Is instaGC A Scam?

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Is instagc a scam_

instaGC Review

Name: instaGC
Price: Free
Owners: Day Online Solutions, LLC
Overall Rank: 7.5 out of 10

instaGC – Product Overview

Is instaGC A Scam? Does instaGC work? In this review, I will be taking a more detailed look at another survey site, compared to my quick review of instaGC I did at my Earn Money From Home page. Besides their weird use of capitalization, instaGC is a survey site or a what is called a GPT (Get Paid To) site. Where you get paid to perform micro jobs like surveys, watch videos, calling and speaking on the phone, listening to online radio, visiting websites, testing apps or games, clicking, offers, shopping, tasks, and trials. The site is very clean and comfortable to navigate unlike some of its competitors.

instaGC stands for “instant gift card“. It’s kind of a misnomer because they do pay you in gift cards, but you can also redeem points for PayPal payment in cash but with a catch. That is after you receive an equivalent of $50.00 in gift cards, first, then you can earn money from PayPal. So, I prefer PayPal unless I’m buying something expensive at the moment.They also can pay via eCheck and direct deposit, but a small fee of various points will be subtracted from your points.


instaGC has distributed over 700,000 gift cards to date. That’s a boatload, which means many people use this site. Which makes it kinda popular and trustworthy. With over 290 stores from which you can receive a gift card to, you surely won’t be at a loss to use it somewhere. I like using it for Amazon purchases since I shop there a ton.

So instaGC has a points system, which is easy enough to understand. Basically, for every 100 points you have is $1.00. It’s a lot like if you own pennies and how much they are worth in terms of dollars.

1 point = $ 000.01
10 points = $ 000.10
100 points = $ 001.00
1,000 points = $ 010.00
10,000 points = $ 100.00

You can rack up to $500.00 in one gift card if you choose. A side note here, the first time you want to redeem a gift card, you must verify from a one time phone call or text. The great thing about the gift cards is that they are instant, ready to use. Also, gift cards are not mailed only digital and electronically sent.

So, how much can you expect to earn daily at instaGC, it’s kinda up to you, on how much effort and time you want to invest. instaGC claims some members earn up to 2,000 points a day. I would set a more attainable point goal than that say around 400 or 500 if you’re committed.

Start Earning

To start earning you just need first need an account, if you don’t have one you can create one here instagGC Create Account then click on the instaGC at the top left or the Earn button just right of it. There it will take you to the instaGC Wall. The wall is where instaGC list providers as well as available task above the wall if you want to do a various task, like Clicks or Videos. This makes it easier to find what you like or willing to do to earn points. Like if you just like watching videos or clicks.

The best way to determine what you are willing to do is by doing it all. Explore every offer and provider to see what you like to do. Then do that and earn. You’ll find you won’t want to do a certain task but others you are willing to do.

instagc wall example
#1 is the list of tasks available #2 is the list of providers

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  • Multiple ways of earning points. Surveys, Point Booster Codes, Watching Videos, Receiving phone calls, shopping, tasks, etc… Me personally, I like doing the obtuse clicking on videos at adbistro.
  • An excellent option at instaGC is users can create their own Point Booster Codes to promote whatever they want or just to share the love. As an example, See Below Free Point Booster Code from Me, where I’ll give away 20 – 10 point codes to the first 20 people. Keep in mind, if you decide to do this, the points will come off your points total. If you are interested, this can be done at  Manage Point Booster Codes. Just enter the name of the code the points per use and the number of uses. Then Click Create point booster code and then share wherever. Codes can range from here from 1 point on up to whatever you want to give away.
  • Ticker – This handy running box on the left-hand side of the screen, shows what current members have completed earning points. It’s a great way to see what people are doing as it’s usually the best ones and high paying and easiest. It shows the points and the number of users that got credited.
  • The option to use a mobile version for increased ways to earn points.
  • Has a goal setter on the right-hand side of the screen, to help keep you motivated to keep earning.
  • Opened to the whole globe so that everyone can join and earn.
  • instaGC has a referral program if you like this review, please register by clicking my Register instaGC link. As to support my website. Earn 10% of you what your referral earns.
  • Certain surveys you receive at least 1 point if you are disqualified.
  • Allows youngster 13 and up to join with parents permission. A great way to start making money online.

