeChip is a total scam! Blood sucking parasite. They stole artwork from artists and sell them without permission. They are thieving SOBs who has no regard for intellectual property. They also posted fake positive reviews on TrustPilot and blocked genuine comments on their fake Facebook page when they were exposed of their illegal activity. You are probably in their pocket too if you condone their practice and conclude they are not a scam and have their link on your site.

    • I do not condone stealing intellectual property. I am unaware of any of this, as your post is the first hint at any problem at TeeChip. I have other reviews of print on demand business that get a scam score for horrible customer service (Gearbubble). I am not in their pocket.
      I appreciate your opinion and thanks for bringing it to my attention, if I get more complaints I will check into and downgrade as necessary. I understand your emotional response, it sucks to be stolen from. You did the right thing by posting your complaint here. Thank you.

      • They ripoff consumers and our proud of it! Take a look at consumer complaint sites and Better Business Bureau. Shame on you for not doing your homework

        • As stated in my review, under The Bad, I specifically make reference to this, in fact, it is the first bulleted item. I did my homework, shame on you for not fully reading my review, then commenting on that you did read my review. I do my research as fully as I am able too. I really don’t like the amount of negative reviews surrounding TeeChip and I don’t want people to get burnt buying from negative companies. I feel my rating for TeeChip is higher than it should be, due to this fact. I am lowering my rating on TeeChip.
          Thanks for bringing this to my attention despite you thinking I didn’t mention the amount of negative reviews online, I did. I also try to do my best as I am not perfect.

    • Miranda, I’m afraid you’re mistaken.

      TeeChip and other websites like it do not create designs themselves but simply provide a platform for others to come use and upload their own designs.

      What you’ve experienced is not TeeChip that has stolen intellectual property and used it as their own but an everyday person like you or me who created an account, uploaded a design that was not legally theirs and published it to be sold.

      You can go there yourself and create an account just to test drive the process and see exactly what I’m talking about. Hope that gives you some clarity on it all.

      • Very well said RockyV. It would be almost impossible for any company to regulate every design that is uploaded on their site and being sold. It’s left up to the original creator to contact the company about copyright violations.

    • TeeChip that changed their name to ROCKINTE is a complete SCAM. They do NOT send your products after you pay for them. I complained and they offered to refund $8.60 on a purchase of $85.98. They also sell suspect clothing that appears to be counterfeit such as Under Armour clothing. Fortunately I have family in the DOJ and they are investigating for prosecution now!

    • I just found out they are bootlegging my USTO copyrighted brand, Hot Mix 5. Just terrible.. they apparantly are not checking to see what’s copyrighted before printing and selling copyrighted logos

  2. I ordered a mug 4/13 and so far they say it’s still in the processing mode. WTF? I paid $28 for this mug for my daughter in Tennessee. Was I ripped off? If so, I’ll never purchase online again. I’ll just purchase what I want from a store near me. Thank you for your help and advice.

    • The date you ordered the mug isn’t that far off from today date. Are you able to get a hold of anybody at TeeChip to see when it will be shipped. I would try contacting them and maybe waiting a week more. I am unsure of how long it takes for order fulfillment. Let me know if you ever get the mug. I might suggest using Redbubble, I have order stuff off of there and it arrives pretty fast. Hope this helps, Harry.

  3. Teechip engages in unethical and deceptive behavior. In my case they advertise the product would ship in 3 days. It was ordered on 4/12 and the status still is “processing” On the order status page of their website they offer two methods of communicating with them, live chat or email. I first chose live chat well within their stated hours of operation. Over an hour later, when they were technically closed, there still was no response to my chat request.

    I also used their email link which offered preset options, one of which was order status and another was “other”. There was an advisory stating that it would take up to three to five days for a response to Other.

    I chose order status and later in the day received an email stating my order was “Processing”. This email offered the option of replying with a free form response which I did. I then received and auto reply directing me back to the original email link which only offered the same pre-chosen choices as before.

    It is also interesting to note that on the order status page the latest entry was for 4/18, a Tuesday while the day I was doing the checking was Friday, 4/21. There were no updates for any of the days past Tuesday.

    • Thank Mike for sharing your unfortunately negative experience. This will help others decide if using Teechip is right for them.

  4. The only complaints I can voice is the graphic or design that is shown isn’t always the same quality for the actual product. That only really applies for tee shirts. I also don’t think that they have legitimate licensing for all the graphics that are used. I think Comedy Central with Dethklok, and Capcom resident evil was ripped off. The other issue I have is how long it takes to get a product. I have had both good, and bad experiences with this company. Just my opinion.

    • Tom, thanks for your insight, it is really appreciated. Love hearing back from customers and their experience. I know shirt quality sometimes comes down to what was uploaded by the artist. As sometimes they don’t upload the highest res and once you get the t-shirt your left feeling disappointed.

