What Is Wealthy Affiliate And Is It A Scam?

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What is Wealthy Affiliate and is it a scam? Have you ever loved a particular product or service and wanted to share how well it works with family and friends?

I think we all have at some point in our lives found that amazing product to spread by word of mouth. Well, yes…this is one of those cases here. How many people waste their time and money on scams every year? Millions or Billions probably. Why is it we want the get rich fast and overnight and believe the newest hyped scam?

I believe it’s part of being a human, to try and do things easier and efficiently, with the allure of the pulse stimulating cash, it makes it irresistible. That’s why so many people fall for get rich quick schemes. Less work is very appealing to everyone. Well, put this into your mind, maybe the path to money isn’t fast and easy.

A Method That Works!

I want to share with you, a system that is definitely a proven way of earning real money online.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t work overnight but wait…don’t leave, because it not fast, hang on a second, because you will be missing out in the long run and at a legitimate opportunity. This isn’t the flash in the pan scam.

This system entails doing the work consistently and over time making money. If you are tired of chasing that next scam or done wasting your money on false hope, then you have arrived at your scam-free money earner destination.

If you want to chase that next get rich scheme, go pursue it and then come back here when you are done with it. You’ll have something to write about when you come back and start using Wealthy Affiliate. I find it rewarding when I review a scam and publicly announce that they are a scam. Thereby helping the next person avoid that scam, it’s rewarding. I won’t begrudge you because I’ve been taken by scams myself, tempted with how quick and easy it seems.

My wife reminds me every once in and while of the scam that took me. This serves me in reminding me of being diligent in avoiding the next fraud by researching what is all involved thoroughly before jumping in.

The Heavens Parted And There Appeared…wa 1

This brings us back to what is Wealthy Affiliate? Well, if you take my word for it, we know it’s not a scam. Probably the most important fact there is to know before joining them. It’s been around since 2005 and with over 500,000 members.

Wealthy Affiliate is also an online community. It is probably the best online community for making money in the world. It is so easy to network with Wealthy Affiliate. People help you out, and you try and help them back, that is what makes this community the best in the world. They have people from all over the world too.

When I first learned of Wealthy Affiliate, I was leery. Remember, I’ve been burnt before. So what I first did was sign up for the free membership, remember no Credit Card info to sign up for the free account. Through checking out the community through Wealthy Affiliates Free Membership, which gives you all access to the Premium Membership for the first seven days of joining. I test drove Wealthy Affiliate for them seven days. I looked around. I type in the search field all the questions I had. I investigated thoroughly.

What did I find? I found a large community and in the community, honesty. With that many people (over 500,000) and seven days, I would have found out it was a scam. People have ways of telling you if you read between the lines. I found no negativity. Just great people, a great structured system to easily learn from. I thereby sign up for premium right before my seven days were up. I haven’t regretted it since.

I recommend you do the same, test drive it, kick the tires, and see for yourself. But come back here and leave a comment here telling us what you found. Why? To help other people on the fence about deciding, to help me establish my honesty as well.  I also address my Concerns and Fears of Joining Wealthy Affiliate in a post, which I think might be helpful if hesitant.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training course as well. This is the meat and potatoes of Wealthy Affiliate. This is where you are taught proven effective affiliate marketing techniques. The courses are step-by-step and easy to understand and implement. You start with the basics and work your way up. You can read my full in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate.

So what are you doing to make money at Wealthy Affiliate? Your going to be making a website and implementing affiliate marketing into that website to generate income. Does it work? Yes! As I said earlier, it takes time and effort, but it does work.

Another remarkable thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the support. If you’re having a problem with your site, you get fast support. If you have questions you can either ask on chat, ask a question to the community or the owners. Yes, the owners do answer you back and within usually 24 hours.

If you wish to avoid the scams and start building & creating your own business I highly recommend you join and see for yourself.


Also if you need help or have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate, please ask below, and I will try and help you. Thanks.


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