The Bad:

  • Long surveys – some as long as 45 minutes to complete. Have to determine if it’s worth your time for the number of points received.
  • It seems to be ubiquitous, that sometimes surveys are not credited to you, which after spending a considerable amount of time doing them, to find out you weren’t giving anything for completing the survey. This absolutely sucks, but it’s pretty standard for survey sites as their verify software is anything but perfect. But this doesn’t’ happen all the time.
  • I had a hard time finding the About page at instaGC. Which is counterproductive as it has valuable lessons and guides to help better understand the site. This should be listed on the bottom of every page so it can be found easily.
  • Offers tend to run out on some providers more than others, which means they limit their offers to a finite number for the day and once they have gone their gone til they reload more offers.
  • If you give them your email you use regularly for registering for surveys, expect tons of spam or emails from companies that support instaGC. See instaGC Tips below.

instaGC Tips

Great & Easy way to earn points! Point Booster Codes
  • The #1 tip for all survey sites is clear your cookies and cache after every credited survey. Practice this religiously or suffer the consequences, of losing valuable time. They have programs that make this easy. Like CCleaner.
  • If your doing something like watching videos for points, like adbistro or Volume 11, by all means, you should be multi-tasking, while doing these. Don’t waste your time, by just watching videos. Understand your time is very valuable and worth more than they pay you for the 1 minute and 30 seconds to watch three videos. If you have a second or third monitor put it on the monitor your not using and put the browser on that monitor and have it run there. Then click when needed on the video screen, such as NEXT, Start or Watch more as you work productively on something more important, while the video runs in the background. This is a great way to multi-task and earn money while doing it. If you are working steadily and in the flow on more important work, as I write for this website for example, don’t stop writing just because the 30 seconds are up. When in the flow don’t break it. Treat it as a secondary important task, not as a first important task. Keep it in perspective.
  • Use the Point Booster Codes – instaGC postcodes quite regularly, and this is a great way to rack up points with very minimal work. Point Booster Codes can be found on instaGC Twitter page, instaGC Facebook page, or my page located here instaGC Booster Codes. Points can range anywhere from 1 up to 10 points per code, they usually are 5 points or lower on average. You must enter the code within usually 24 hours to receive the points after that they don’t usually work. So check often.
  • Create a separate email account on one of the popular free ones, like outlook, Gmail, yahoo. Use this email for all of your survey sites email survey requirements, when asked for an email enter the survey junk email site.
  • Have a little patience, and allow the screen to remain up until you have received credit.
  • If you have an old phone that you don’t use anymore be sure to use it instead of your new phone to download apps to receive points. There is a lot of bloat-ware and stuff, and I wouldn’t want to slow my new phone down. More options and ways to earn are unlocked using a mobile version. Keep the app until you are credited then immediately delete it unless you like the app of course.
  • & Live Sample has some of the best paying surveys.
  • You can turn on Email alerts to receive emails that are worth 1 point each for clicking on the provided link. This can be accomplished through your account settings, then under email and (alerts), then clicking on for the mailing list.

Alternatives To instaGC

Who is instaGC for?

This is for someone that doesn’t want to leave the house and find a second job, or someone looking to add a little money to their current income. I think instaGC is great for young teenagers to earn money, without getting a job, to be able to do it leisurely. 13 and up with parents permission, remember. But this doesn’t exclude us adults out there that want to earn a little extra. Its more productive than watching TV.

instaGC Tools & Training5

A nice feature that isn’t easily found on the website is the tour. It runs through the entire layout of the instaGC site. It’s great for the newbie to get a grasp on how to earn.

instaGC Support

There is quite a bit of support for a bunch of faqs and submit a ticket for a question to be answered is on every page, which is great and easy to find.

instaGC Price

It’s free, like willy…

My Final Opinion of instaGC

instaGC is an honest survey or GPT site that regularly pays its members for tasks completed. Is instaGC a Scam? Heck, no…but you’re not going to be starting any fires with hundred dollar bills either. Expect to make a meager wage by doing online surveys. But it is a great way to supplement your income instead of a second job. Its nice clean website makes navigating the instaGC site easy and straightforward. instaGC is a typical survey site with multiple ways to earn that make it refreshing. So I would recommend instaGC but with the caveat that there are better and easier ways to make money online.

instaGC at a Glance…


Name: instaGC

Owners: Day Online Solutions, LLC
Price: Free
Overall Scam Rank: 7.5 out of 10




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18 Comments on “Is instaGC A Scam?