  5. Absolutely awful! I wish i would of read the reviews before i orders.
    I placed my order on 6/1, received it on 6/14 however, my complaint is not about the timing rather than them sending me the wrong shirt. The design was nothing even close to what i ordered, other than the size and color of the shirt itself.

    I have tried numerous times to get a hold of them only to get even more frustrated.
    1) When you call them, the automated machine asks for an 8 digit order number but the order number i had was a 13 digit order number.
    2) Via email, like another poster mentioned, there is only an “Other” option for the type of reason i was reaching out to them and when they emailed me back, they advice that my order had not shipped. I proceeded to send them a screen shot of the previous delivery email i received from them and they then send me back a second email telling me that they cannot offer return or exchange since their products are printed on demand…. Clearly they avoided to read my initial complaint that they sent me the work art work on the shirt, basically it was NOT what i ordered.

    3) Third email, (mind you all on the same email thread) i got an automated email message telling me that the “Delivery was incomplete” and that the message could not be delivered.

    Coincidentally and right after i placed my order, my bank canceled my debit card and sent me out a brand new one because they received a notification that my card had been “compromised”

    Yeah! its a scam :{

      • I have ordered on three separate occasions over this past year 2016/2017, and although I have waited a few weeks for my orders, they have always arrived and they are well-made t-shirts and the artwork has been flawless. I am normally quite wary when I see negative comments as I don’t like to be pulled into a scam knowingly; however, I never saw any negative comments until I put TeeChip into google and saw “scam” as a suggestion. I am waiting for my 3rd order to arrive as I type. I do not think that the company itself is a scam, but I do think that their practice needs to change its ways based on everyone else’s experiences.

        • It sounds like you have had good experiences with TeeChip, thanks for sharing what you have experienced.. Every company has problems as well as negative comments. Its when the overwhelming amount of comments starts to turn to the majority, that you have to start wondering and being cautious. TeeChip seems like it’s teetering between good and bad.

  6. TeeChip is actually notorious among the artist/designer community as blatantly stealing designs from artists and giving them zero credit or profit.
    Calling them out on it (on their numerous advertising Facebook pages) results in being banned, and your comments deleted, especially if they link to the original artists work.

    An image of the post instructing artists, who have been stolen from, what to do:

    Of course, if they’re following their usual pattern the campaign will be back after 24 hours, rendering your DMCA another nail in your coffin of frustration. Has happened to half a dozen of my colleagues so far, and the only real thing they can do is advise people visiting their actual sites to avoid purchasing anything from them. I’m surprised actual companies (who officially own the characters being printed) have not been involved. I have no idea how they are avoiding legal C&D letters, given the amount of products and number of sites they’re pushing.

    • I love hearing from artist on these kinds of sites. They offer valuable insight into the company standards and policy. As most print on demand companies need to deal with this issue quite a bit, as this is almost an epidemic. As a legit company will handle this manner efficiently. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • Jem, I’m afraid you’re mistaken so I’m going to copy and paste a reply I made to someone on this same post before you here:

      TeeChip and other websites like it do not create designs themselves but simply provide a platform for others to come use and upload their own designs.

      What you’ve experienced is not TeeChip that has stolen intellectual property and used it as their own but an everyday person like you or me who created an account, uploaded a design that was not legally theirs and published it to be sold.

      You can go there yourself and create an account just to test drive the process and see exactly what I’m talking about. Hope that gives you some clarity on it all.

  7. False adertisement and didnt get a refund. They lied to customers and then told them they cant get their money back.
    Who does that??? Stay away from these people. Annnd there is no phone number. Its all by email.

    Im out money and have a cheaply make piece of junk.

    Today Im going to as many websites to write negative reviews.

  8. I ordered from them and the product came in 10 days and was perfect. The only thing i thought odd (and how I found this site) is that I thought I was ordering from a designer (got an IG advertisement and loved the design… didnt have a Teechip handle but I dont remember the name of the account to save my life…) but the name of that designer is nowhere to be found on any of the teechip emails I received. If there is a designer involved Teechip is NOT giving them any advertising whatsoever. I wanted to link to the social media so others might order the awesome sweatshirt I got but I’m not sure if there is any real designer involved. Intersting indeed.

    • You might want to search here for the design here, instead of the designer. Maybe you can find it that way, instead of by looking for the designer. This should be easier for designers to get helpful repostings on social media from happy customers. Hope this helps you Merrian!

  9. Still waiting to receive the jumper which was sent back in July! Considering it’s now December… yet the original jumper is still available.
    Every time I try to track the order it tells me it’s the wrong number!! Out nearly $50 Aus. ????

    • Hey Kylie,
      Have you tried contacting them through all the usually means, email, phone number, chat, etc? That is a really long time to wait!

