Why You Should Go Premium at Wealthy Affiliate

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Premium Membership? Why? When You have a Free Membership

So you probably have already joined Wealthy Affiliate and have free membership and wondering why you should go premium there. Well, I cover a lot of Wealthy Affiliate in my Getting Started tab above.

But to get a real overview of Wealthy Affiliate I recommend you read my review Wealthy Affiliate Review here. I devote much time to Wealthy Affiliate because it is my #1 recommended way to make money online. I haven’t found anything better yet. If I think WA is the best out there, of course, you are going to benefit from joining the premium membership.

Maybe you are new to Wealthy Affiliate, and I need first to address if someone wants to join Wealthy Affiliate and how to do that. I don’t suggest you go straight to the Premium membership because you should join the free membership and have a look around, get familiar with the site, investigate whether it is a scam or not for yourself, see what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, talk with other members, ask questions, generally find out more about Wealthy Affiliate. If you do go premium right away, that’s cool too.

My Experience & Taking Advantage Of The 7 Days

I first joined as a free member and examined as much as I could in seven days. Why seven days? Because you have Premium Access to everything on the Wealthy Affiliate Site for seven days once you join the free membership. It is a free limited window into the premium membership. WA does this to be truly transparent, and hide nothing. Take advantage of this, to see if it is a true fit for you. Don’t just take my word for it, especially if you can have a look for yourself and determine that decision by what you see. Explore, chat, communicate with the owners (yes, you can communicate with the owners here) You won’t see this elsewhere with other programs online.

Possible questions to ask in chat to help you determine if the premium is worth it during your initial seven free premium days. You should jump into chat and ask away.

  • Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?wa-logo
  • Can you make money at WA?
  • How long does it take to start making money?
  • How many websites can I have at Wealthy Affiliate?
  • Is going premium worth it?

Premium Membership Is The Answer

Now, that is out of the way, let’s address why you should go premium.

With the free membership, you have limited access. (some of the limitations are limited training, you only get course 1 up to lesson 10, no chat, and none of the premium training videos which are quite extensive.) This free membership is designed and set up to realize the potential and features of the premium membership. It essentially gets your feet wet at Wealthy Affiliate.

With the premium membership, you will have zero limitations. All-access. The training, the community, the communications.

  • You can chat, private message, leave feedback on someone’s profile page. You’re able to effectively network with the Wealthy Affiliate Community, that are experienced and that makes money online. The community shouldn’t be overlooked as it is truly unique and probably the most powerful tool.
  • Free Hosting
  • Unlimited premium domain websites. Once you establish a successful online site, you can build another one and another one. Imagine the possibilities. (Keynote: do one at a time, can be very overwhelming to do more than one, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing and creating content.)
  • Training – This is the best there is online. You won’t find a better platform.
  • Live Weekly Webinars – Jay has some very insightful and weekly video lessons. If you can’t make it for the live part, don’t worry it is posted on the site afterward. They also alert you what the topic is beforehand. This really keeps the information new and relevant. New techniques in an ever-changing field.
  • Keyword Tool – A useful keyword tool to find low competition keywords that help drive traffic to your site.
  • Training Classrooms
  • Step by Step Learning- This is so helpful, especially to newbies. It gives you clear direction and gets you progressing painlessly and in a timely manner.
  • Amazing 7 days a week personal support

graph of wealthy affiliate benefits

Why IF Your Going Premium, You Should Pay Yearly?

To simply answer that would be to save money. How much money can you save at Wealthy Affiliate by going yearly? Quite a bit.

My experience was I love Wealthy Affiliate and what it teaches me, but it’s a lot of money to me at the time. I thought there is got to be a way to get this cheaper and there is. Going Premium and paying yearly! Almost half of what you pay for the monthly.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership = Free (limited)
  • Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Monthly = $49.00
  • Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Yearly = $348.00 for the year or to break it down monthly to just $29.00 month.

Second, it would be a commitment on your part to invest your time and money in yourself and your business. If there is anybody in the world, you should invest in it’s yourself.

Then to take stock after that one year and see if you want to continue. I’ll bet you that once you start seeing the success, you will want to stay for another year and then another year and so on.

There Should Be No Reason Why You Should Quit Wealthy Affiliate

A pretty bold statement but it’s the truth. Especially after a year of you building your site, granted it takes some people longer to see results, but it works. You will be pulling in money, and it’s just a matter of scaling it up. I don’t ever plan on quitting to be truthful. It is working for me so why would I leave something that works.

The Hardest Time Is Going To Be Within Your First Year For Sure!


Because you’ll have times when you’re working hard with no seen benefits or rewards that seem apparent at that moment. But, don’t let yourself be fooled by putting in all this hard work and thinking it is pointless. Because it is not pointless. Every single affiliate marketer goes through this, take comfort in this fact, and just keep bulldozing your way forward.

Rewards and Benefits come later.

You are trusting the Wealthy Affiliate community and the owners and the Wealthy Affiliate system without seeing the results for yourself. But when you do see results, you’ll be comforted, and less doubt will be running through your head. Doubt will be replaced by confidence eventually.

What you are doing now pays dividends later down the road. Just always do your best, and you will be fine.

I felt like quitting myself, but I thought of my alternatives, having a second job. Early 3:30 am wake-ups and dealing with controlling people (this was the worst part, btw). My whole essence of my person, soul, body, and mind revolted, telling me to do something else. I stuck out that second job for eight months while working on my website as much as I could while working full-time as well. I was getting 3 hours of sleep a night three nights a week while working two physically demanding jobs. It was one of the hardest things I have done, but I did it. I used my second job as a motivator to get my ass going on my business, and it worked. I quit that second job and haven’t looked back since.

Find some motivation either positive or negative to drive you to succeed. Always going forward.

Missed Opportunity

Let me let you in on some cold hard facts. Most people that join Wealthy Affiliate free membership, never get past just visiting the site and setting up a no-name account. They never even fill out a little information about themselves and upload a picture on their profile page.

Maybe they were turned off by something or just curious and wanted to check it out. But a very few (a small percentage) actually see the true potential of joining Wealthy Affiliate premium membership. Maybe it’s the amount of work involved or the amount of time need to be successful. Or perhaps it’s fear, maybe fear of committing, fear of failing, or fear of learning something new.

This is so shocking to me!!!!


Because I have looked for years for something that was legit and actually worked. A business where I was the boss, and they trained you how to make money. I went through scams and time-wasters. I had given up when I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. I thought what the hell, I’ll check it out, just to see.

I was surprised I had finally found it. I REALLY FOUND IT THIS TIME! I felt alive again. All I have to do is do the work. Okay, done.

It took me years of stumbling around to find a program that is proven to work.

You can read more about my personal experience here Concerns & Fears Of Joining Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe you can relate to my fears and be comforted after you read them. For example, I am an introvert and hated the idea of revealing any information about myself online. I pushed through this personal barrier, and I am better for it.

It was simply, fear. Fear is a tough fucker. Kick fear in the nuts and move past it! Fear stops so many people from becoming better. I know all too well, but once it is overcome, it is freeing. So don’t let yourself become one of those nameless members grab hold of this opportunity and succeed. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself and if it doesn’t work report it here in my comment section below.

If you join under me, I will be there to welcome you and support you. If I don’t have the answers, I will help you find them. You won’t be alone, stuck on a lesson or question with nowhere to go.

This is an amazing platform with an even more amazing community of helpful people. Find out for yourself.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

Join Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

If you have any questions about joining Wealthy Affiliate or want to make a comment, I welcome all communications. Thanks!





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