  1. Hey Dan,
    I had never heard of instaGC before. Thanks for leaving an in-depth and detailed instaGC review.

    I actually tried a couple of survey sites earlier and managed to earn some side money too, however the issue that I have with such GPT sites is you end up spending a lot of time to literally earn pennies.

    Even thought it’s legit making decent amount of income via GPT sites.
    How has been your experience with instaGC? Is making 500 points daily possible?

    • Josh, thanks for the complement. Yeah, your not making much per hour, but as I see it, if your wanting to supplement your income it’s a great way to do it from the comfort of your own house. Like, where I live it’s hard to find a second job. I also see this as a good way in your free time to earn money instead of watching the TV. I do every type of task but the long surveys. As I find them not worth my time and torturous to complete. It’s possible, but not by this guy. I do use this site off and on, but I have better opportunities to earn.

  2. Great information. If I was a teenager, I think I would do this but I get irritated after 5 minutes. I guess everyone has their preferences. It is definitely a time killer, don’t you think? I feel like I could be doing something more productive like writing my content or something. I dunno. Just my opinion. But if you love it, good for you.
    Thanks for the post,

    • I totally can feel what your writing about as I have been extremely irritated doing long surveys, when I first used a survey site. Now, I don’t do them at all. I do the easy task when I feel like it or in between something. There are thousands of people that enjoy doing surveys, some even love doing them, and the only way to find out is by doing them. To see how you like doing surveys.
      Time killer with getting paid, yes. And yes, I often do more productive things, like writing, it also my major sources of income. I built and created my own website by learning how thru Wealthy Affiliate program. I highly recommend this to surpass these survey site in earning potential.

  3. Interesting – someone in my husband’s family mentioned a similar program before, but I have found that it took so much time for such little reward, that I stay away from those sites. But I am glad, that this company is at least not ripping anyone off – there are too many of those out there, as you already know.

    • Survey site are not for everyone and I totally understand your view on them. But there is a market for these kinds of site and some people really enjoy making money from their home. instaGC is legit and they will pay you for your efforts. And yes, there are too many scams out there. Thanks, Claudia.

  4. Well written and informative. Much of this is Greek to me but regardless I can tell you put a lot of thought into this. Sounds like something I would like to check out.

    • Hey Dave, thanks for stopping by and commenting and also thanks for the compliment. This was also new to me a about 6 months ago, as I never knew about survey site. Yeah, the only way to tell if you like something is to do it. Good luck and see you around.

  5. Hi Dan – thanks for the InstaGC Review! I never heard of this either, but I think this is a very detailed account of what a person can expect there. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences!

    • Hey Deb, thanks for looking around my website and commenting too. InstaGC was new to me about 6 months ago, and just thought I would write about the company because I have personally used it in the past. Not everyone is going to like doing surveys, I just wanted a clear account what to expect if someone join instaGC. See ya around.

  6. I love using Instagc, i been a member since 2014 and have made over $100 (i wasn’t all that active with it back then).

  7. scam scam scam! IGC has every excuse for not crediting, so, you spend hours to earn NOTHING!!! Complain, and you hear “change browsers”, “clear cache” blah blah blah. No mention of you following all directions and getting no credit. They say try again. How many times do I need to complete before receiving credit? I won’t do things twice to get credit I should have received after I try. That my peeps, IS A SCAM!!!!!

    • I would have given up too, as not getting paid for work is wrong.
      I highly recommend you check out my article on Dealspotr located here, What is Dealspotr About? It’s great for earning money, as you share promo codes, coupon codes or sales. It’s actually more rewarding financially and emotionally than survey sites. Never had any problem with payment…EVER! Great support and you can become an influencer as well, which is even better. Worth a look for sure. Did I mention better pay? Check them out after reading my article.

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