        • No, I am not paid or was paid from writing a review about this company. I am an affiliate though. Why must people always go to accusing people of something instead of relating to their own personal experience? And leaving the assuming out of it.
          I am not a paid troll, I research and write reviews. I am an affiliate of Teechip and have made next to nothing from affiliate marketing reviewing this company. So, you can’t be farther than the truth.
          Good day.

  10. Explain then why Teechip, they have been printing my Artwork without any credit or permission and I have reported the situation several times with them and they do not even reply to me.I will tell you why;
    Because obviously they are the ones behind the whole criminal operation from stealing the artwork, to creating the fake Facebook groups like “Star Wars Lovers” paying for ads and printing and shipping the stolen artwork.
    That is why, I would not be surprise that those here endorsing Teechip and their criminal practices are affiliated somehow with it.

    • Not everyone that endorses TeeChip is endorsing stealing other artists work. I know I don’t. One criteria for a company legitimacy is determined by how they deal with the problem of stealing artwork. I can’t speak for Teechip but I imagine they are probably overwhelmed with this type of issues or are turning a blind eye to it. How long has it been since you contacted them? Sometimes it takes weeks to get a reply. It’s an almost impossible task to police all of the t-shirt companies and their artwork. An even bigger task for a artist trying to protect his artwork. I know a couple of great companies, like Redbubble and Motefee, take this very seriously and I rate them higher for this aspect.

  11. It’s really exposing when I see “Black Panther the Movie” fb sponsored page, and it is nowhere near affiliated with Marvel or the cross over, Hello Kitty. They have to be swimming in c&d letters. The point is, their staff is helping them promote it. They are not innocent in all this. To that moronic person commenting ” what you have experienced…” Copy and paste ridiculous, if you don’t want your company to fail, there has to be oversight. They have to be held accountable. They are responsible for this platform. Let’s not get into all my friends whose art has been ripped off, the licensing alone is savage. I constantly get erased from their comments becuase I tag Marvel, or Hello Kitty, becuase of the blatancy. Staff siffs through those comments, either reposting the link,and deleting the negative comments. Look, back to that, “what you have experienced..” poster above, they pay staff. They have servers that house that art to print, I know the whole process start to finish. They are in possession of illegally altered licensed artwork, and they will be sued to death. They money off of the art. It’s gross negligence at the least.

    • Thanks for the information Natti! Also for sharing your experience, hopefully, more people will see this and possibly avoid this company due to their practices of dealing with copywrite infringement.

  12. My mother received a shirt she didn’t order, was told they didn’t take returns. Here’s my problem with this transaction, she didn’t order they shirt and Teechip had her credit card number. I’m concerned Teechip is more than a scam artist company.

  13. I ordered Green Bichon Frise Tshirt from Teechip, and it arrived but was soiled all over it, so i emailed them and they sent another one out with exactly the same marks in the same places, so it must be a printing problem with the machines, but still no excuse for sending out soiled Tshirts.
    I have just emailed them again today asking for my money back, but i wont hold my breath.

    • It might be a printing problem but it could be part of the artist’s design, unintentionally or intentionally. I would try to contact the artist and see if it is part of the design.
      Hope you get your money back, let me know.

  14. I don’t understand all the negative buyers’ comments here. I bought a tee shirt on line (obviously) in Edinburgh Scotland and my chosen tee shirt arrived on time. It was exactly what I ordered and I have no complaints. Was I just lucky??

    • No, I am sure plenty of people have had very positive experiences on TeeChip, it just way more likely to hear from the negative experiences. As people want to voice their experiences when they feel wronged, as opposed to a great experience.
      Thank you for sharing your positive experience, it good to hear.

      • Would love to hear a more detailed response as to why TeeChip is a scam. This could help people avoid this company in the future.

  15. TeeChip is a rip off! Ordered a quantity one shirt, the order was changed to two when I received the purchase acknowledgement, I was charged for two and they refused to correct the order. I made the correction within minutes of receiving the email but they said it was already being printed! Does ANYONE believe that??? Buyer beware.

  16. Thank you for the article which was well written. I would like to share my experience with this company.

    I have a small shop on Etsy, and am a one person “operation.” I create custom figurines. One of my past customers contacted me to let me know she had seen a photo of one of my figurines used on a phone case on Teechip. I checked the link she sent and, indeed, someone had taken the photo from my listing and used the image on a phone case on Teechip.

    I contacted the company, but have had no response. I understand that the company cannot be expected to research every product idea, but when an obvious copyright violation is brought to their attention, it is their responsibility to follow through which, in this case, they have not done. From what I have read online from others, this is a common practice for this company which, by its inaction, is an accomplice in the violation of copyright law.

    • If you’re looking for a company that protects copywriter ownership I highly recommend Redbubble. They are very aggressive with protecting copyrights.
      As far as TeeChip, I would just continue to try and contact someone there to help.

  17. I placed an order on 04/13/20 for two masks which I was charged for and I have yet to receive them.

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