How To Write Compelling Blog Posts

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How To WriteCompelling Blog Posts

Writing Like A Boss

With every activity in the world, there is some secret or skill behind doing that activity better.

Whether it is skiing, gardening or writing compelling blog posts. We are all not experts in every possible field, or maybe never will be, but…we can improve our skills to a respected level and enjoy the outcome of this newly attained skill. Just like sharpening a blade, you first must sharpen it, and then you hone the blade to finish it off correctly. This step usually gets missed btw and is a very crucial step. By stropping the blade we further refine the edge of the blade, this is also called honing. Without this honing, the blade quickly becomes dull. With honing the blade becomes sharper and stays sharper for longer. Thereby, needing sharpening a lot less.

This is the point of writing a compelling blog post and honing an edge. Just applying these little steps to fully complete your blog post to be the most effective it can possibly be, like honing a blade.

Remain A Human

View of the Remote Manipulator System (RMS) end effector over an Earth limb with a solar starburst pattern behind it

It seems kinda dumb to say or even write this butwrite as a human!!

For example, not as a blogging robot, typing the most technical way you can. We as humans have emotions and thus need to read materials that evoke an emotion.

What did you say?

No shit, Sherlock.

No, no, no, hear me out.

Remember reading those dry textbooks in school, that was written like a computer coder wrote them. No personality, no humor, and no fun. They were so technical you had to read that sentence like five times to fully understand it. Well, who likes reading that type of material for fun? NO ONE DOES! It’s freaking boring!

That reminds me of a story…wrestling

I remember watching professional wrestling on TV back in when I was in grade school, particularly AWA wrestling. It had a smaller venue and smaller crowds, than what you see on TV now. I think ESPN used to broadcast it on TV.

Well anyways, whenever a boring match was taking place, some guy in the crowd would start chanting, BORING, BORING, BORING.

Usually, the fattest guy at the event would start the chant for some reason, and it could easily be heard by everyone, including the people listening at home on their TVs. I felt split like Yin and Yang. This evoked out of me sometimes laughter and sometimes feeling sorry for the wrasslers. Usually, when I laughed, I totally agreed with the situation, because it expressed how I felt.  Sometimes the whole crowd got into it, chanting, Boring Boring Boring. I always felt bad for the guys wrestling, but the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Why were people chanting? Because they had lost connection to the crowd and thus received the dreaded boring chant. This is what happens when you write with no humanity. People disconnect and click off of your page. Silently saying in their own head this is boring. Maybe you’re saying it now, to yourself, at least I hope not. (self-deprecating habit)

You want to write, like your talking to your pal. Refrain from being like an instructions booklet, so go out on a limb and try to be fun or just add your personality. So, don’t turn into a robot when you are writing, just remain yourself. I think we all assume a different persona when we write, some for the good and some for the bad. I think the more comfortable you are with writing, the more of your personality comes out. This is usually can be attained by simply writing more. So, please remain a human for your reader’s sake.

Story Time

Opening up and sharing a personal experience is more entertaining than spouting paragraphs of bland humdrum information. As I did above referencing a story I had that involved keeping your story booksaudience engaged. Every one of us, have very unique stories to share that are interesting. Sometimes, it’s just hard to recall them at the time of writing them. When writing some ideas are just birthed at that particular moment, and other are well thought out. Just be open to both methods.

Sharing a story also goes back to being a human as people find you relatable. Hopefully, it also draws out some kind of emotion from the people reading your story, and this would be the goal of sharing a story.

An Amazing Title

No need to re-invent the wheel.

Why am I bring up this is because titles are everywhere to see and steal? Steal? Yes, Steal.

Nobody owns a copyrighted title. People have been “borrowing” attention-grabbing headlines for hundreds of years. This is the one case where stealing is okay. Find what works for you and then use that title or slightly modify that title to suit your current blog. So pay attention when your browsing through websites, social media or even magazines. There is nothing new under the sun and why spend the time thinking of them when they are already in physical form. You should be making a list of titles that catch your eye and make you click on them or just catch your eye.

Sometimes it’s even possible for that phrase to have no competition when doing keyword research.

I’ll give you a couple of examples:

  • How To fill in the blank – for example: How To Start Making Money Online Today!
  • Any Number to do Anything – for example 36 Steps To Making A Good Kung-Fu Movie.
  • Real Attention Grabbers – for example CAUTION [Blank], Worlds Best [Blank], Why This [blank] Is Shit, Warning: Eating A Low Fat Diet Makes You Fat!


A great keyword tool is Jaaxy. If you never heard of Jaaxy, it’s a great keyword finder to help get traffic to your site by finding low competition keywords and then using them. To take Jaaxy around the block for a spin and kick the tires, they give you 30 FREE Keyword searches, to see how great this tool is. I use this every day to find low competition keywords. I just love it, and I think you will too, once you familiarize with Jaaxy.

Practice Like A Boss

The best way write compelling blog post is to take the above strategies and implement them consistently. Like, say 2 to 3 posts a week, making sure to do all or at least some of the recommended suggestions above with each post. Slowly over time your “compellingness,” yes I made that word up, will improve and you should over time see an increase in traffic. Do in part directly to your writing compelling blogs. It shouldn’t feel like practice, and you should be doing this because of your inner drive. The less it feels like practice, the better you are becoming a captivating writer. So don’t be afraid of failing, be afraid of not trying.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about writing compelling blogs, would love to hear them. Thanks!


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