How To Break Corporate Slavery & Earn Freedom

How To Break Corporate Slavery & Earn Freedom
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Don’t Know How? No Worries…

Don’t worry; this isn’t going to be a seminar, although the title sure sounds like one.

Doesn’t it?

At least to me, it does. Far from it. No headpiece microphone here. I will break this down as simply as I can. Here we go…

I would like to share a method of beginning to transform your thoughts, images, your outlook, and your work life. To start slowly, then ramp it up until you are steadily progressing to personal freedom, and all the while, doing something you love.

Isn’t it amazing–we live in an age that offers this to us? Our ancestors rarely, I mean RARELY, had this opportunity to enjoy a job that they did. They were lucky to sometimes just to have a job and were able to support their families. I mean people today are making six-figure income merely playing video games, I mean come on…this is ridiculous, but also fantastic at the same time.

We are blessed with abundance, though seldom realizing this blessing. We focus on the prevailing negatives in our lives and ignore positives. I think we as humans, are just built this way. I am continually learning and relearning this lesson of life. As I am sometimes myself quite negative about aspects of life and struggle to overcome, or at least try to lessen this feeling. But it takes a lot of effort at first.

All you need is self-realization. It all starts with a thought! Whatever that thought is, that got you to realize you can be better, have better, or just want more freedom.

From a single thought or idea, great things are birthed.

The thought to change.

The mere thought of a beautiful life.

The thought of having a fantastic job.

The thought of the many forms of freedom, more on this later.

Let’s get into this but before we do…

Proceed at your own peril. Why? Well, further down the road, work is going to be involved. You have been warned!

What Is Corporate Slavery?

You don’t have to be working for a Fortune 500 company for it to feel and be immersed in corporate slavery. This is just a loose term to address a based method of exchanging your time for money.

A job, to be more precise. A job you hate. A job that steals a part of you. A job that drains the lifeforce out of you. A job with negativities galore.

It could be the actual work, or the people you work with, or the manager/supervisor. It can be any job that doesn’t agree with you.  As each day they pay you to steal a part of your soul and ambition from you.

First Step…Transform!

All of this comes down to dredge and unhappiness, negative feelings about your method of earning money. Let’s see if we can transform this…

I love the word transform! The ability to alter something within yourself to ascend to a better you. Usually, this is done through training and/or work.

You will be transforming yourself, as no one else can do this for you but you. I can point the way, and that is all I can do. This responsibility falls upon your own shoulders.

The first step, be grateful! I want you to transform your thought about your current job that you dread, to gratefulness.


Yeppers, this is crucial for going forward. Yes, I want you to do it right now. Stop and close your eyes and say to yourself, “I am grateful for my job“. Then I want you to try and to actually feel grateful while saying, “I am grateful for my job” Feel it…don’t fake it.

After all, it pays your bills and feeds you, and there is plenty to be grateful for any job. If you don’t have a job, find something to be thankful for, and replace the job part.

Gratefulness is a powerful feeling. It is the key to many essential doors in life. Can you get a job you love and have freedom without gratefulness? Sure, you can, but being grateful is the glue between happiness and prosperity. Without gratefulness, life is empty.

Transformation sometimes is hard, and sometimes it is painful, but what lies on the other side is a better you. So first, transform yourself into being more grateful for things. It doesn’t sound that difficult but it not as easy as you think it would be and it takes time as well.

Over time you will impact your life for the better.

Second Step

In this step, I would like to propose a method of creating a job for yourself. From the ground up. As owning your own business (website(s)) and working for yourself on whatever you want, is total freedom. If you already know where and what you want to do for a job, then great!

The direction is your choice!

While this method is my number #1 way to make a living online, it is not the only method. As other methods might be better suited for you for whatever reasons. I am just allowing for a space for other ways, as I hate putting limits on anything or anyone.

Cause in reality, who the freak am I? But my method has worked for many many people around the world and has transformed their lives for the better. I will suggest a company based on many reviews I have done, and I haven’t found one that is even close to what is offered at my #1 recommended method.

On that note, I also believe and know, this method ultimately works and in itself…freedom.


I can make that statement because I have been using this method for over a year and a half and it has transformed me. There is that word again. With each day, I grow my businesses and websites. Yes, I see income come in more and more, each month.

It simply just works. Now, I am not saying it just happens; it takes work like I said earlier. There is that freaking word again…work.

The method is creating and building a website which makes money by using affiliate marketing. You decide what your site is going to be about (a niche), *important note,* you should choose something you love doing.

How great is that? You do something you love doing. It’s going to feel less like work. Heck Yeah!

This keeps it exciting for you and makes you happy and grateful as well.

I love my websites that I have; I pick things I enjoy doing and talking about. Then I write blog posts or reviews that potentially and hopefully help other people while making money while doing this.

The company that will teach you how to do all of this is Wealthy Affiliate. If you would like to read a more in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate with all its many benefits, head on over to my review, Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017 Legit Money Maker.

Wealthy Affiliate is a company that teaches people how to properly step-by-step start from the foundation and build up a website. It has it all.

  • Web Hosting
  • Domain purchasing
  • All the support you could want.
  • A large helpful, friendly community in which to pull inspiration as well as help.
  • Classroom & Lessons (a wealth of information)
  • 2 Main Courses
  • 100% Free to join and test drive.
  • Fantastic Owners – despite a vast community (over 600,000 yep that many have joined), they do answer your questions and help you.
  • Constant improvement to hosting and learning.

You decide what avenue you want to take your website, don’t worry if you don’t know what niche you want, this is all addressed within the training provided at Wealthy Affiliate.

You choose your direction and path; this allows you to be creative and happy.

You’ll enjoy working on your website as you picked a topic you already love. It won’t feel like corporate slavery. You share your knowledge and experiences with others that want to learn about your niche. This is very rewarding and fulfilling in itself.

Third Step & Final Step

Follow the training and work to build your business. It takes time to see the results of your work, but keep at it.

This is a long game, not a short game. It takes six months to a year to start seeing results. This is the hardest of the steps as it requires time and work. But the path is clearly laid out for you. Just do the work and don’t worry about the results for a while.

You’re going to have continuing working at your current job, but in your spare time, you have to work on your new business. This is called investing in yourself.

I myself, worked two jobs for a year while building two websites, in my spare time. I was exhausted and run down but I wanted freedom from never having to find another second job. I accomplished this feat and now…I want to replace my full-time job. So, I’m currently scaling up my work and websites. But I find this so enjoyable, it feels less like work than a regular job.

You can join for free with a free trial membership and have a full premium membership for seven days to test drive the platform. The owners of Wealthy Affiliate want you to be completely transparent about what you will be paying for. That is the thing at Wealthy Affiliate that lays beneath the surface, honesty & caring. No smoke and mirrors. They just want you to succeed. They provide the path.

**Don’t quit. Results will come but if you quit they surely will not. This is the best piece of advice I ever got from another member at WA.

Once you join, I will be on Wealthy Affiliate, and I will welcome you and assist you if you need any help. There is also a thriving community there that is unlike no other. Helpful, friendly and open. Try it and see for yourself.


Join Wealthy Affiliate


Questions or comments? Ask, I’d love the chance to reply to you.

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