What Is Qriket? Legit?

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Product Name Review

Name: Qriket
Website: https://qriket.com/
Price: PRICE
Owners: Jonny Comparelli & Mark Muralla
Overall Rank: 6.5 out of 10


Qriket Overview

What is Qriket? Does it pay out? Is it legit? Here, is an interesting little mobile app, that is available for both iOS and Android that gives you spins on a wheel to win cash. There just giving money away. Yep, I know pleasantly nice, right?

Since my website is mostly about making money online, this app surely falls into this category. Well, not only can you make money with this app but it’s fun as well. It’s not complicated and anyone with a smartphone can use it.

Qricket Works Like This

Qriket simplified is Pick a color blue or yellow. Spin the wheel by tapping the wheel with your finger. If the wheel stops on the right color, you guessed you win the randomized money amount. This varies between $0.05 to a Whopping $500.00. You can join right now and receive 25 free spins, just enter the code of 1D66BA when you sign up.

You earn spins by watching videos or advertisements. By clicking on Get More Spins it will load a video to watch when done you click back and you are awarded 1 spin. 1 spin for each video. You are also limited to a certain amount of spins by watching videos. I was limited to 10 or 12 spins.

qricket-free qricket-spin qricket-won

Spin Shop is where you can exchange your earned money into more spins. They exchange your earnings into more spins. For example, for two more spins you pay $0.10, for 5 spins you pay $0.20, and for ten more spins, you pay $0.35. I recommend you hold on to your winnings and not try to win more.


If you want to earn more money and you are out of spins for the day, Qricket has an option in which you can challenge other players to bet against and win a pre-determined amount of money per spin. Qricket will pair you up with another player that has also selected the same amount to bet with. Whoever guesses the right color wins the money.

How Much Can You Win?

Win $0.05 To $500.00

The prizes seem to be random for each spin, and they range anywhere from $0.05 to $500.00. Yeah, you read that right $500.00, I know right. Wow. Not too shabby just for watching some short advertising videos.

What did I win? Not much, my guessing skills when I signed up were not that good as I only earned $1.25 from 25 spins.

To cash out of Qricket you must have a minimum $25.00. Keep in mind the payout is in Canadian dollars and the exchange you will lose money converting to U.S. dollars.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  • 100% FREE to use.
  • Qriket has an active referral program. Where every person referred they give you $0.25. If you have found this review helpful, I would appreciate you supporting my website by using my referral code: 1D66BA
  • It is actually fun and kinda addicting, much like gambling.
  • Qricket Live is coming. I don’t know what this is, but it’s coming.
  • Short advertisements, the longest I’ve seen is 1 minute long.
  • Challenge Mode is a nice option to try to win money by betting with other Qricket users. If you are competitive, that is.
  • Supposedly 40% of revenue is returned back to the users.

The Bad:

  • Your spinning to possibly win. It is possible not to win often.
  • Expect to win about 3 out of 10 spins. Low win rates. It’s not the assumed 50:50
  • The spins don’t feel like they are random, it feels like it is rigged when your playing as it feels like it is always the opposite color you choose.
  • Zero to nil response from questions posed to Qricket. Poor support system.
  • U.S.A. players get less because they send you Canadian money. You lose money in the conversion.
  • Updates seem to bring lower win rates.
  • A limited number of spins per day. 10 to 12.
  • Must be at least 17 years old to download and use this app.

Qriket Tips

Don’t use the Spin Shop to gamble the money you have already won for the chance of winning money. This I would assume, would never or rarely ever makes back more money. But who knows, it’s possible I guess. Repeat don’t gamble it back.

Mix up your color choices. Don’t pick the same color every time the system will pick that up, and you’ll lose a lot. So switch your colors.

Have low expectations about winning the big ones or anything above $0.10. I won $0.50 cent is the most I have won.

Also, don’t be foolish and buy spins.

They pay you in Canadian money so if you live in the US wait till you got about 35 something to cash out.

If you have friends send them your referral code, you earn $0.25 for each person that signs up under you.

Take in to account how much time you are spending getting spins and then seeing how much you win to determine if it is worth doing for you personally. It takes about 5 to 1o minutes to watch all the videos.

Use every day to help build up funds quicker.

Qriket Alternatives

I absolutely love Dealspotr as it is simple and easy and it pays!!!!, by just sharing promo codes, sales and posting them on their site. Made about $80.00 in two months doing it once in awhile. I love it. You can also become an Influencer thereby writing a review about them. They pay $35.00 for writing an article. Just email me (dan(at)highlandermoney.com) or post in the comment section with an email address.

You can join Dealspotr here.

Who is Qriket for?qricket-logo

It can be for anyone? You can make that decision for yourself. It’s up to the individual to decide that.

Qriket Tools & Training

No training or tools available or really needed.

Qriket Support

Little support, lots of reports online of nobody getting back to people.

Qriket Price

Baby, baby, baby, this is free. Free to use and free money, just cost you time.

My Final Opinion of Qriket

What Is Qriket? This is basically a pocket change app. It’s not going to change your life with the amount of money you’ll be getting. But it sure is a legit company that pays people. I personally find it a little harder to win money spinning the wheel, and it just seems less than random chance. But hey, it’s a way to earn money online that doesn’t steal your soul and take up a lot of time. I think it’s better than watching TV, where you sit there watching TV ads and not getting paid for it. PLUS it’s fun. I just wish the odds were better.

You can do a lot worse for an app, let’s hope the odds don’t continue to shift downward with each update of their system. The owners seem to be highly energetic and love sharing people’s wins and focusing on Qriket Live. Which looks like some kind of live spinning and winning feature. Which would seem to have the potential to become an even more popular feature for their app.

It’s simple and fun, and it pays, just don’t expect to get rich off of it. So feel free to download and make some cash.


Qriket at a Glance…

Name: Qriket

Website: https://qriket.com/
Owners: Jonny Comparelli & Mark Muralla
Price: PRICE
Overall Scam Rank: 6.5 out of 10


Hold On, Before You Go…

If you are looking for a 100% legit way to make money, by owning your own online business instead of the meager money you can earn at Qricket. This system provides the best training online along with the most helpful and friendly community online, with all the support to get you building your online business. I recommend you read my #1 Recommended Program and sign up to get started today.



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